Why do children suffer.

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Re: Why do children suffer.

Postby Pacific » Thu Dec 26, 2013 6:02 am

Anyway I really hope that upcoming holidays and the new year will bring this family peace and all problems solving.
Because they really deserve it.
I'm sure that it will be a great year where they will be happy )))
and for all of us I wish all the best and I hope that our bad feeling about the future are only apprehension. And we and our children will have a happy future.
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Re: Why do children suffer.

Postby Melisa » Sat Dec 28, 2013 8:20 am

It's a shame that children has such a childhood. Our childhood was not like this. We were happy that grew without problem and don’t care about difficult situation, the biggest challenge was to make lessons, and everything else was cool and calm. In the winter we played snowballs with the parents, they was sledding us. Until now I have one of the most pleasant memories of childhood, my mother was taking me from the kindergarten on a sled. I still remember how nice the snow crunching under the sleigh runners and my mom drove me home.
It is a pity that these children don’t have this. I have many fond memories from childhood. Especially now before the New Year. Family holidays. As we gathered in childhood with our grandmother and how little we try to find gifts from Santa Claus . As we constantly ran under the tree and looked if there are something new. And hung on the Christmas tree toys and sweets, and then shot them and ate all smeared in chocolate. Pokrovsky’s kids do not see it, I believe that parents do everything that they can. Especially when they see children, they will try to create such moments and memories as much as it possible, because in the future especially this moments warms the soul.
Especially I want that these children spent New Year with family. It's so important to spend family holidays together. Because then when the kids are older, they will most likely have to spend the new year with friends and then with their own family. With his wife or her husband and their children. It is very important that children have left many positive memories of their parents and the joint celebrations from childhood.
I think ACS employees understand how important it is to ensure that children celebrate holidays with parents, and at least will not prevent parents took in the New Year kids. Because it is a sacrilege to prohibit children to spend this holiday with their parents. They deprive these children tales. Because in New Year we are always waiting for a miracle. In addition, while the children are young and believe in Santa Claus, I do not think you need to destroy their faith in the good and bright.
While on the other hand, it will be difficult for children to leave parents again and come back in a foster home. I believe that they are good people, but nobody is ever going to replace the child parents.
Especially I was very touched that child do not want to part with his father when he did not want to get into the car to go to a foster family. It is so touching and causing such pain. How the worker of ACS can say that the father can’t cope with the child if father calm down the child. It's so unfair and frustrating. And their rude attitude when the employee himself put the child in the car. How he can be so insensitive. Apparently, he did not have his children.
In this situation, it turns out that the kids are held hostage for a very long time. ACS workers enjoy the fact that parents love their children and try to manipulate them to close their movement. Moreover, I think it's a sin, because the movement helps people.
People are starting to feel better, more confident, they get out of difficult and crises. How can they to stop so noble thing? When people help each other that's good. Why do they want to spoil even the best feelings? I think this is really a test for family, but I hope and believe that they will pass it. Because now they are doing right things. And God will punish those people, who is guilty. Because the use of children as hostages is a sin. Sorry for this family, but I believe that God helps them and God did not leave them, because everything that we do comes back to us with increasing momentum. And if the Pokrov family are helping others, then there are those people who will help to them.
I like benevolence of Nikolai Pokrovsky, he does not hold a grudge against workers, he did not scold. He tries to help them, wishes them good and wants all everything was good. This is very true, because only happy person can help another, only good man is able to love their children and help them. It's very impressive and deserves respect .
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Re: Why do children suffer.

Postby Tinok » Sat Dec 28, 2013 1:41 pm

Pacific, I'm with you.
I don't think that something will happen definitely.
But I'm sure that we have to be very careful and estimate the upcoming situation.
We have to watch, control and be aware that with each passing day, slowly, quietly monster mechanism intrudes in our lives ... We are now powerless people, we are not the parents in the old seance! Already a teacher has a greater influence on the psyche of your child than you! ...
And do not amuse yourself with the illusions that if someone comes to take away your dear and loved child then, you will take up a gun, run to the relatives and friends and you will defend your legal rights on the child!
It will not happen!
You will not run! And won't take want take a gun! And the most terrible thing that I can say, that none of your friends and relatives will come to help ....
History knows too much example of people's behaviour in similar situations. And majority will tell "oh, who knows maybe all these social workers know what are they doing." And all these people will worry that if they help you, social workers will come to them.
So I have to plan everything today to not have problems tomorrow.
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Re: Why do children suffer.

Postby MinaRos » Mon Dec 30, 2013 7:06 am

Yes, it is very hard to imagine how what your behavior will be in such a situation. I definitely cannot say what I will do in the same circumstances. For sure, you are right, no one will run with the gun and won`t defend children in such a way. But I suppose if there were such a possibility, it is very easy. That is why it is difficult to solve the problems, because you have to defend just with your own words, your experience, your feeling and your own thoughts. It was really nice when many-many years ago everything could be solved in easy way. Today we have such a big and terrible machine of bureaucracy and such a huge wagon of laws, that it is really difficult to win the battle against them. Even if you are ready, I mean you have good lawyers and all of your documents are prepared, even in this case nobody knows what waits for you at the end. So, I suppose it is better just to be very careful in order not to be in such circumstances when you cannot find the exit from the situation. The best way to solve the problem is not to have it. Just try to be really very attentive in order not to put yourself in such conditions when you can`t understand what way of solving the problems is the best. That is why I don`t understand those people who act incorrectly knowing this and hoping to solve everything later. We don`t have too much time. Our life is limited and we can`t just to loose our precious days, months and years on unnecessary actions. And I hope all of us will be cautious in this New Year and nobody will get into the problematic situation, because we will think first before action. I wish you to realize all your actions and to understand what you do and to understand what will be further after your actions. So, be attentive and do not waste your precious time in 2014!
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Re: Why do children suffer.

Postby Tinok » Mon Dec 30, 2013 11:37 am

So in the upcoming New Year I hope that all problems will be solved and children will be return home.
And next Christmas they will meet together with presents, fun and the most beautiful Christmas tree in the world
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Re: Why do children suffer.

Postby Julia » Sun Jan 05, 2014 7:51 am

I hope that next year the Pokrov family will return all children at home, because last year was really happened a lot of bad. I do not consider myself superstitious, but probably 2013 have some magic, because much bad had happened in the last year. For example, my friend's grandmother died and a week later her dad died. And this was such a big loss for her family. She was left alone with her younger brother. Now their mom hard to grow up them. Because her father was the main breadwinner in the family. And suddenly he was gone. I do believe that we have more appreciation for their which we love, because we never know when one of them leave us. And it always happens so suddenly and so painful when we lose someone close. We must appreciate every day spent with them, because life is very short.
So many good actors have died this year. Especially sorry for Paul Walker. He was so young. The hardest thing when they die young because it is unnatural and wrong. Accident take the good people. Especially sorry that Paul went to a charity event. It's a pity when such good people have to live so hard times. But I think it's a test for those who loved him. This situation verified their faith in God. If they are capable in the most difficult period of their lives to keep faith in God and to remain good people. This is very important because in the most difficult times our faith is questioned. And if we don’t lose faith in this difficult period, so we are worthy of God's mercy.
And how many different earthquakes, floods and forest fires occurred in 2013.
For example, in the summer of 2013 flooded almost all of Europe. So many victims, so many people died. Scary to think about this. And how many people have been left homeless. I can’t even imagine how much it's scary to lose the house, all the things, and the more relatives. You lose everything that has amassed over a long life. It turns out your life begins from the start. In my opinion, it's very scary. But people must be strong and must not lose faith in God, because only he can help us.
And how in the beginning of autumn flooded the entire Far East, Russia and China. So many small villages were flooded. And I'm so sorry for these people. They have a very difficult life and so they do not have such facilities in the city. Villagers get up at 5 am and work until sunset. They have struggle for survival every day. And with such a life and still remain without a home. It's just awful. People who has this difficult life should make more efforts to survive after the flood. I think this year was very tough for them. And surely even the next few years will be too heavy for them, because they will restore their home, rebuilt the house and try to resume their former lives.
I think for many people this year was very difficult. But I 'm glad we survived it, and I hope this year everything will be different. I sincerely wish everyone who reads this good luck in their affairs, success in the new year, and most good beginnings. Because helping others we help ourselves. And most importantly, I want the family Pokrov to return their children, so this year will be happiest for them, when their babies return at home and family fully restore. Because there is nothing more tragic than your children taken away from you.
The fact that this story is very unfair, I think it is clear to everyone who reads it, it's just so unfair. I don’t understand how ACS workers can see this, how can they think that somebody will believe in their fake story. It is evident that Pokrovsky wonderful parents and children feel good in this family, why they decided to pick up the children is unclear. Because of religion? But it's strange. After all, they do not do anything bad, on the contrary, they help people. But to help people is always good, it is strange that ACS employees think differently. It seems that ACS workers want to do bad for other people.
After all, It is very well, when people can come to someone for advice and help. And they know that they will get a good, kind and the right advice. This is very important because sometimes when you have any difficulties in life, you need to look at the situation from the outside, very difficult to make the right decision. And at this point it is important to seek the assistance of such a person who will help you in this. It is a pity that ACS employees want us to deprive such people.
But I am very pleased that this family does not hold a grudge against them, they want the good. Trying to help, because these people really need help, because they have lost the notion of what is good and what is bad. If they took the children from a good family. I think for the kids there is nothing better than native parents. Because mom always knows what is best for her child. Dad always help and protect from all bad that is in life. Especially important for the boys to Dad was around. Then the child copies the behavior of the father and grow a real man. Because it is much easier to raise a child by showing him an example, then to explain how to do and how unnecessary. You can explain all you want, for example that smoking is bad, but if you yourself smoke, the child will probably also smoking. First we have to show all with our behavior. It is most important for child, but how to do this if the child is far from you?
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Re: Why do children suffer.

Postby West1 » Tue Jan 07, 2014 11:22 am

Yes, Julia, you are right. That is surely very difficult to raise the children. And they do need parents` example in their life. For boys it is important to be with the father, and for girls it is important to be near mother. Children need their parents as mirrors. They watch them and watch their behavior. The children copy the behavior of their parents, their actions, even their mimics. So, it is really very important for children to be near parents. Not only in moral sense, but also in physical. Why? I can answer: because children feel better near their parents, as I said, and they could move more openly, their muscle system is relaxed and not closed for a new life. That was already proved by famous scientists and we can see the examples just round us, in the families of our friends, our neighbors and so on.
And what do we see in Pokrovsky family? I am so sorry to say, that their children are still not near their parents and they have to copy the foreign people, those, who are near them. But they are not their family. What can they tell them about family`s origin? Nothing. What can they tell the children about their grandfathers and grandmothers, about what happened to their family while war, while different times in the history. That is the problem. The children are growing up without their background, without their family, they are like leaves, that fall from the tree and that is all, they lose their history. Their own history. I am so sorry to see this happens to them. And I wish them from the deep of my heart to be together. I really hope that very soon their family will be the one. They have seen so much things that nobody wishes. The children who are suffering from the adults. They are the most delicate, the most unsafe people in this situation. Why do they have to suffer? They have to be near their parents. I wish these children to be with their own parents and to know the history of their family, their father and mother, their grandfather and grandmother, their native town, where they were born, their own early childhood. I wish them to be together with the parents.
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Re: Why do children suffer.

Postby Comet » Tue Jan 14, 2014 5:13 am

Yes I agree with Julia, it would be wonderful if Pokrovski family returned their children this year. Well it would have been even better if no one ever took them away from them in the first place! But unfortunately there are so many people who are interested in their own comfort and disregard other people without even realizing that everyone is interdependent in our world. I hope to see new information about this case , who knows perhaps it would be a turning year for the whole family! Maybe it is a bit too optimistic, but why not to have some hope and believe in the good outcome after all! It is bad definitely those children live with other foreign people who can not teach them many things. In particular I mean their native language of course. It was mentioned earlier that children who are not native to the foreign country normally talk 2 languages: their parents’ and the one which is spoken in the country. From what I have read Pokrovski children don’t know any Russian at all, the can only speak English, and the family they live in now, how can they even teach them? I don’t think they would be even interested to really care for them as if they were their own children. I think for them it is nothing but a job where they are paid for looking after somebody else’s children that’s all. And love that real parents would show is nowhere near I am afraid. About the history, telling about the background of the family and visiting places where the family came from, the things mentioned by West1, I don’t think officials or foster parents would be really into this idea. And such things are so much needed for growing generation! May God help this family reunite again and their children to grow up healthy and loving despite everything they are enduring now or might do in the future. I don’t know how Pokrovski family still have enough strength, patience, energy and lots of other essentials to fight with the system. This example must show us that there is no need for such children’s protection system; it is destroying not creating anything good. What is definitely needed is people with clear head and wisdom, those who have principles and values, not brainwashed zombies who are only after the things of their passions. And such people don’t appear suddenly, by themselves, they are brought up and made to be good, it is a life long process, starting from the birth. If people ruin everything and don’t do good for the kids even when they are so young what then they expect in many years to come? Happy citizens and prospering society? I am afraid it can bring about only chaos and more instability which are not needed by anyone.
“The only love that I really believe in is a mother’s love for her children.” Karl Lagerfeld
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Re: Why do children suffer.

Postby beeka » Sun Jan 19, 2014 1:24 pm

I am shocked... I read these posts several time, to found at least some mistakes the parents have done, to explain myself why does this happened, and found nothing.
Really, now, I don't know whether the police is protecting us or no. To broke the doors....what??!!! I am so so scared now, they will come one day to our place and will take our children away, just because of some toys on the floor, or some dust...maybe???or...another stupid situation each of us can turn up in. There are three children in the house?? how the heck it can be always perfect in this house??? Also, doesn't they know if childern are living in sterile condition they are growing up too gentle, sick and weak?? Does they actually know anything about growing kids??? Also the ACS...Really, I can't find any resonable answer to all questions that are in my head after reading it. Now I am looking at my husband and my cute lil kids...what if one day...OH MY GODNESS!!! No freaking way! I can't imagine my life without them!!! I can't imagine being in prison, or in jail....no way it can happen to our family...I am so disappinted in police and ACS now...
You know what, Kira..if I were you,I would really take that pan, catch her and kick her ass out of our house! We are going to protect our lil kids and our house and our family from that bastards who doesn't know their job! I am so glad you scared her, but it wasn't enough...OH MY...for sure it wasn't! I know that I will pay some bills and sign stupid papers, but I am pretty sure that each parent would act the same way.(pardon my french, but I can't find any other words right now!)

I can't imagine how painful it is for the parents and how are these cute children living in those dangerous conditions!! These cute little baby's....they are so gorgeous. When I sow them keeping that poster which says "WE WANT HOME"...I couldn't keep my tears ...it is so paiful to look at, and I imagine how strong you have to be to overcome it all.

I can't give any advices, because I wasn't in such situations and I really hope Lord will keep away from these bastards. But I wish one day, hoping it will be as soon as possible, you guys will take your children home and finally will be together, a nice and happy family you were until now.
Stay strong, I am sure Lord has it's own plans for you.
GOD bless you and I will pray for you every single day :!:
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Re: Why do children suffer.

Postby Comet » Mon Jan 20, 2014 8:41 am

I think it is not right that some people from the street , some outsiders now can decide themselves what is good for the children, parents and each particular individual. I can understand when there are some problems and people need help, then specially trained people can give a hand to sort the things out. But when everything is alright and some strangers think it is alright just to come and start telling people what to do with their life and their children and generally behave as if it is their home and they are all powerful masters, the is such help needed? And is it a help or some kind of intervention? To me it seems to be the second option! So many people have said about the need of a good example for children. But the parents, an example for Pokrovski children, are not with them, instead some other family with them every day. So they set an example for these kids. And what kind of people are they? Who knows…And how are the foster families screened and checked to be selected for looking after somebody else’s kids? There are suggestions around that quite often the children are taken from their real families and given then for adoption or a foster care in homosexual families or paedophiles. Well what can it say about the condition and values of the society? Whatever people they are, those who have to bring up Pokrovski children now, there are no evidence really that they are better and safer than their real family. Looks like this family had or has enemies and they clearly make the life for them a complete nightmare. And the children is just a tool to manipulate their parents, to get something from them, make them behave the way these people want them to. Which is an awful situation, living in a free world nobody should be manipulated and being a puppet! When these kids grow up and become adults what memories and feelings will they have about their childhood, which they were robbed of? And what will be their attitude toward the whole system of social services, especially this particular organisation called Administration of children services? And not just the kids, what today people are thinking about all this structure which malfunctions? If these kids were taken by some mistake, by some anonymous call, and their family is normal, then it is dangerous to have it like that. It needs internal and external inspections to check its activity. How many similar families there might have been over the years and in the years yet to come. Why not to limit the functions of this organisation to helping difficult cases, when the families e.g. are alcoholics or drug addicts, or in other problematic situation, and if everything is alright why then to interfere in such families? It would be better for the whole society if people stopped doing stupid things and just got down to doing something which is really beneficial and helps people and the world rather than destroys and undermines the values. People come to your senses, just think over what really matters!
“The only love that I really believe in is a mother’s love for her children.” Karl Lagerfeld
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