Why do children suffer.

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Re: Why do children suffer.

Postby Taddy » Thu Oct 31, 2013 4:37 am

The information that I have read in this forum gives my an opportunity to claim that social authorities made an immense abuse. All their actions from the beginning till the end prove it.
These children were taken without any real danger for them and a genuine threat to their life and health.
And the global question is why and on what basis the family should let the social worker into the house and provide him with information about fathers and mothers? And other information for example, if child has a separated bed and a place to study, how much the family earns and whether there is a food in the house? What guarantees the inviolability of private and family life, home? I think social authorities have too much rights and powers. And they overuse them.
I once read some researches. So according to these researches taken away of children from their parents severely affected on intellectual, psychological and social development of these children. In these researches were showed that children who were taken from the family had much more different problems in the development in and behavior compared to children who were left in the family in a similar situation?
Children who were taken from a family had much more problems than problems from which they were trying to be "protected"
And these children spend years out of the family home and the parents can not protect them and their rights.
Yes, if the officer honest, decent and works in good conscience , that in general, it is not uncommon that such incidents should not happen, but what if they happen. And why this is continue to exist? Even if parents can prove the illegal of a child taking, the child still spend at least three months in the shelter, as the decision on the illegality of such taking will take effect no earlier than the end hearing at the appellate court . The consequences for the psyche of the child and his parents in the event of a forced separation are irreversible .
So I think that powers of social authorities have to be severely limited and children have yo be taking in extremely cases what there is a visible risk for their health or life. Because as we can see from this sad example consequences can be terrible.
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Re: Why do children suffer.

Postby Two-tea-to-two » Thu Nov 07, 2013 5:26 pm

I am new here and I’ve just gotten known about situation of the Pokrovski. I am too far from the children issue and don’t work in ACS or don’t have any other connections with the children care. I am just a human being, but I can easily see that workers of ACS have been acting so wrong for years.
The father wrote, “The idea was that taking our children, our file can be stretched for years, they will earn money on this and at the same time we’ll keep silent. If we speak something against it, we may be deported from the country and ACS and SCO employees will be right in their actions in any case. When we began to protest against their actions, they decided to deport us, but since my wife is the American citizen (they did not know about it) and for other reasons, they failed. If they deported us from the country, we would never see our children.”
I can say that the father see the main reason and point of the ACS employees very clearly. They act exactly as he wrote. That is their strategy in such cases as far as I know. They take children out of good families where parents may have some citizenship or work problems and send children to the rich foster family. I do believe they have really good kickbacks for it on a permanent basis. First I thought it is not possible to separate the good family if there are no facts of abuse or neglect however the case of Pokrovski shows that the system is built so to satisfy the worst wishes of greedy people. These people set up good parents and they falsify all required facts and papers as they work in the system and know how it works. They’ve so succeeded in doing it that even after 3 years of court decision they still can hold children out of native family!
The father also wrote, “All the errors committed by ACS and SCO employees at the beginning and during the whole time, without any checks and trials, all employees who took part in it, who are working with our file know all these errors. But during three years no one of them indicated these errors anywhere, including at the courts. It means that these are not errors, but intentional actions, that they want to keep in silent and not to raise a question about it, and it means an intentional crime.”
Again the father is totally right! They did and do everything on purpose. Some of them act because of good money gotten from the foster family, other act as to cover up actions of their coworkers and some keep silence only because they are afraid to speak out against the system.
I can only wish Pokrovski parents a good luck and can only advise to persuade good workers of children care to testify for them in the court. ;)
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Re: Why do children suffer.

Postby SecretMaiden » Fri Nov 08, 2013 11:16 am

The situation with children is absolutely awful. I can`t believe that this happens in our life today. How is it possible to take the children away? Why do these children should feel all the horror of the administrative work and bureaucracy? After I have read the posts of the father I have understood that this situation is really could take place only because somebody wanted to hurt him. But if somebody wanted to hurt him why did he do this to him and to his family? The family has now the problems that they can`t solve. The children have suffered from all the procedure that took place in the night. I am the mother of two sons and I don`t know how it is possible to go through all these misadventures. I sympathize with the mother of these children. She had to live with this already for several years! I think people should understand the peculiarity of this situation and do something in order to support the family and to strive for the impossible. People who live nearby, who know this family should stand up and go to the court to gain the goal. I am sure it will help to the family, because when the person tries to do something by himself the result will equal to zero. But if there are already several, tens, hundreds of people the situation could be changed. All of us have children, family and we know how important it is to keep the family in safety. I am sure people who live there should help! It is the situation that needs any help. The children shouldn`t suffer from the adults and their acts. They should be with their parents at home and to feel all the love and caress that parents can give only. Children can`t be away from their parents for so long time, it is not good for their mental health, they must be at home, because it is the one possible wealth that could be in our life.
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Re: Why do children suffer.

Postby FENIX » Sun Nov 10, 2013 3:56 am

I am really amazed how the idea, which in the beginning was really necessary and could really help to the children, became upside down due to efforts of some unprofessional social workers concerned on money, compensation of own psychological complexes, etc., etc.! Because of them, ACS and SCO looks like the gang of kidnappers who the most of all like to steal children from the families. But, if to read their official papers and slogans about protecting the children – it really seems they are alive angels, until you will watch over their work in real and hear many stories about destroying the destinies of full families and the children – the worst they do! How possible to be so cynic, I wonder? I can’t understand that, and I know that not only I.
Perhaps, problem is that anybody can be social worker –sometimes, who can’t get any other job goes to work there as well as college and university graduates. I would like they answer -are social services staffed with experienced people who have had a family themselves? Are they staffed with people who have a strong sense of intuition? Are they staffed with people who have a strong enough character and positive personal qualities? Are they staffed with people who simply know how to care? Are they staffed with people who have had a number of years of life experience? I am sure, the personnel departments will not answer “yes” even a single time – the results of “work” of their unqualified staff we can see in the situation with Pokrovski.
It is very terrible that social workers use children to achieve their dishonest aims, and it makes them the most disgusting. What was the real reason to snatch the children of Pokrovski – we clearly understand, whatever social services say now - it was their revenge to the parents through their children. The most terrible that social services do it instead of help in the cases, where children really need it – however, often there are no social workers interesting and they will never visit family where are really abuse or neglect of the children. I wonder – does anybody get real help from the social workers ever? As for me, still I didn’t hear about such a miracle!
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Re: Why do children suffer.

Postby Valya » Mon Nov 11, 2013 8:02 am

After reading what has happened to this family you start to wonder whether an Administration of Children Services is actually a professional social care organization or a mafia, a criminal establishment, making money in unethical ways and destroying people’s lives. The whole purpose of similar organizations is to look after the welfare of society, to help those in difficult life situation. But why in stead of doing what it is meant to be doing, they just interfere with a happy family and ruin lives of both the adults and the kids? It looks like some organization during the time of Nazi, Gestapo-like type where those having the authority really tortured and mocked the others without any feelings whatsoever. Do these people really believe that these kids are in danger by living with those who love and care about them? When they took them away they must have seen the way the children were scared and they must have seen their tears not wanting to be taken away from their loving parents. How heartless one should be to let it happen and to take part in something like that? Looks like social workers feel that they are masters and can do whatever they want. Coming to somebody else’s house without introducing themselves, showing no id, or license, or a proof of identity, and then entering the apartment without any permission from the hosts, it shows not just the lack of professionalism, but a complete lack of respect to people, living on their territory, and any morals at all. Any person would start to protect him/herself and the others in case there is a danger or seeing some stranger in the house. So it is really weird that police arrested Kira who was the legitimate resident of this flat and was just trying to protect her children, seeing the woman going to their bedroom. As to the bruises appearing within the minutes I really don’t know how stupid one should be to believe in it. And why there were no expertise at all? You can not just believe the words of someone, especially if the person is unreliable, there must always be proofs, witnesses and other facts. Looks like it was all going wrong from the very beginning without any reasonable actions indeed. I wonder do people in this organization have any professional training at all and do they have any special education? They send people to parenting courses even when they don’t need too. But they themselves are aware about the needs of the children at all? To me looks like the only thing they worry about is their career, not their clients or people who are really in need of a help. But if even such unfair things happen in an organization, there must be others above them, who these workers are accountable to. Don’t these supervisors, directors and other people up the hierarchy see what is going on inside of their company? Why no actions are taken to correct the mistakes and change the way the organization operates? It is easy for any good thing as it was intended in the beginning to become upside down and shift to the other side if there are some small errors starting to appear and no correction is done, the things continue to be overlooked at and the people responsible don’t take any notice of it. That’s how the evil spreads. That is why it is absolutely necessary to stop it growing. From the situation around Children’s Services it is clear people working there took the children from the families before. God knows for how long it has been going on now and how many families were torn apart by these actions. We live in a democratic society. What is a democracy? It is a “government by the people; a form of government in which the supreme power is vested in the people and exercised directly by them or by their elected agents”. But the things that happen today to a general public is such a horrible example of lawlessness and abuse of power. Looks like people lost and continue losing any morals and don’t take into account what really matters. Family is the foundation of any society. And ruining this institution is destroying the future, breaking people’s lives, making us all live in immoral world. We need people and organizations with high spiritual values who care about people not money, who protect, not ruin people’s lives and their children.
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Re: Why do children suffer.

Postby Misty » Fri Nov 15, 2013 4:56 am

I heard a lot about the cases when parents were nearly lost their children due to efforts of social services being biased against one of them, when social worker “professionals” command where children should live, study or what to do. Often, there is no help in the difficult situation for the family, but only snatching the children is all that social workers may “help”. Damned if we do and damned if we don't – that is the well-known slogan of how the social services work. One wonders where all they and all the rest of this absurd bureaucracy are when real child abuse is going on. It sometimes seems that social workers - being in the main incompetent - pick on the easiest but cleanest targets. There are often, however, reports of social workers being deterred from doing their job and escaped being threatening by really cruel parents or step-parents abusing children, promising “to call” of course without keeping this promise, and not seeing this as any sort of warning sign.
However, many of parents win against social workers because they could persuade a judge to set aside the ACS and SCO recommendations and make a correct judgment based on the Human Rights Act, which is violated by social services openly. I think, this also will work for case of the Pokrovski.
The methods of work of SS (that is social services, very symbolic abbreviate, isn’t it?) are well-known – they try to get the complications that long drawn out cases causes, and it is what keep the SS from being prosecuted. It seems that it is a liberating experience for social workers to abuse their powers indiscriminately as they are sure about how very rare it is for a family to succeed in a case against them, even where they have been proven to have misled courts and each other. That is why they openly tell how parents assaulted them with all details only their sick mentality and imagination can create. Even after catching them on lie, SS often playing cute childlike and "do not expect every person to be absolutely perfect until at least someone will takes the lead." How easy is everything for them – to lie, to break destiny, to spoil life, and to be convinced that “they care of children!” So disgusting personalities!
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Re: Why do children suffer.

Postby Brunette Ω » Sat Nov 16, 2013 6:36 am

I think this is just a hell! Hell on Earth and it is made by people. :twisted: It is so painful situation for parents and children. Can’t ACS workers see it? Are they monstrous or what? Why has nobody of them said anything against the actions of their co-workers? It is so easy to take children out of the family. They acted as SWAP for sure: organized and without any doubts they captured children 4 years ago. The system got the Pokrovski children and tries not to lose them despite everything! The system doesn’t admit the trial decision and doesn’t want to bring Pokrovski family together. It is like a huge monster gulping down the children! I have no ideas what can help to kill this monster. Maybe we need to protest in mass media and to write to president every day to draw attention of the whole world to such a tremendous and tragic situation especially as it is not the only one case. I heard and read about several cases which are very similar to Pokrovski’s case. I think there should be a lot of people in the USA which suffered from the activity of the Children Care Services. What about finding them and brining all together to show all other Americans that any of them can become the victims of this Service! Anyone of average family. None is protected! :(
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Re: Why do children suffer.

Postby andrew » Sun Nov 17, 2013 11:57 am

This is the story which is hard to believe, that can happen in our civilization world.
Three years is a very long term to hold the children out of their native family. And it is very strange because the parents are not deprived of the parental rights and there is no any reasonable motivation for maintaining such situation.
The family was very happy, without signs of concern that children are treated badly.
Probably the authorities didn’t like religious activity of this family, and we may face with a kind of discrimination. I thing that someone didn’t like the fact that the family was very famous, and many people address to them for the help. Administration of Children Services probably couldn’t forgive them that they helped the families with the same situations.
How can the children be taken from the parents, if they were educated in a good manner, well maintained, and live in good living conditions. I would understand this decision, if the children were not developed, without medical treatment . But these parents took care of children who were in a good shape and everything else with children have been excellent.
This story demonstrates that ACS employees acted with bad faith and they came to Pokrov’s house with the one goal to take the children with any price.
All their comments about the children we see artificial pretentions without any ground.
I was greatly surprised reading these comments about toys around the room. Every child is playing and if to consider these blames seriously every children should be taken of the families because in every flat the wallowed toys could be found.
Or the observations regarding sleeping in pajamas. It is nonsense! The parents know better in what clothes the children should sleep.
Some words about parental classes, which are obligatory for attending, as ACS employees say. I visited some of these classes and can assure everybody that they are absolutely useless. It is impossible to establish for every parent the unique standards of behavior. Every child needs individual approach and I don’t think these classes know the children better than their native parents.
I consider that parents should continue fighting to return their children. The truth always wins. The family should submit these absolutely inappropriate comments of ACS to the Court, demonstrating that they are absolutely wrong .
We the representatives of society should support this family in all to make ACS to let the children into their family.
The God will help you!
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Re: Why do children suffer.

Postby Cheesecake » Sun Nov 17, 2013 4:48 pm

My heart is bleeding! It is such a terrible situation. It just doesn’t make sense how government can easily take children from nice and law-abiding parents. I can say that I agree with Brunette who said that “None is protected”. Apparently she is totally right as we can see in Pokrovski situation. Good parents and nice people have been trying to return their babies for 4 years and nothing. The children were taken out by almost the force; they were scared and terrified that night. Today they live in foster family and ask their native parents when they can come back home. I have no idea what parents answer them. If I were them I would cry every time hearing such a question. For me It would be really difficult exhausting situation. I am not so strong as Nikolai and Kira. Probably I would die or drive mad if I had three children and they were taken away without any reasons.
I admire Kira and Nikolai! They are real fighters and I hope their efforts won’t waste.
I also would like to say some words about officials of SSC and ACS. Everybody blamed them here for being dishonest, stupid, rude and being not as people who work with children at all. However I want to say that all we simple people and not gods. We feel pressure and we yield to this pressure, not everybody at all are so strong as Pokrovski family. Workers of ACS work in system and it pressures them every day. I think we need to change the system and then people working in this system will change as well.
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Re: Why do children suffer.

Postby SecretMaiden » Mon Nov 18, 2013 4:50 am

I have read all the posts and I still don`t have words to explain what do I feel. This entire situation is very sad. The parents are trying to get back their children. The children suffer without parents. When this problem will be solved? How could social workers do such things? It seems that something is wrong in relations between family and government. I suppose “good” people have helped. But now it is already not so important. The question is: how to get the children back home. I have reviewed several blogs and understood that in many countries people face such problems. By the way, USA is one of the most loyal countries. Anyway, in many European countries it is recommended to be sweet with the children. Parents are not allowed to punish their children physically. They are also not allowed to speak to children in inappropriate manner. You see, you can`t bring your child up. You should listen to advices that government gives you.
Many years ago nobody had a right to take the children away from their parents, maybe only in slaves’ family. It’s only the practice of nowadays. And whose thought it was I wonder! I still don`t understand how it is possible to take away children from their parents.
I would like to know how it is possible to come to somebody`s home at night and to demand open the door. I wonder how it is possible to take the children at night! They are the organization that should help to people, first, to children. But what happens? They take these children who want to sleep at night and bring them to the place where there is even no food and drinks for these small children! How it is possible not to give milk to the little kid? I don`t understand why the social workers don`t give children back to the parents. The parents do so many things to get them back! I am sure it should be in the nearest future. Because children can`t grow up without their parents. It`s not right. In animals world little animals grow up with their parents. And I still don`t remember the case that any animal mother or father would give his child. It`s possible only in our cruel man`s world. But why? Why do we so inpatient to each other? Why don`t we care about our dear close people? Why don`t we understand till we are able to take the children away from their parents no peace will be in the world. Till such situation happens people will hate, will want to revenge, will have awful thoughts towards those who hurt them. What for do we need such world? The world should be clear, bright. All the children should be with their parents. Because the richest mother won`t change your own mother. I am sure all of us love their parents, because we know that they are best. But I wonder do social workers have parents? Why don`t they think in this way? Why they are able to get away and are not able to give back? For several years already this situation can`t be solved. I suppose the authorities should do something. They must sit and examine this situation carefully. They should investigate carefully what happens and understand that it is not right. The Pokrov family needs help! They have to be the entire family. They are good people and I am sure they are wonderful parents. Not every parents would do the same this family does. The children should be given back. They don`t deserve to be without parents. The authorities should examine the house where family lives, he rooms for children, the kitchen. They should be sure that everything is ready for children. I ask all of the forum posters: sit and think carefully, if you have the possibility to help, the real possibility, then help these people.This family suffers from authorities` injustice. It can`t last forever. The situation should be solved as soon as possible.
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