Why do children suffer.

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Re: Why do children suffer.

Postby dendy » Sat Mar 01, 2014 6:22 pm

Mr.Pain wrote:I have read all posts, but I cannot understand yet who is interested in taking Pokrovski children away!
The supervisor is not really good supervisor, but I am not sure that he is involved in any kind of conspiracy against the Pokrovski. I think he just tries to do his work as good as he can and sometimes it looks like insanity. All his claims to you connected with the children’s behavior during your visit are so queer. I cannot understand why he asked you not to rely on the help of ACS workers while visiting children there? I thought it is their job to assist parents during visit and help them to enjoy their communication with children. After reading the letter of the supervisor I found out that their job is to make the life of the parents as hard as they can and be spies for supervisor.
As for me I couldn’t stand such an attitude to me and my family! It is so offensive! I would write him back all my thoughts about his remarks! He doesn’t look like a guy whose duty is to take care of children and help in family’s issues; he is more the prisoner than the social worker.
I saw the photos/ The picture showing outlet and staple horrified me. Children must not be let in the spaces with such outlets or if they are let in they shouldn’t leave parents’ knees.
If talk about photos showing the wires and outlets, they are dangerous first of all and also children can broke them easily and all these items are governmental property as far as I understand. Why the supervisor doesn’t take good care about the governmental property?

Well, as I read earlier this is a kind of business. Somebody is being paid not bad for taking children away from their families.
Yeah...you are absolutely right, my friend. The supervisors are really cruel with at least Pokrovski family. I think as well.
When I read about supervisors being so unfriendly with those guys, I was totally shocked!!!
The kids were crying when entering the car and the suervisors were anfgry because of it, it's crazy! I was always thinking it is normal when kids are crying when taking away from their parents. And this stupid situation, when children were playing and running around ant the parents were accused they can't succeed in keeping an eye on their kids...Come on! Kids are pure energy, they must run, they must move..it's normal! If children won't be so energic, these supervisors would say they are sick, and who is guilty?? Oh, sure, Pokrovski family should be guildy because of it, too.
I am so disapointed in soacial workers. I thought they are meant to protect children from bad families, or now it is vice versa? Now they are protecting kids from good families?
It in unbelievable how cruel can people be. How can these people, coming from another country protect themselves if everything is this country is against them? Well, they thought they came to a better country- so why don't you show you the real power of America, because americans were always safe, being protected by law!?
Stupid situation! Have never ever thought it can be like that and children can be taken away from their parents, from their homes.

I read lots of comments to this posts, and I see how people are sorry for Pokrovski family, because each of us are parents and has their own kids and I don't think they are feeling as safe as it was before. I bet a lot of people will move to other countries and will never ever want to come back here. America was powerful because of people believing in it, now it is losing it's power more and more.
I feel really really sorry as well for this wonderful family and I believe they will take their children back and they will be very happy one day, but I don't think they will believe in American power any more. Everybody knew this country as one of the best and powerful in the world, now it's vice versa.
Kira and Nikolay, I bet one day Lord will hear our prayers and your kids will be next to you again! Believe in Lord, you know he is looking at this from the heaven and has it's own plans on you. I will pray for you and your children and I believe the whole prayers will help you with this stupid people who doesn't know their job, with this cruel loosers!
Be strong enough to overcome this hard ships and God will take care of you and your family! We all support you and will be next to you whatever will happen.
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Re: Why do children suffer.

Postby tatjana » Thu Mar 06, 2014 12:05 pm

This whole story really makes me very upset and sad. I can read through the texts posted by the parents and I can feel their sadness through their words. I do not understand how is that possible. And why does it happen? Children are the future, the development of the country? Even if such aspects as human understanding and compassion do not work in this case, there should be such a simple notion that children are the future of any country, that they hold the development, why break the lives like that. There definitely something public should be done about this situation. Oh my god, I can only imagine what the Pokrovskiy family had to go through. Such situations should never occur again with anybody. As it is so wrong. Why and what for do children suffer? There are no real reasons why the kids had to be taken away. If everything written is the truth, me being a mother of two kids, do not see anything wrong with the way kids were raised and brought up. And how can the workers falsify the complaints that they use against the Pokrovskiy family… ? I feel that there is truly something personal to this family, I do not what particularly, but the true matter is not really about children and the way they are raised and in which conditions they live. The conditions are fine and the parents are fine. If there is something personal, I do not understand why they make children suffer. What worse for a child can be than being taken away from his native family, from his parents, who are the closest, dearest and most precious people in the whole world for them? Why do the social workers take such a sin against the kids? How come?
I mean if there are some personal issues with the parents, why do children have to suffer? How can a child be to blame for some misunderstandings and disagreements between grown ups? If it is some religious discrimination. Well, honestly I hate any form of discrimination whether it is religious, gender or ethnical discrimination. But even if there is such an issue, why go against kids that are so innocent and do not even get any sense of all the dirt that grown ups make their quarrels about. I am saying that it is not just the thing that children being separated from their parents feels themselves very lonely and feel like they do not belong anywhere. It is also the things that when they grow up, they get some psychological problems that affect their lives significantly. They can’t realize themselves in their lives often as happy, open persons that can make their lives worthy and contribute to the world that they live in. Children is the future of the world. We should invest in them, the best of us and the most of us, but making them suffer for nothing is not a humanlike actually. And I am ashamed it is happening.
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Re: Why do children suffer.

Postby pokrov » Thu Mar 06, 2014 11:59 pm

It has been 3,5 years since our children had been taken away. The children have not been returned back yet. In this part I would like to state the facts that prove that this was planned intentionally by the social service employees.
When we moved to a new house, nobody knew our new address. Neither our close friends, nor my wife’s parents. It was only social employees that often visited us and knew where we lived. As nobody knew our new address, no one could date a complaint regarding the way we took care of our children. There lived a large family in the basement not far from our new house. The conditions of their house were ten times worse than our house’s. I allow myself writing about them because they do not reside their anymore, therefore they won’t be followed by the social service employees. I want to say that if somebody from our neighbors dated a complaint regarding our children, this family would be the first to be noticed. But there was nobody against them. We did not have any issues with any of our neighbors too. If there was no one to date a complaint against us, who could that be? My opinion is that it was dated either by acquaintances of the social employees or by the social employees themselves. Somebody else just could not do it. And there is still a question – was there really a complaint made? The complaint was not mentioned in the court and we were not told who issued a complaint. This could not be continuation of the previous inspection. When the children were taken away, it was always mentioned that there was a complaint.
There are more significant facts that proved that it all was planned intentionally. But I will not write them here.
Earlier, one of my lawyers said that usually social employees do not hurry to transfer the affairs to the criminal court, but try to help the families to solve the issues. In our case, even those small complaints were exaggerated by the social service employees.
The fact that my children have not been returned for more than 3,5 years proves that my family is persecuted by the social service employees.
Three years later, after our children were taken, social service employees have stated in the court report that I can take care of the children. Finally, there was the truth listed.
As for me, I can say that I haven’t become better. I have always been the way I am. This can be confirmed by my friends, acquaintances, clients, children’s doctors, social employees of other organizations. Also, some positive characteristics have been mentioned about me during the days when I visited children. Therefore, it happens that all this time, false information stating that I am unable to take care of the kids was given to the court. All this time, I took courses for parents and had plenty of talks with psychologists although I never needed them. It feels like doctors diagnose an absolutely healthy person with an incurable illness and start treating him while making money because of that. And 3 years later claim that they have cured the person and ask for another one to treat.
If you happen to be in such a situation in a hospital, when you, a healthy person, are being diagnosed with an incurable disease, you can go to another hospital where you will be told that you are healthy. But if your children are taken away and if you are said not to be able to take care of the kids, you cannot go to another organization where the social employees will confirm that you are a good parent, that you take care of the kids and that you do not need any psychologists or courses for parents.
There is a question then – why did it have to take more than 3 years for them to give me a positive characteristic? The answer is that I finally had an opportunity to move freely with my kids during last 6 months. During this time, I had an opportunity to go to other specialists who could give me a trustworthy characteristic.
All this time I have been followed by different social service employees.
I think that if to take away the kids from the parent who is absolutely psychologically healthy who has significant experience in children’s upbringing, provide false complaints about him and take him to SCO, then he will also be continuously directed to different courses for parents so that the organization can make money on that. Here how it goes – even if you are a good parent, but if you are falsely blamed for not taking care of the kids, you will be later presented as a bad parent by SCO to show that the SCO’s actions are actually correct to make more money on you. Usually large families are selected for that so that there is a double benefit from it – more kids to ask money for from the government and less parents to fight against the social workers.
The last time when I published the material against the actions of the social workers, their resistance against me started to grow. However, it did not impact personal relationships in any way. Communication during all the meetings and contacts continued in a calm way. But they still continued to follow me. Here I will provide several examples.
The first example. SCO agency provides the subway, train tickets for the parents that come to visit their children. The agency gets them at a lower price and gives out to the parents to help them. For instance, if a parent goes to SCO agency by himself, he has to spend $30 for the transportation tickets. If he visits his children 2 times during the week, then it is $60. At average, it is around $270 per month. The agency pays it all and I am thankful for that. In my case, the agency stopped giving me the tickets for some time. There were the tickets for other parents that came to visit their children. They did not have the tickets only for me. I started buying the tickets on my own money and then gave a check to the agency and after a while I got the money back.
Second example. During one of the court sessions, the judge gave some instructions for the social workers (I will not say which instructions exactly). In 4 months after the court, there was no any single action by the social workers that was instructed by the judge. It was implemented only a month before the court. Thus the instruction of the court was not executed.. Although the social service workers tried to show that they had actually followed it.
Third example. During the last court session, there was a small step made towards getting the kids back. I was allowed to take the kids home during the weekends. They did not have any reasons to keep the kids. All the requirements stated by the ACS and SCO were fulfilled. At this stage, children should be returned to parents. Soc. workers had only this to say in court that they agree with a full refund children, for children it will be the best option. But they did not. This is another indication that everything is done to ensure that children return was prolonged.
Fourth example. Those, who live in US know that much is done for the sake of children, disabled and old people in this country. I do not know any other country that cares more about those three categories of people. If it takes around 10-20 minutes for a child to get to school, a school bus takes a child to the school even if the child is healthy and no one of the other kids live by his side. School bus may go to pick up one child to the other side of the city.
In our situation we were allowed to take the kids to our house during the weekends.
1. It takes around 3 hours to take the kids from one place to another using the public transport. Social service workers know that.
2. I go to pick up the kids alone. My wife does not go (I won’t state the reason here). Alone with three small kids I have to take the train, subway and make transfers where a lot of people move. Social service workers know that.
3. I have to take the kids home during the winter as well despite the snow, coldness, rain and strong wind outside. Children have to be taken at a certain time and have to be returned at a certain time as well without being late.
4. All three children are being under doctors’ are observed by the doctors. Such a way is too difficult and dangerous for them. Social service workers know that.
When my lawyer asked the social service workers for transportation to be provided, his request was rejected. There are different options for transportation to be provided. According to the calculations, money which is spent for tickets purchase for me and the kids is able to cover the cost for the separate transportation. It proves again that social service workers go against me rather than truly care for the kids, their health and security.
As a result, I have to take the kids outside during any weather whether it is snow, rain or coldness. Many people do not take their dogs out for a long time, but kids have to be on their way for more than 3 hours. On Friday night and Sunday night when the whole subway is crowded. When not every grown up can even come in the subway. There were situations when I had to miss several trains in subway in order to get the less crowded train. There were bags behind my back too. Sometimes in order not to stand with the kids on the train station, I took the train to the opposite side till the very end, to take a half empty train.
If you have ever used a subway, then you know that it is a very risky place for people, particularly for children. There are warning statements all over the place. You have to keep your children by the hand when going on the escalator so that he does not fall down and hurt himself. When on the escalator, you also have to watch the kids carefully so that no one of the other people pushes him down. When on the platform, waiting for the train, you have to keep your child’s hand so that he does not fall down under the train. When going in and out of the train’s wagon, you also have to keep the child by your side. In the train, it is also important to keep your child by the hand, so that during the sharp move and braking, the child does not fall down. There are numerous situations when you have to keep your child by the hand. The question to the workers that do not provide the transportation. Could you please provide the instructions how can one person carrying the bags in one hand and help three small children that are in the subway for the first time? During all these extreme situations I handled taking good care of the kids. I was confident in myself and my children and always helped them. If there was a parent who has problems with attention and concentration instead of me, then something bad could happen to the child.
But I don’t complain. I am glad and I am thankful to God that I have such an opportunity to take the kids home. There is a question to the social service workers. Why do you drive service cars yourselves, but do not provide the transport for the kids? Or don’t you provide that hoping that something bad will happen and then you can state that you were right saying that I was a bad parent. You will never get such a chance. The whole winter I have been taking the kids during the extreme weather but nothing bad has ever happened to them and will never happen. Although, in my life, if not this specific situation, I would never take the kids out in such extreme weather. Now, if during the bad weather, I will not take the kids from the organization, it will be a disadvantage for me that I have missed the visit. Moreover, children are looking forward to my visit every day.
What the use and harm for the kids and their parents do the actions of the social service workers cause? Let’s analyze the use and harm towards me and my kids in my particular situation. There are no any advantages during the last 3,5 years. Courses for parents that I had to attend equal to the situation when you graduate from school with excellence but then have to take the 1st grade classes again. I have been taken to the psychologists but no one of the independent psychologists had found any psychological or mental problems in me. The question is – have I become a better parent for the last 3,5 years? No, I haven’t. I was a good parent and I am still a good parent. I do not want to brag. But I am such a person that if someone points at my disadvantages then I look on myself and if I have such disadvantages then I try to get rid of them. Thus, during the 3,5 years there was no any use neither for me nor for the kids.
What are the disadvantages for me and for my children, for other parents and for other children? It is really a hard, psychological injury for children. Children get stressed and depressed. Many psychological and mental problems develop in children. Many children happen to slow down in their studies and development. Many children become more aggressive and nervous. All those factors impact their future life. Taking a kid from the family negatively affects the formation of the child’s personality. Most of such children having grown up have some psychological and mental problems. It is difficult for most of them to become part of the society. They become alcoholics, drug users or homeless. They feel themselves rejected by the society. What happens with the parents, from whom the kids are taken for a while or for the whole life? Parents spend all their efforts and money for the purpose of taking the children back. They spend money on the lawyers, consultations, letters in different organizations, advertisement. At the end, many parents lose their job. They can’t find a new job either, as they are not accepted due to the fact that they have been involved in criminal investigation and police arrest. Due to the internet, any employer can find that out. Without a job, many parents lose their old good houses and move to new ones, which are even worse houses, which are not good enough for keeping the children according to the parameters of the social workers.
If parents do not have immigration status, then involvement in the criminal affair and police arrest take the opportunity to get that immigration status. In the worst case, parent can be departed from the country and lose an opportunity to prove their rightness in the court.
If parents have some small psychological problems that do not negatively affect their kids, then after the kids are taken away, those problems start to develop. When the children are taken away, parents get stressed and depressed and some of the psychological problems such as aggressiveness, nervousness and irritability start to develop.
If parents have some mental problems, then after their kids are taken away, those mental problems develop more. As parents get stressed and depressed, they start having insomnia, fear of loss of their kids, lethargy, carelessness, laziness, apathy, indifference. Due to stress and long term depressions, many parents get such diseases as heart diseases, headaches, insomnia, diseases of some organs. If parents have a hereditary predisposition to cancer, then over several years of stress and depression, cancer can develop too.
I can describe my condition here. When I found myself in the immigration prison and when I understood that I can be deported and that my wife alone won’t be able to take the kids back, I went through a very deep stress and depression. I started having problems with heart. I could not sleep at all. I was thinking about my situation over and over again. If I happened to stay in such a regime for longer, I would simply not be able to handle that. I would probably have heart attack or I would have been put on heavy psychotropic drugs, because of which I would sleep or “have a non ending smile on my face”. What have I done? Firstly, I rejected any food not for the sake of the protest, but to help myself. I started meditating. I started praying to God. When the food was brought, I simply gave it to my neighbors and just sat and talked to them during the lunch time. On the 7th day of my starvation, someone told the security that I did not eat. They started watching me. During the 10th day of my starvation I was taken to the medical part. The doctor asked me why I did not eat. I had said that I simply did not want to eat. At that moment I already could not eat. He asked me if I did that for the sake of protest. I answered no. During 17th day of my starvation I was taken to the hospital. At the hospital I also refused any food and medicine. I constantly meditated and prayed to God. I started feeling better. Stress and depression faded away. During the 20th day of my starvation the doctor said that if I do not stop starving then they will take me to the psychological hospital. I knew that if this happened that it would be against my freedom and uniting with the family. After 22 days of starvation I started eating. I was saved because I knew many techniques to get rid of the stress and depression. My faith in God also helped me a lot. Most of the parents are not familiar with the methods of helping themselves during the critical situations. Most normal and healthy parents simply “burn” in their stresses, depressions and insomnias after their children are taken away. They start having some health issues. Later, social service workers take all those issues into the account and it is even harder for the parents to take the kids back.
It is very hard for many parents to see how much their children suffer. In order not to stress themselves and their children, they do not come to visit their children and lose them forever.
Taking the kids from the parents, social service workers create many problems. Due to those problems, many parents cannot take their kids back.
For instance, what the social service workers not only in my situation but in many others do is a crime.
1. Taking the kids from the family because of false accusations
2. Persecuting the parents that criticize their actions.
3. Violating all the human rights and freedom.
4. Giving false accusation in the court
5. Not implementing of the court’s decision
6. Stealing money from the government. Making the false accusation and taking the kids, they take money from the government to spend it on their salaries, thus lying to the government.
7. Many people lose their confidence in the judiciary and justice. Many people see that you can do any kinds of crime and not taken any responsibility or punishment for that. Thus, social service workers set an example – they do whatever they want and do not bear any responsibility for that. If you are a doctor, for instance, then you may diagnose wrong diseases or prescribe the wrong medicine and you won’t bear any responsibility for that, you will have more patients and get more money with that. If you are a mechanic, and you get your car after the accident, you can point at some parts of the car that are not damaged, but you can state that they are actually damaged and take money from the insurance company. There can be hundreds of examples. By their attitude, social service workers show that one can commit crime and he does not have to bear any responsibility for that but make money on it. Thus, degradation of the society takes place and it sets a wrong example for the others.
8. It makes people feel against government and court. There are many cases like mine described in the internet and parents always criticize the government and the court because of the crime committed by social service workers. Social workers break the trust in the government and the court of the parents. By their actions they harm the reputation of the government and the court in the eyes of the society.
Here is my personal opinion. It is not the fault of the government. The government does everything it can to help parents and their children, it invests much money, proposes different programs for the support of the parents and their children. It relies on the honesty of the workers, that get money from the government and work in the organizations that operate for the sake of children. The problem is that many social workers deceive the government and harm its reputation. If there is a crime committed, the government has nothing to do with it. Guilty are the people, who have committed a crime. If you got robbed, you would not blame the government, you would blame the robbers. The situation is the same here – if your children get taken away, the government is not to blame, but those who took your kids based on the false accusation.
I also would like to say something about the court. I am very thankful to the court that everything is done in accordance with the law. The judge does everything that he can in order to come to a compromise and to solve the issues as soon as possible. I understand very well that the judge does everything in order to satisfy the requirements of the social workers. Social workers say that I should take the courses for parents, the judge tells me to take the courses for parents and I take the courses. Social workers say that I should visit the psychologists, the judge tells me to visit the psychologists and I visit the psychologists. Social workers say that me and my children should be watched, the judge states the same. I follow all the requirements of the court although I do not agree with them. I understand very well that a judge has power. For example, the judge can give me the children, but then soc. workers will appeal to a higher court to appeal the judge's decision Reexamining the issue may take even longer. Therefore, the judge does everything to satisfy the requirements of the social workers and to return the children as soon as possible. Social workers understand it and they do their best not to return the kids. I wrote several years ago that social workers will do everything not to return the kids. The situation is true. I am followed by them.
During those 3,5 years children are very stressed. They are looking forward for the moment they can come back home. Children always ask me why do they have to live separately. Now, when I take them home for the weekend, it is even harder for them to leave. I always have to speak to them positive about the host family. I always have to convince them that it is better for them, that they have their school there and that they have to live in that place for a while. All those stresses and depressions during 3,5 years negatively impact their health. Taking children from the families is the worst action towards the kids. There can be nothing worse for the kids than that, well maybe if only concentrated Nazi camps of the second world war. The actions of the social service workers are similar to the slavery times, when children could easily be taken from the parents. But we live in the civilized world, in the most democratic country of the world. Why is it allowed in America? When the social service workers come to take the kids from the parents, parents are usually afraid to say something negative and thus they can’t protect their children. Therefore, many crimes conducted by the social service workers are not noticed.
There is a specific number of workers in all the ACS and SCO agencies. More people get hired and more departments get open. Those organizations expand and develop. In order to provide the workers with something to do, they need “material for work” – what is taken kids. When they lack those kids, they lose their jobs. When there are no taken kids, there are no reports, no work indicators, no government money. Thus, if they lack such children, they have to fire some employees and to close the departments. Nobody wants to get fired. It is hard to survive in the economic crisis today using unemployment benefit. Then there is a solution – get the children, work and earn money on that. Many social service workers that find themselves in such a situation are ready to do anything possible. They have to take the kids from the family for any possible reason. There are always complaints about the families in ACS. Many complaints are not reasonable. Social service workers go from one family to another looking for families where they can take the kids.
The first in the raw are the families that do not have any legal immigration status. Taking kids from such families, they always may scare them with deportation. Or they can even deport them. Moreover, many immigrants do not have good English, do not know their rights well, do not earn much and can’t find good lawyers.
The second category includes families that have many children. It is very beneficial for social organizations as they can take money from the government per each child. There will be less resistance, as there is one parent for several kids. It is much easier, than if there were two parents per one child.
Third category includes families where parents have some small psychological or mental problems although those issues do not impact children in any way. When taking the kids from such families, social service workers can always support their decision by stating that such parents pose a threat for the kids and that parents need some treatment. Usually such parents do not get their children back. Due to stress and depression their diseases become worse. Doctors prescribe some medicine to them and as time goes they need more and more of this medicine. As a result, such parents are deprived of their parental rights, “break down” and stop their effort to get their kids back. The first and the second cases are quite beneficial for the workers as it shows that they perform their job quite well.
Fourth category includes families with one parent. Only one mother or one father with kids. It is easy to fabricate a lawsuit against such people and take the children from the family as it is much easier to “break” a parent who does not have support. Social service workers can claim any accusation and they will be believed.
When children are taken from the family, social service workers get “material” on which they can work. Money is taken from the government. The organizations try to keep children as long as possible in order to take money from the government. They use any possible opportunities for that. They state that parents cannot look after their children well, they make parents attend the courses for parents and psychologists. Also, social service workers do not state their requirements one at a time, they state them gradually. At the beginning, they may not require any courses. Then, in 6 months they will make you attend the courses for parents. Another 6 months later, they will take you to another psychologist. The longer they do not give the kids back, the more money they can take from the government.
If to take a look at ACS and SCO, it will be obvious that those are two different organizations. But the employees of both organizations support and help each other. If for instance, an ACS employee took the kids from a normal family by mistake and thus, provided work for SCO employees, then SCO employees will do anything possible to prove that the actions of ACS employee were actually right. Thus they cover the crime committed by ACS employees. Then, SCO employees commit other crimes stating that parents are not able to look after the kids. It is very obvious when you actually become the victim of the crime. It works as a vicious cycle, organized crime meant to take more money from the government. I think that such issues should be examined by FBI’s department of organized crime.
If you think that it will never concern you or your children you are really mistaken. Before they took my children, I had also thought that this would never touch me as my children lived in perfect conditions and were happy. If you do not have $100,000 to hire a good lawyer then you are already in the category of those parents, for whom social employees falsify the case. They do it not that you are a bad parent but because social service employees can make money on the children taken from their families. If you think that this may never concern you but even if it does then you will contact all the possible organizations to help you, you are really mistaken. I have already been there. I contacted many organizations and some concrete people. Some of the I contacted my mail, some by the forum. Most of them simply did not answer. But those who answered said the same “sorry, if the trial takes place, we cannot help with the situation.” Mass media also does not spread the issue as there is no final court decision yet.
I will get my kids back, as I am not to blame in this situation in any way. I believe in God and justice. If I was guilty and there were reasons for taking the kids from the family I would not write such posts, would not stand on Times Square for 3 months. I would simply work on myself and get rid of my disadvantages. But there were no reasons for taking the kids and there is nothing that I should work on. I asked my friends and acquaintances if they saw problems in me being a father. Everyone told me that I am a good father and they could not see any reasons for taking the kids from the family. My goal is not only getting the kids back but also proving that this whole case was intentionally planned so that the same situation will not concern my children in the future and other parents.
You can’t get exact statistics on how many children were actually taken away from the parents due to the mistakes and falsified lawsuits by the social service employees. As not all good parents are able to stand this and go till the finish to get the kids back. If we do not get concerned about it and be too lazy to make a small step towards solution of the situation then it will get worse in the future and more parents will lose their children. This also may concern your children or grandchildren. Look up in the internet for such a query as “false accusations CPS”, you will see 10 thousands of internet websites and this is not everything. Multiply this number by 10 and you will get a number close to a number of unpublished materials.
I have been suggested by many to write a petition and collect the signatures for that. I won’t write a petition for that. I will get the kids back with the help of justice. But the petition should be written in order to help the other families. For that purpose, I have opened another topic on this forum “petition supporting children and parents”.
Many people reading this post will say that I talk too negatively of social service employees. But I only write the truth with no any additions. Can you imagine a situation that somebody has beaten your child in front of you? What kind of reaction will you have? It is in the nature of every parent to protect their children. Any animal protecting his child will become aggressive. Any parent that loves his child will always protect him. Social service employees not it very well and some of them will use it against the parents. Why haven’t I been deprived of parental rights? Although social service employees have tried to do that. The answer is that I do not have this negativity and aggressiveness even for those that hurt my children. I constantly pray to God, I purify myself from negativity, I always try to be positive.
Therefore, during the last 3,5 years there was no a single mistake because of which I could be deprived of the parental rights.
If the social service employees work with me in order to make money on me and my children then I will work with them to change them. I want them to read it. I want them to analyze their actions from the side. I want you to read the opinions of other people and think about your actions. Social service employees must be humans first of all. Your responsibility is to help the kids, your mission is to give children happiness, kindness and good life. Look at what you have done, how many families you have destroyed. How many children have you hurt? How many parents have you made unhappy? How many lives have you broken? And what for – in order to earn money? In order to pay for your living and cars? Do not falsify the claims to have more material to work with. It is better if you get laid off or fired. Happy life of a child is worthy of that. You can say anything you want to the public. But put your soul and heart in accordance with love towards the kids. If you see that there is a problem in some situation, then help this family to solve the issue. Do everything possible for the children to stay with their parents except the cases when it is risky for child’s life and health. The government and people have trusted you the kids, do your best to justify this trust. If you have faith in God, then pray to him to forgive your sins. Do your best to change yourself and your attitude towards others. If you do your best to help the children, you will have your own children and they will be happy.
Happiness is not about how much you have earned but how many kids and people you have helped.
Do your best so that kids are not taken from the family even for 1 minute. Remember that being with his family is the most important for the kids.
If I could change something in your heart and this could prevent even one withdrawal of a kid from the family. I will be happy. It means that I have gone through all of it for a reason.
May God help us and become better people. May God purify you from negativity and may he fill your hearts with love to the kids. May you have a desire to help the kids even if it might not be beneficial for you. May it be that way.
There are many religions- but God is one! Choose the right way Pokrov!
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Re: Why do children suffer.

Postby Ladyboy » Sun Mar 09, 2014 8:27 pm

I was just wondering if you all are still separated or together….Now I see from the latest post by Nikolay that this injustice is going on. Now it became obvious why the social workers took children away and are still keeping them. They really make money this way, they need children to be busy. That are the right words, they deceive the government, and they make parents and children unhappy.

I feel that the situation is better now, since the social workers allow Nikolay to take kids home for weekends, this gives a kind of hope that the happy end comes soon. I can imagine how it was difficult for Nikolay to get home during several hours, having 3 small children and bags. And nasty weather I additions. This is one more evidence that the social workers do not care about children, if they did not provided Pokrovsky family with a bus (they could do it).
I hope our government will soon revise the whole work of ACS employees and SCO employees. It should be done in any way! Nikolay wrote about the family categories from which they tend to take away children. Now after I read about what they have done to Pokrovsky family I can believe that do exactly this way: fabricating claims, socials workers take children and then win their time keeping children in their “shelter” for as long as possible in order to get more money from the government.

It was a news for me that Nikolay starved for 22 days after this situation happened and he got in prison. This would be stress for any parent who loves his child. I strongly believe that many grow-ups may start drinking alcohol in such a situation…. And this could allow social workers to deprive them parental rights. Nikolay was practicing meditation and this helped him not to go mad from mental pain. As for starvation, it was his choice, but it could make him weaker when he needed strength to go on struggle for his children. On the other hand, starvation helped many people to reach enlightment and to calm themselves. But it is very long, what if something happened…
Nikolay, this is awful and unjust that you and your wife are still separated from your kids. This is dirty game the social workers are playing, evading the laws and hurting other people must be ended. The social workers must be chosen for their special qualities: love for children (not for money), kindness and desire to help parents (not to destroy them). They must be tested by psychologists and their activity should be controlled in some way. They have no right for mistake, they hold child’s happiness in their hands
I would support you in your great deal by giving information about your situation on some social sites and signing your petition. I am mom myself and in fact I cannot imagine that this would happen to me. I want to prevent it in future, though I understand that in fact little depends on us.
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Re: Why do children suffer.

Postby Bon Bon » Thu Mar 13, 2014 6:51 am

It is really strange, indeed why the children have to suffer? I don’t get it! It is been going on for years! It is just absolutely abhorrent situation to be in for these young children and their family as well! I agree with Jesica that a mother knows better what is better for the children, not some people from the street who have no relation or love to the kids. They just do their job, they don’t really love these kids and can not substitute their family. The kids themselves are not stupid, even being so young they feel what is going on and who their real loving family is. Many people said on the forum that similar things are happening these days nearly everywhere just like a normal thing. It is just horrible. There are already a lot of things in life to sort out for every individual. And in addition people who are responsible for such outrageous things happening create even more problems instead of helping people and making their life easier, is it not what the social workers should do instead? Kira wrote that those families who have problems and can not manage with all the household chores at home and looking after the kids have a helper, provided by the government who makes it a bit easier for families with many kids. But they never had one, of course it means that they did everything alright themselves without any help from the others. So why then was it necessary to separate this family if they did alright with their kids? Or if these responsible and caring social people think they couldn’t be good enough and do well enough why they simply didn’t send an assistant to help? In addition they asked this family to have gone to parenting courses. Which Kira did and finished successfully. But the children are still not back. I can’t understand what else these people want so that the children could come back home and live with their mother and father. This organization Administration for children services may have a good and noble goal to take care of the children. But looking at what has happened to Pokrovski family it is hard to say that they actually helped this family. And not just this family. From what I read on the forum, there were families who came to Pokrovski for help cause they were in the same situation. And it was before their own kids were taken away. So looks like it is a virus, spreading really fast from family to family, from country to country. It is really sad and frustrating. We don’t know what the future will be like. But if it continues as it is now then how much more suffering and pain will be around! How many more people will be affected? Judging by the reasons why the children could be taken away it can affect each and everyone! I am sure that these social workers are not perfect themselves so even their own kids can be taken away.
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Re: Why do children suffer.

Postby Marianna » Sat Mar 29, 2014 3:45 pm

What can we do in this situation? The simple thing is that we can do nothing. Even, if we want it badly. I am so proud of the parents, who are still struggling for the happiness of their family life! they are so strong people! How much they have done already and how much do they have to do now. For me they are the sample of the real family. About such families the books are written and films are screened.
I can only imagine how difficult it is to save the relations and not to divorce in such situation. Today it is so hard to preserve the relations with the closest to us people. You will ask me: why? Probably, begin to think that I am too oldies’ and classic in my thoughts. But I know what I am saying about. Ad I know that in the light of today`s world many people have relations before marriage and they think it is ok. The next day they are already separated. Look at this family! Look at these parents! They show us how to behave, how we should preserve the relations even in the hardest and the most difficult situations. And nothing else matters! Only the family! People always are trying to do their life easier, they do not want to work on their life, on their consciousness, on their spirit, their belief in God. They always think that tomorrow will be something new, better than what they have today. Where from did we get such thoughts? Who did it? I am sure the government is slowly breaking our minds and does not want us to be strong. These parents are strong, and this is almost a weird thing in our world.
But it is so, because they did not get up under the influence of the system that is cultivated in the society: the quick relations, just for one night or several, the possibility to break and to destroy everything that we ourselves build! Why the government, the administrations do it to us? I suppose they think it is easier to govern with the people who are weak. But we should be stronger, we should be above all means, that administrations use in order to get the people without their past, without their future. People are just thinking they will be stronger from Monday. But it does not work. And we know it. We have checked this method for thousands times. I appeal to all of you to be more attentive, get a look one more time on this ideal from every side’s family. We should try to be like them in deciding and resolving the problems that exist in our life. our task is to become tolerant and to note the others, their cry for help. Do not be silent; do not try just not to resolve the problems. I wish we could understand that the life is full of different events, but we should try to see each other already today!
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Re: Why do children suffer.

Postby tasty » Mon Apr 07, 2014 4:39 pm

I was reading the story and I could not help crying… I always cannot hide my emotions when it concerns children. This is terrible! Why these small kids who need the parental love and care should be closed and isolated from their mom and dad? I could not find the reason for that. And the court decided to let the children live with their parents. I feel like they became the victims of someone‘s revenge or hatred towards their parents. All issues (talks, letters) between the parents and supervisors show and proof
That supervisors hate Nikolay for some reasons. We can only suppose that those reasons are not personal but imposed by someone who is interested to destroy Nikolay as a founder of Pokrov movement. It seems that those people are very powerful, their influence on social workers is so great that it overweighed their love for children. Probably someone even called them with threats as they did with Nikolay. May be I am mistaken but I believe that supervisors would not do it for money. I trust these people, I hope social worker are chosen for this kind of work to follow such principles as love for children and strong desire to make them happy. I have another idea concerning the reason why supervisors act like that. It could happen so that someone told the terrible things about Nikolay, they could tar Nikolay’s character and reputation. For instance, they could convince supervisors that Nikolay is the founder of a sect, which makes terrible rituals with kids. It is not true, as we read about Pokrov movement. All they do hear they collect the best from all religions. Probably social workers do not want to check it and they are still thinking badly about Nikolay. It is pity that there is no way to make them believe that Nikolay is doing only good things, he helps other people.
As I can see from the latest post by Nikolay thing are going much better now. The parents now have a chance to spend weekend with the kids. But the supervisors’ attitude to Nikolay is killing me. How could they let them go home by metro in very cold weather? They have all necessary transport to bring them home. But they purposely refused Nikolay to help in this situation. If I were in their place I would do everything to provide the father with 3 small kids with a car for such a long way home. I am fully agree with Nikolay that it is necessary to make changes in law to limit the ACS and SCO agencies’s power. Because they behave like gods and change someone’s destiny. They should start thinks and investigate each case carefully when they are going to take away children from a family. I am not sure that the petition should go to the White House. May be it is better to address it to several lawmakers in the congress.
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Re: Why do children suffer.

Postby got » Fri Apr 11, 2014 10:01 am

What happens now in our country sucks!
Believe me, just because they are social workers- nobody will ever consider them guilty or at least responsible for any of these actions done against these families.
What I believe is that America is worst year by year, that’s why I wanna go out of here as soon as possible. Nobody will protect me and my family here and nobody is going to help me if something happens!
You know what? I heard about such cases where social workers were taking children away from families hundreds of times and what? Some of them are not called parents any more, just because they came from Philippines and stayed here for about two years. Social workers were like flies above them, they were everywhere! It was impossible to breath! So, they are some friends of mine and my neighbors and they are very nice people. One day when Clare was home with her boys I called her to say I am going to cook the pie she gave me the recipe (from Philippines) and I heard a voice crying when she picked up the phone. I went in a hurry to see what was happened because I knew her husband went fishing with my son from the early morning. I opened the first door and found the second one closed! I was calling her and her little son Amado came and opened it. I found her in the dining room as she was crying like a baby. After calming down she told me those social workers I saw two days ago behind their place and asked about them, came to them this morning and entered her house without knocking!!! Come on! I am her friend and I am knocking all the time when coming to their house! So, they were walking along the corridor and were writing something and taking pictures of her lil son’s shoes with one’s phone. Then they went to the kitchen where she was cooking lunch for her family and the trash can was full. They took some pictures of that can and told her they are very bad parents and asked her if all people from Philippines are like this. She started to shout out her frustration. She was shocked about their impertinent appearance and chased them away from their place. Her son started to cry and they took a picture of him when he was crying!!!....
After a while they entered her house again with police!!! And one of them had his nose bleeding and told the police Abigail did it to him!!!!....Then they showed the police all the pictures and started telling those lies and the police man told Abigail to feed up her son because they will come a bit later and will take them away until her husband will come home and they have to go and explain what happened after what they will decide whether to take her son away or not. She was so shocked and so afraid about it. They didn’t take him away but they are still coming to their place very often!
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Re: Why do children suffer.

Postby Libelle » Wed Apr 16, 2014 6:51 am

In countries, which have a Juvenile Justice, justification for the removal of the child from the family can be the refusal of parents to participate in their child's school programs corrupting 'sexual education', or a simple refusal of parents to put their child any vaccinations. French experts suggest that 2 million weaned children from French families include more than a million children that were taken away from parents without the necessary justification. That is essentially going to be a public outrage referring children and parents.
On the basis of international experience, all normal parents could be primarily included into the blacklist of Juvenile Inquisition, as well as Orthodox. The reasons may be:
Protests against parent's 'sexual education' that can be held against them as an infringement on the rights of children - to the sexual information; :?: :!:
Rejection of questionable vaccination is also interpreted as a lack of concern about health; any word irritating child regarding parents insisting on attending worship services can be regarded as Juvenile Violence against them as an infringement on its 'legitimate rights and freedoms'. Even the absence of fruit in the refrigerator or pocket money can be used to blame parents referring actions to the detriment of 'the interests of the child'!
Very easy to blame the parents in child abuse, when the mother wakes him up to the liturgy, prepares meatless food, refuses to adopt - food before Communion, etc.
The situation is very sad. For parents there is no such thing as the presumption of innocence now. Any call detractors any formal occasion - a little bananas in the refrigerator, the complaint of the child that his mom yesterday punished him for what he did not want to learn lessons may become a pretext to destroy the family. Experts and lawyers agreed that if this continues, then a social explosion is inevitable. "We will fight for the families and all the forces to resist the onslaught of pro-Western juvenile technologies",
You can not imagine how it's terrible when you have taken the kids! Who can stand? Tears are native and expensive. This is such a shock and pain that a woman's psyche just can not stand! I myself was close to despair, so unbearable to endure this pain - the mother literally was ripped from the hands of a child, he cries and asks you for help - a mother, and you realize that you can not do anything and never see him again! His fate is in the hands of these terrible and cruel people!
In such a situation breaks the strongest mind, because consuming more than life - taking the meaning of life. Why should I live if in this world any overweening bureaucrat can just rob you of that more than life? This is the inhuman reality of juvenile justice.
And you have taken away the children? And ten minutes of this torture is impossible to sustain. Do you think thousands of mothers in France, Israel and other countries where takes place Juvenal justice, commit suicide just because they really want to? Do everything to stop this!
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Re: Why do children suffer.

Postby Angela » Sun Apr 27, 2014 1:50 am

It is very sad situation. I agree with you. In many countries children and parents are on the eye of the organizations which “carry about” children`s rights. What are we talking here about? Children should be treated in the way as these organizations want. It is very hard. Parents cannot choose do they want or not to do the certain vaccination, for example. They had to do all of them, even if they are dangerous for their children, as they consider. And parents cannot punish their children. I mean not punish in the worst meaning of this word. However, just to punish for some things, that children do not in the right way. Teachers in the school tell to the children that if they do not like as their parents treat them, they can call to the police and will get a help. What kind of the help? Well, they just take children away from such “bad” parents. Therefore, children even do not understand what they do, until they are not taken away from their parents. Then begins the situation when the parents had to get their children back. It is not so easy. Parents had to prove that they won`t cry, punish their children. As if, they have punished them! After the children are at home, parents with the children during several months have to go to the psychology center and to speak there together. It is really very awful! I have heard from friends about this! They were in such situation. I remember that they were running always to that center and had to sit there and speak about different silly stupid things.
Therefore, I suppose, it is not so good system. For example, in many countries there are no such laws. IN ADDITION, I think it is good. Parents treat their children in the best way, as they think. Not all parents are ideal, but they are parents, and they should have the right to treat their children only because they are their children!!!!
That is why I do not agree with Pokrovski situation and I am sure they had to get their children back .as I see from their words and from their photos, they are very good Parents. In addition, for sure, their children miss them. So, the family should be rejoined. They are the family. They know the inner laws of their family and they could be happy only if they are together. There is no happiness without the family. I am sure that the government should be more attentive and should choose really the families that are in need of help. For sure, there are the families that need help. I suppose that this system needs improvement. The government organizations should review the system`s work and should think as to make it better if they want it really be the thing helpful for the people. There are children who need help, but they do not always get it. Therefore, the organizations should be more attentive.
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