Why do children suffer.

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Re: Why do children suffer.

Postby Pitbit » Fri Jan 31, 2014 4:20 am

Tor, I do agree with you that this tenement will do Pokrivskiy family stronger.
As I understood they have a lot of great plans in their life and want to develop thyself in spiritual scene.
So I'm sure in spite of this tenement they will succeed and it will only make them stronger.
Love and deep spiritual feelings and knowledge will guide them trough all tenements.
And one day they will be able to say "we did it, it was impossible, it was incredibly hard, but we did it, and now we know that we can do anything."
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Re: Why do children suffer.

Postby candy » Sun Feb 02, 2014 5:49 pm

This is terrible story about discrimination of Pokrovsky family made me think about the future of my family in Latvia. The juvenile justice begins to spread in Latvia to the fullest extent. What seemed before only theory, becomes evident reality.
In Latvia, the cases concerning withdrawal of children from families hardly make their way to the public interest. Parents are bullied, like it was with Nikolay, and the press is under pressure of influential stakeholders.
I am going to tell you “classic” incident with the withdrawal of children from family in Ikshkile in February, 2013.
In Ikshkile village the representatives of the local police together with the representatives of the guardianship court took a four-month baby from the mother. The reason for these actions was that the living conditions of young mother were poor, and she could not take care of the baby properly, besides the doctor “found” underweight and rickets. And the decision of the guardianship court: the woman of 20 years old was deprived of parental rights of a 4-month baby.
I should mention that previously the representatives of social center announced that the family doctor discovered - the mother had irresponsible attitude to the child and to his health. It was concluded that the mother had no skills to care for the baby. These accusations were not recognizes by the girl, but she did not have the documents about the baby’s vaccination and development. The baby was delivered to a branch of the State social center for child care in Latvia.
But how could they take away a child without depriving parental rights?
These are main argument: “No skill", "have not been vaccinated”. Can that mean that the family cannot provide "appropriate care"? I cannot understand that.
This is an ordinary young family with no bad habits. Such stories you can find anywhere- a young girl after school (most likely) is getting married and giving birth to a child. Her husband, a little bit elder but he is still young, having official work, but money is not enough. The financial situation leaves much to be desired! After the child is born no social services do help them.
We usually see such families in Latvian suburbs. Ikshkile is a town with a population of approximately 4,000 people. A lot of men living there are unemployed. So, the father is still the lucky to have job !
Can we judge the standard of living directly based on o family income? Can a factor of well-being of the family become the reason to leave or take away a child from your family? No?
Now let us look at Latvia in the European "microscope": " In Latvia 30.9 % of the population live in deep poverty, we take the second place in the EU for poverty, according to the European statistical office Eurostat». Social position of the family may be one of the reasons for withdrawal of kids. Almost in every third family the fridge may be too incomplete for child nutrition . Just think - the family income does not allow you to have a child or parent official salary is lower than the actual income - you will immediately find yourself at risk
In the near future the poorest part of the population in Latvia will be asking a question to themselves – to have a baby or not to have? And if a child is born, the probability of its "loss" for parents on the basis of some social problems increases dramatically. Lack of family budget, of course, affects the decision of juvenile courts. But there are other factors too.

Skills. What skills should have the 19 -year-old mother? If you have a second child and you are 30 years old, does that mean that you have grasped the basics of motherhood and all your skills will not cause suspicion among the bystanders? Can you prove it after your child is taken away?
The interpretation of opinions about your abilities significantly simplify actions of juvenile courts. But the situation with Pokrovsky show that withdrawal of children does not depend on the mother's age and number of children.
Vaccinations. The mother of 4 -month baby had no proof of vaccinations. The representatives of guardianship administration cold make sure in them by calling to the hospital where the baby was born. May be the young mother refused to do vaccinations: some really can be postponed due to underweight of a baby or some Illnesses. This is a strange reason to take away a child.

Redness, rashes, inflammation, weight ... can anyone remember how his baby was developing during the first months of life? A child is adapting to the new environment, and there can be some reaction as redness, rashes, allergic reactions ... And the baby weight is so unpredictable during the first months….
But there is one fact –the baby was taken away from his mother's breast, now imagine the problems of mother and child because of the violent separation. Biological and psychological ones.
Do you regularly go to the pediatrician, and he will popularly explains why rash, what vitamins to drink and what to do and what not to do - without discussing your skills motherhood. The doctor also knows about natural phenomena and the nature of such failure to the mother of the child to know all the sores in advance.
The Juvenile Court withdrew the baby based on a report of a paediatrician, who said that the child lacked care. The official representatives, without carefully studding the situation, just solved the problem by giving the baby in the hands of the state. The paediatrician instead of helping the young mother decided to solve the problem like that. For the doctor it was easier to write the report full of blaming than to watch a child and give advice to the young mother.
“Rickets". The mother is convinced that the baby just does not weigh as much as necessary, but he was gaining his weight. “The child is slowly gaining weight, he needs a special diet that parents cannot afford” - it is according to the doctor. Is this a reason to remove a child? Is not it better to give the baby some time to get stronger, and let the mother to continue breastfeeding?
Let us assume that the doctor saved the boy from starvation. This was an ordinary family, not alcoholics / addicts / homeless, they are adequate people. Or "rickets" was used as an excuse to pick up a normal child from healthy parents?
My suppositions is that this can be child Mafia. They find a healthy child, report about carelessness of parents, hang diagnose and then the juvenile court withdraw a child from parents, the child is being later adopted by another family. This is a child trafficking. All for the money.
Parents of a really sick child are unlikely to be in the lists of children's Mafia, their customers do not need really sick children!
The family of Pokrovsky may have another reason to be separated from their children. But I am sure the Mafia influenced the situation – they have people in the Administration of Children Services, the adequate normal person cannot withdraw children from their parents.
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Re: Why do children suffer.

Postby beeka » Tue Feb 04, 2014 11:30 am

There is a huge problem because of such social workers in families. I was also thinking about social workers like about the best people ever who are protecting children, who are protecting people in general. But now, I was just surfing the Internet about social workers nand you know what I 've found?
Articles like:
"Is social work a bad idea?"
"When Good Social Workers Go Bad"
"Musings of an Evil Social Worker"

Well, now it makes sens...Now, when a person is talking about a social worker- everybody understands it as something bad and negative. What now? Do you think it is OK???
I can't understand how can it happen they could destroy families? It is so cruel! Do these people have children? How would they fill if somebody would take their kids away??
Do you guys think it is OK if somebody is comming and taking your kid with no reason, like it was with POkrovski family?
It is unbelievable how cruel and mas can people be. It is unbelievable that people who are considering to help people, are destroying families.
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Re: Why do children suffer.

Postby Root » Thu Feb 13, 2014 7:34 am

After reading about all the things that has happened to a normal family, it is really hard to believe how it could be possible! The worst thing is that such situation seems acceptable and adequate to people having the authority to make important decisions regarding the way we live. It’s really sad to hear what is gong on in Latvia, thanks for letting everybody know about this disaster called juvenile justice, candy. I have also read and heard a lot of the same stories where kids were removed from normal families throughout the world! So looks like this evil spreads at an extremely high speed! I think awareness today is absolutely necessary, far not all people know about what is happening these days and what dangers are awaiting absolutely normal people and their families, especially young children. It is strange how easy the kids can be taken away from mothers. No vaccination- no child! I know that far not kids and people in general can have vaccination because of health issues e.g. And another thing that was reported as well is that some people died as a result of a vaccination, both young kids and adults! So you would need to think twice before doing something like that, costing you or your kid a life! And nobody, not doctors, not social workers will not return dead person back to life! In fact they will tell probably that nobody was forced to do vaccination and they have nothing to do with it! It is interesting about children's Mafia, mentioned by Candy. Seeing and hearing about such stories it looks like there is really such a trade as children’s trade and child trafficking. Hopefully nobody has adopted Pokrovski children or moved them away from the country, but it happens these days a lot. Even having all family alive the kids can still be officially adopted into somebody else’s family even in another foreign country. And who makes money out of it? Well this children’s mafia who else! To adopt a kid people pay a fortune! And also bribe is a normal phenomenon in this industry! People who really care about the world and other people and want to help, won’t go to work as a social worker, destroying lives of people and children. But those with no morals, faith, and love in their hearts will do everything to harm. Even if they have found some danger in the family atmosphere or conditions for the child, there are other ways to help and improve the situation. The family has no money- why not to distribute some money from the budget so that there would not be a lot of poor people ot give them a job to be able to support themselves and their families? Or even bring food and all other essential things and give them monthly by talons? There are always ways out of any situation, but looks like people don’t want to think and actually do something helpful. Instead just to show violence and ruin everything seems the best option.
Racism is still with us. But it is up to us to prepare our children for what they have to meet, and, hopefully, we shall overcome.
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Re: Why do children suffer.

Postby Jesica » Fri Feb 14, 2014 10:26 am

Oh it is terrible! How can we live with such injustice? It's just a nightmare how they mock at this family. Did they really believe in the charges that provided to the family? Why do they try to find mother’s fault in this situation? I believe that this mother loves her children and even more so if she has three children, she probably knows how to deal with them and she knows where have to be toys. Moreover mother's heart knows and feels what need to do for her children feel good. No one will do better then mother.
In my opinion visiting courses, it is not good for all. Especially if the mom had psychology courses at school and knows how to deal with children. It is better to spend time with her children than in the courses. Then I know many women who are aware of the nature of how and where to act. Just have a very developed instincts of nature and they know how to behave with children.

We do not need to judge other parents, because we are not perfect, and I do not think that the social workers are too perfect and do everything, as they require from their parents. Especially see the horror going on in the house where there are children, open sockets, unsafe places and so on. This is wrong. What do they then require parents? In order for parents to know what to do show them the first example. And they shouldn’t ask to parents that things that they cannot do themselves .
Right here people say that too many young families do not have the right experience to raise children and that they couldn’t have children now? It's not right, every family should have children. Even if they are young, it does not mean that they should not have children. And experience comes with time. With her second child is always easier than the first. Because at the second child mother already knows how to do, where to do that and so on.
As some moms worry when their children are sick, do not know what to do, panic, and then when a second child comes and experience come with child and they already know how to act in such disease, and what to do when her child has another illness.
It's difficult, because not everyone has experience in parenting and social workers must understand that. For example, there are girls who raised their younger brothers and sisters, they saw how those growing up, they saw how her mother do in different situation and they have experience. Is there for example, children who grew up alone in the family and they never saw the kids grow up , what to do here so moms will be more difficult to raise her children , but that because she has no experience forbid her to give birth? I think social workers should be more loyal to these parents, and they have not to find fault in every detail.
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Re: Why do children suffer.

Postby lorel » Wed Feb 19, 2014 2:21 pm

I've read with horror stories about the grid of Pokrovski family. So it seems to me, that it turns out that these so-called social workers are top-hampern over society and not amenable to general courts (in all processes related to their work court is not involved ) and in fact the child becomes a commodity, because a child can be removed from a family according to excruciating excuse and this child can be placed where such employee wants (we've seen terrible accommodation of Pokrovsky's children). This is a corruption. Child can be sent to another family, another country ... against the grains of the child and his parents. -If you study legislation carefully, you will see that all these laws are already in modern legislation. ... it was created to destroy a family and institution of state at all . Also, this legislation is unacceptable for Christian families, and for the Muslim, and indeed for any family with children, regardless of religious appliances, because it goes against the constitution and it is tortuous. It's clear and any normal common man can understand it.
So I can't see the end of this situation. And I think thing will be getting worse and worse in the future. But anyway I hope that for Pokrovski family it will end with happy ending and children will be returned home in no time.
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Re: Why do children suffer.

Postby LetitSnow » Tue Feb 25, 2014 10:19 am

I feel a real shock! How people can make such a terrible things! They don’t think about child happiness and soul – rules are the main. The system, which was created for child protection is now working against of him.
I have discovered that the child can be taken from family because of mess in his room or non-healthy meal. System assumes that these are the most important things in child’s life. Love, happiness, harmony does not care. The government decides, what is important for your child and what is not. You do not have any voice anymore. But what about freedom and choice? That does not mean anything. Only words.
We can see a lot examples of children take away from family in one very rich and well being country called Norway. They have created one organization, which is responsible for child’s protection from the violence and bad attitude of their parents.
This idea is very good and humanistic. Very sadly, but irresponsible parents with dangerous habitats still exist in our society, even in such a successful area as Scandinavia. Of course, children have to be isolated from such destructive conditions.
The extreme measure is taking child away form native family and adopting him to other family, Usually that means that real parents are allowed to visit their child one time a week in the better case or only once a year. It depends on court decision.
Also this organization is allowed to persecute suspicious families, visit their child in the school, ask teachers, neighborhoods and family doctors about child’s health and behavior, visit this family at home without warning. They are making notes and give recommendations about the right upbringing. If they think it is not enough, they can suggest taking the child away once a week for helping unsuccessful parent to make his affairs or to send him to the courses of proper parenting.
All these things sound good, but reality is much more sadder than these words. Actually, any family can be classified as unable to parenting. No one is perfect, but requirements are so high that it is almost impossible to deal with them.
Here are examples of reasons, why family can be classified as unsafe:
-Child does not want to smile. It is normal for norwegian culture to smile each other and to demonstrate actively your positive attitude to life and your surrounding. If person doesn’t do this that could mean he has something destructive in his thoughts and could be dangerous for the society. If parent is not smiling constantly that means he is tired, feels depression, needs a rest and urgent treatment.
- Quarrel between parents may indicate to the unfavorable situation in family.
- Trying to accustom child to the order and cleanness like taking out the trash and covering the bed by him own may be understood as use of the child labor, which is strictly prohibited by law.
- Too skinny child shows the poor nutrition
- Too fat means non balanced nutrition
- Too many sweets during the week means lack of concern about the child's teeth and indulging his whims
- Lack of sweets means greed parents, their unwillingness to consider the wishes of the baby
- Clothes which do not fit ideal, for example size is larger than needed, are seen as a clear signal to the material problems etc.
All these strange criteria could be referred to any parent. I am sure that this could become an ideal subject for manipulation and frightening. Children are the most important valuables that are in life of normal adequate people. A good parent will do anything for protecting his child and will accept any conditions for his well being.
These organizations looks like terrorism in law. I hope we still can do something for protecting our children from such kind of organizations.
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Re: Why do children suffer.

Postby lorel » Tue Feb 25, 2014 12:44 pm

This idea is very good and humanistic. Very sadly, but irresponsible parents with dangerous habitats still exist in our society, even in such a successful area as Scandinavia. Of course, children have to be isolated from such destructive conditions.

Yes, this is a problem that in our world indeed a lot of families that need help and interference from the side of governmental structures.
And this children really suffer, but I am almost sure that exactly these families don't get help from these services or get it less then necessary. Because parents of such children, or very poor, or mentally ill, or drug, or alcohol addicted, or all above mentioned. And it's impossible to receive something from such parents (except of a lot of problems ;) so these "brave" people (social workers) don't dare to touch them. But they need statistic to be done so they "visit" normal families.
This all is so sad (((
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Re: Why do children suffer.

Postby Mira » Fri Feb 28, 2014 7:11 am

Oh my God! The children are still in the hands of those who do not have any relation to them! I watch this situation for a long time already. And I do not have words to describe what I feel, when I read this. I was so shocked with the words of Kira about all the notes of social workers! how can you imagine that somebody comes into your house and begin to make you notes that you are the worst mother in the world. You should vacuum your carpet- it is silly! How do you think is it dirty in the house of three children, where a mother, like Kira is? I am sure it was clear, and Kira tells that she is cleaning the house every day. Honestly saying, I am not cleaning the house every day. Does it mean I am not good mother for my children? Or, maybe, does it mean, my children should be taken away? Nonsense!
One more note, about which Kira told us, is about that children should sleep in pijamas or in t-shirts. And if it is not cold, if it is hot enough in the house? Kira told that if her children are sleeping in pajamas, they got red spots on their skin. She has already been at doctor and the doctor said not to put on too much clothes on the children. What does it mean? It could mean only one thing: that Kira is wonderful mother, because she puts on clothes, being afraid of that her children would catch a cold. And it is right. Every mother is trying to put on more and more clothes, because all of us afraid, that children could catch a cold or something else.
There were more notes from the authorities. But all of them are silly. It is nonsense to teach mother to be a mother, if she has already born three children. All of them have nice clothes, all of them are not ill. Does that mean, that mother should attend the courses of good parents or how-is-it-called. Surely, no!
And they advised her to attend them. What for- I do not understand at all.
As for me, I have not attended such courses, I have taken all the interested information for me about children`s carrying from internet. Thank to internet, it exists now! And it is really no need today to attend any courses. All you want to know, you can charge in internet. There are so many sites and so many information about how to treat children, how to grow them up, how to educate them. If you want to develop them, you can also find everything you need in internet. I just say it, because I do not understand why the authorities began to make these silly notes to the Mother from the large letter. She is already the best mother, because she has three children. Not many women are able today to have three children. Mostly there is one or maybe two kids in the family.
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Re: Why do children suffer.

Postby lorel » Fri Feb 28, 2014 12:50 pm

She is already the best mother, because she has three children. Not many women are able today to have three children. Mostly there is one or maybe two kids in the family.

Yes, i do agree that Kira is a great mom.
I can see it from the photos of the happy children (before they were taken.)
And only great mother protects her children so much. Parents are putting all efforts and doing their best to return their children.
And of course it is so unfair that children can't live with loving mother in the big, light house. But they are forced to live in such bad conditions with unpleasant people.
Hope it will be changed soon. Our prays are with you.
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