Why do children suffer.

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Re: Why do children suffer.

Postby pokrov » Wed Aug 07, 2019 10:16 pm

I will continue my story from the time when I stopped actively posting information on this forum. I’ll also tell you why I stopped and did not write all this time on this forum.
One moment in brief. Prior to this, at the very beginning, as the children were taken from us, on November 2010, I wrote a letter to the ACS Commissioner, the chief director of this organization. I received no answer; after that, I was sent to an immigration prison.
And so, the winter of 2014. My children are in a foster family, a family court passes every six months. ACS and SCO Family of Services have been directly pursuit me. On their part, many court decisions are not implemented, false data are given to the courts, everything is being done to delay the return of children to the maximum. Prior to this, during this period, I contacted about 100 organizations and government officials. But I did not receive direct help from anyone. Many did not answer, but those who answered referred to the fact that they could not help with anything, could not interfere in the cases in which the court case was ongoing.
I began to promote this forum, both for free and for a fee, the attendance of the forum went up. At that time, this attendance was small, the plans included increasing attendance ten times more.
At this time, I put on the forum the topic of creating a petition to the President of America. ACS and SCO employees knew about my forum. As soon as I put the topic of the petition, a week later, a letter came to me inviting me to a meeting in SCO. Usually, such meetings were held 1-2 weeks before the trial. At these meetings, they talked about the current state of affairs, which will be undertaken at a court. There were several months before the next trial and there was no need for this meeting.
When I came to the meeting at SCO, there were two people at it, my social caseworker bussiness Kristen Melon and her supervisor Eric Ulrich. Previously, a representative from the adoptive family where the children were located was invited to the meeting, it was usually the foster mother. She usually told how good it was for children, how they looked after them, and how the children like living there. Earlier, they also invited one of the employees SCO. This time there were only two people. The meeting began with the fact that the social worker briefly told how the children study, that everything is fine in their foster family.
Next continued the supervisor. He took out a folder with papers and said that they had prepared a case for the court, depriving me of my parental rights. I asked him on what rights and grounds he was going to do it. He said since the children did not return for a very long time and he did not see any progress in this direction. Then he let me know that I did not cooperate with them and did everything against them. Additionally, I will not say verbatim, he made it clear to me that I am working on this topic against them so that they would deprive me of parental rights.
I said that I stop doing anything against them, that I love my children and my main goal is to return them faster. At this, the meeting ended.
Next, I stopped writing anything on my forum, I stopped promoting it up, I stopped writing complaints somewhere. After 4 months, ACS and SCO returned the children to me without trial. When the children returned to me, they made it clear to me that I would be constantly in the field of their attention, if I start to do anything against them, then they can always take my children away again and then it will be with my parental rights deprived of me.
When I took the children and the case was closed. I wrote several more letters to various authorities about corruption in ACS and SCO and about my case. Some did not answer, answers came from some places that it was not in their competence and they could not help me with anything. In all the letters I wrote, if they cannot help, then where else can I turn with this problem, so that they would prompt. The answers I received, where there was no advice where I can turn, there were some tips to hire a lawyer.
The last letters I wrote were addressed. Attorney General of America. The answer came that they did not deal with these topics. The following letter was sent to the anti-corruption organization. The answer came quickly that they opened a case. After a couple of days, another letter came that the case was closed, since I am not an employee of this organization, and only employees of those organizations in which corruption occurs can make such statements. The last letter I wrote to the President of America Barack Obama. The answer came in a year and a half. That my question has been considered, that if a lot of letters like mine come, the administration of the President of America will raise a question in Congress about amendments to the law.
After that, I realized that it was useless to write somewhere and that no one in this situation could change anything for the better. I had only one choice, to shut up, close my eyes and stop making any attempts in this direction. Since this threatened me, by making some new anonymous complaint to ACS, fabricating a new case against me and removing my children from me, as I was warned about when I took my children back. This forum did not begin to close, it was abandoned for several years and it itself was on the Internet.
So under fear, I continued to live and raise children. For three and a half years we lived without any problems. Children went to school, pulled themselves up at school, and reached an excellent level in academic performance. Often were nominated with small awards, the best student of the month, the best student of the course. At the end of the school year, they received gold and silver honors. In one year, the daughter was elected president of the school among students. Children constantly made planned visits to the doctor and dentist, on-time did all vaccinations. Life in children went more intense and interesting. We visited many interesting events and places, cinemas, a zoo, an aquarium, a botanical garden, concerts, amusement parks, libraries, museums, exhibitions, various excursions and trips, beaches, sporting events and much more. New York is full of all this, a lot of events are free. Children have gone many problems in the psyche and mentality. They became more cheerful and calm. Our life began to improve.
There was significant help from the state, these were food stamps and more. We stood in line for a city apartment, stood in line for about 5 years and, in theory, we're supposed to get a three-bedroom apartment in New York in the near future. At school, children had free meals. Children went to after school program free of charge, where they could stay until 6 pm, did homework, ate, played different games and had a good time. The medical was completely free, it was both visits to doctors and the purchase of medicines in pharmacies. Everything in life was slowly going for the better. My main goal was for the children to be happy, study well and have a good future. Everything went to this.
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Re: Why do children suffer.

Postby pokrov » Sun Aug 11, 2019 7:46 pm

A good life did not last long. In the winter of 2018. We were again hit by an anonymous complaint at ACS. In the evening, an employee from Child Protective Services CPS came to us. She talked to me, after each child individually. After she said that we need to go with her. It was at 9 p.m. The youngest son had a high fever, he caught a cold and lay in bed. A CPS employee said that it would be better for us if we went with her to her office. I gathered the children and we went outside. A minibus was waiting for us on the street. We sat in it and went to the CPS office.
In the office, they took away my children and said that I would sit and wait. So about 2 hours passed. After they called me, they talked to me. Then we got back into the minibus, and we were taken home. We were at home at about 12 a.m. The children were all scared, tired and drowsy. Arriving home, I reassured them and put them to bed.
In the morning, the second child had a fever. The third child felt just as bad. This all affected them with stress and fear. On this day, I left them all at home, and they did not go to school. Since they did not sleep, they were ill and felt bad.
In addition to the social worker at the beginning of the inspection, the police came to us. They looked that the children are in order, asked them how they are. The children replied that everything was fine and the police were gone. They did not come again.
We started a new investigation with CPS. All my free time and more, I spent time working with a social worker. These are her parishes, my parishes with children on their challenges. Drug testing. The analysis showed that there was no trace of the drug. My visits and calls to lawyers, Search and familiarization with information on the Internet, how to more protect my children in my situation. I ordered passports for the children, I would go abroad with them if false accusations began to be fabricated in my direction. At the ready were already collected things, documents, money, so that we could leave at any moment.
The investigation period was 90 days. During this time, I fully got ready to travel abroad. The closer the last days came, the tenser the situation became. In my experience, I knew that there could be at any moment, there could be some kind of provocation or fabrication of facts, on the basis of which children can be taken.
90 days of investigation passed. No problems were found. A lot of information was collected about our family. Where are the children studying, where is their extension, who are my friends and relatives in America, what is my immigration status, what is my income, what is a pediatric doctor, how is my health, what is my children’s health, what is their school performance, what is the daily routine for children, where we go in our free time and what we do and a lot of other different information. Somewhere on the 95th day of verification, a letter came that the case was closed and no problems were found.
During these 90 days, the children again appeared nervousness, feelings, fears. This was especially evident when we visited the CPS office or a social worker came to us.
As this investigation passed, the days of calm and normal life again came. Children slowly began to recover. They began to smile more and their mood improved significantly. It seems that again life has gone for the better, without fears, nervousness, and worries.
But this good period did not last long.
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Re: Why do children suffer.

Postby administrator » Tue Aug 13, 2019 3:19 pm

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