Why do children suffer.

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Why do children suffer.

Postby Kira26 » Thu Sep 08, 2011 9:17 pm

I will tell the story which is hard to believe, but that's a clean truth.
This story is dedicated to the anniversary, how three little children were deprived of their loving and caring parents.
I'll start telling the story from the recent past-what happened two years ago to us. I'm with my husband and three young children whom at the time were 1, 2, and 3 years of age, lived in New York , in Brooklyn at Brighton Beach. We have lived happily, joyfully, and all was going great. We were participating in religious activities, and my husband found a new religious movement. In America, we are very famous , especially among Russian-speaking population. In the last 5 years, we were advertised in all major Russian-language newspapers and magazines in America, and many at around the world know us from the internet. Many people who were with problems, asked help from us and these people usually suffered from depression,physical illnesses, alcoholism, drug abuse, severe life events, and we have helped them.Also, there were several people that came to us asking for help, because (ACS) Administration of Children Services took their parental rights away. My husband worked with them to help them in their difficult situation.
In winter of 2010 a social worker from ACS came to us , and said that she has received a complaint that we are not taking a good care of our children. At this time, we did not consider that seriously since ​​our children were clean, well maintained,and the apartment was clean. The children were well developed, physicians were attending our kids, they had all routine vaccinations and checkups. According to their weight and height, they were in a good shape and everything else with children have been excellent. During the month; this employee from ACS came to us every week, there were no comments from her , she calmly talked to me about children, and about our family. I shared with her about everything. A month later another employee from Preventive Services came to us,and I was also on a good terms with her. Each time she was coming, she constantly was writing something in the notebook, whatever she was writing in a notebook, she did not say. Furthermore, from her side she started to command:
For example:
1. Toys must not wallow in the apartment, then the question is: where the toys should be? Should they be folded in boxes for toys, mostly the toys
were always there. However children like to play with toys and they must develop, we buy them toys so that they play with them, and toys should not be all the time hidden in boxes or in the closet.
2. Note,"you should vacuum the carpet, the carpet is laying in the big room". The carpet is new and it is a few months old. I'm vacuuming it every day and it was always clean.
3. Note, "your kids should be wearing t-shirts and sleep in pajamas at nights in the apartment at all times" at that time it was a summertime and very hot, we were turning on air conditioning in extreme cases- so that children would not get a cold. When the children had their t-shirts on while it was had, the red small spots started to appear and their doctor recommended for the kids to sleep without t-shirts when its really hot at home wearing only diapers.
4. Note, "I said that you should go to the parenting classes", I believe that I don't need them, and I consider myself a great mother. All of my associates and friends think I'm a good mother. I took in college the psychology, sociology and other related courses and I dropped out from these classes.

By September 2010, on the Brighton Beach, we moved to a better apartment with three bedrooms and a large living room. Before september 2010, we lived at an apartment with two bedrooms and one living room. When we moved into a new apartment, it was renovated, clean, bright and beautiful.
In the first days when we just moved in, we have gathered in the two rooms the furniture, and in a bedroom we have collected a large double bed, because it was easier and faster to gather, and also the boxes were in other rooms- therefore it was nearly impossible to collect all the children's furniture, since the bedroom was small and the large double bad only fitted in that bedroom. Therefore, I slept with children in the big bed, and my husband was sleeping in another room on a mattress, on the floor. We wanted to continue and move on to the children's furniture in the next two days, because it is very hard to gather everything at ones.

September 2, 2010 afternoon, the two younger children went to nap in the afternoon, my husband and his eldest son, went to the beach (the beach is just two blocks from the house) after the beach they were going to go to the grocery stores and homes.
I stayed home alone with two younger children sleeping. I heard the doorbell, I opened the door and there was one women standing taller than me, she asked me "Is there a problem with the children?"By this she did not say her name,she showed no evidence of any license, and she only held in the hands
couple of sheets of paper with printed text.
I've got a disturbing premonition and by her view and concentration I felt no kindheartedness, I told her that I am normal mother and I do not have any problems with kids. At this point I do not even think that it was an employee from ACS, since there was no proof. I went into the house and closed the door, but forgot to shut the door. I went to the middle of the house, and I saw that this woman without the permission entering the apartment and goes where my children are sleeping. I have automatically triggered the maternal instinct to protect my children, I grabbed the kitchen frying pan and began to wave in front of her, so that she gets scared and gets out, by this I did not even touch her. She went outside and started to call right away from her mobile telephone.

A few minutes later the police arrived. I called my husband on the mobile, which he promptly came home. Further, the police entered the house, there was my husband, and this woman. She said that she was from ACS and that she called her boss, and her boss told her to call the police. When the police was in the house, she asked: "why did you hit me ?", and she showed a small bruise on the hand that was yellowish and old with the size of a penny and it can not be from the frying pan, because the area is large and the bruise does not appear right away within 10-20 minutes. After the police arrested me, handcuffed me and took me to the police station, where I was sitting in the cell for the rest of the day and all night. Then, I was taken to another jail, where I stayed all day and at night only I was summoned to court. After this, I was dismissed and adjourned for the next court hearing.
In the first hour of the night I got out of prison, with no money or anything , in the housecoat and slippers. I called my husband from the payphone using 1-800 collect, he was home with the kids, and he ordered a car service for me . Afterwards, I was taken home by that car. I came home late at night, the children were asleep.

Two days later; in the evening of September 5th, 2010, we have bathed the kids and put them to sleep. I myself went to bed a little bit later. At 11-30, at night- there was knocks by the door from a street, there went phone calls and nobody had to come to us.The hitting by the door became strong and insistent. There was two more doors that separated the entrance door, one was leading to bedroom and another was leading to the living room. Who was behind the doors, we did not know- there was no peephole in a door and no video camera without windows. Therefore we could not see through the door who is standing , we decided not to risk it and not to open . After the banging began at the windows and shouting out -"this is the police", as the window of our room looked to the side of a street and was high, but the street was dark and we did not see anyone. We knew that we had not committed any crimes and
police should not come to us, especially in the middle of the night. I thought with my husband that it could have been criminals themselves and they usually say that it is a police.

Who is behind the door we did not know, the police sirens could not have been heard, flashlights were off and it was quiet and dark at night, they just knocked on the door and at window.
Then we heard that broke down the door at the back of the house and entered the house. People started knocking on the door of the bedroom, the children woke up,
eldest son was scared, he trembled and looked at me then at my husband and said, "Mom, Dad," I hugged him and began to calm down, two younger children did not understand what happened to them. It lasted about 30 minutes after the door had been broken into the bedroom, the police entered handcuffed us and led from the house, took children out of bed, dressed them and made their hands on the street, the older son had a terrified face. Children were put in the police car and taken to the police station. We were also put in another police car and drove to the station. At the police station kids were sitting on benches in the waiting room, where the criminals usually sit, so they stayed up all night. We were taken to a different camera. Late at night the little child started to cry,he cried bitterly, usually at night we gave him milk, but there was none. We started knocking on the door chamber, nobody have appproached,
we started to knock harder, police approached and said that the smaller children are fed well with a small pizza and one year old did not have a milk,nothing to feed him, after the young one was taken to another place, but still it was heard for a long time how a yongers one was crying.The next morning, we were taken to another jail, where we sat all day,in about 11-00 pm on a subpoenaed, the husband was released, and he was admitted for court, and I was left in prison by designating amount of bail $ 2,500. The next day this sum was paid and I was released.

After all this happened, my husband and I had a criminal case. We got two criminal cases, we went to the criminal court and to Family Court. We could not see children for two weeks.Family Court gave us permission to visit the children two times a week, but it turns out that for various reasons beyond our control, we could see children once a week, onee in every two weeks.

We just created this site that describe our situation, we started to advertise on the internet, daily the site was getting more than 100 visitors, and started writing the stories on the forum. We have made a big poster and in three months, and every day we were coming out to the center of New York City -Times Square. During this time, we talked with people in Times Square, we were collecting signatures in their support, handing out flyers, got advices and gave advices to others, so many people had supported us. We have created our own little organization to protect children who are in similar situation, we were surrounded by the people with their similar problems. It lasted about three months, later on December 6, in the courtroom, my husband was arrested and detained to the immigration authorities and put to immigration jail. There he has been for 6 months.
During his absence, the court ordered me to go on parenting courses, which I passed and received this certificate. Whatever I was taught in these courses, I already knew and could teach others the same. Our site was closed, because I could not pay for hosting, a lot of money has gone to an attorney, all the data was lost on the site. Now we have opened thissite from the beginning. Now, we do not need help, we created this site so that others not end up in similar situations, and who came that he could find on this site and help with advice. And that would be in the future to prevent similar cases as ours.
We know that their children will return, that justice is on our side. We consider ourselves completely right, and all the charges against us unfair and fabricated.
We love our children very. Our children - this is our life. And for them we will fight until the end of what would have happened. And we help those who got into this situation.
Every day we pray to God and God helps us.
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Re: Why do children suffer.

Postby pokrov » Fri Sep 09, 2011 10:54 pm

I am a father of these three children, whatever was written by my wife, is the whole truth. I would like to add from myself. When my wife was taken the first time to jail, I stayed home with the children, police said that I have to wait for workers from ACS, a couple of hours later they have arrived, I asked them to wait 30 minutes, I was going with children to the store, since they could not go. Because at noon I could not go come, I had come home to a conflict that occurred before the arrest of my wife. The refrigerator had enough food to eat, but the milk has been by the end and I was still going to buy more products. After 30 minutes, I had brought a carriage with the full of products. ACS employees came into the house and I began to feed the children. When they entered the house, they started asking me- where I work, what is my income, who is our friends and relatives and etc... Then they began to describe an apartment, the apartment was called dirty - although it was a clean apartment just after renovation, then they wrote that there is no food - although the food was filled with a refrigerator, and the kitchen furniture was full of food (in which they have not even looked into), plus I brought them in front of a carriage full of food. They said that floors are dirty, the floors are not dirty, we just moved into this apartment, and after things were unpacked the flooring has been rubbed and we walked around the apartment without shoes, even after police went to the apartment floors were clean anyways. My little girl had a couple of bites from mosquitos and she scratched them, the workers wrote to the ACS that is bruised. At that time my wife's parents came, her mother took the youngest in the arms and kissed him on the cheek and she left a lipstick, a social worker saw the child redness on her cheek, and writes in his child on the face is a bruise. I wipe the lipstick from the cheeks of a child and nothing is left I say that this is a lipstick, but the worker does not listen and does not erase wrong writing. Afterwards, they said that in the back room do not full of boxes (although all of the boxes were just in one big room) in this room, nor should any of the box, I realized that something to say and prove is useless. In the end, when they left, they created one conclusion, which children cannot stay in this apartment.
During all this time we were constantly threatened, and intimidated. For example one of them, when my wife for the first time was taken to jail, a one of worker called me from ACS (I don't know the name of worker), and required that I should come with the children to them. I ask the worker, as I was alone with three small children and with carriage, was impossible to go to the other end of town, in the subway and with the transfer, and with change, especially since in the metro it is impossible a to take carriage, I explain that it is dangerous for children and we are alone did not drive them to metro station. What he says to me is that he was not interested and if I won’t come with children, then they take away our children.
Why we wrote this information.

1. So that situation would not be repeated with the other families, what their children would not be taken away from them, so that the parents will not trust those who are interested their way their children are raised and that the parents will be careful in these situations and that would make arrangements to protect their children.

2. In order to change those workers who take children away from their parents. I appeal to you if you read this, think about what you're doing, how much pain are you bringing to children, go and look how these children are happy to each meeting with the parents. In our situation for our children it is a holiday when they see us, they run to us happy, they hug us and kiss us, they are very happy, and when we leave, they do not want to let us go, in their eyes, sadness and confusion, but we cannot explain to them why we leave them. Seeing this, maybe you can feel the same pettiness to the children and you rethink your actions.

Think about your karma, the more you're doing this, more innocent kids are punished , the more problems you take on your karma , and what happens is, this energy is transferred to the karma of your children. Because of your actions, lifestyle, attitude to other children, committing the greatest sin by depriving children of their own parents, you have karmic problems, you do not have your own children, some do not even have a life partner, but if someone have children and then they have problems or will have, all of your sins that you have done. Think about it, examine your lives and actions. Please pray to God, stop repeating these sins, cleans of all negativity, begin to correct the sins that you've done, do not be afraid of losing your jobs for the Children, do not be an instrument of punishment at the hands of your supervisors and superiors. Understand that children are sacred and they should primarily be with their own loving parents; receive love, tenderness and warmth. Unless you change and do not cease to punish children by depriving them of their parents, otherwise you'll have karmic problems and much more, these problems will always be. We pray for you, we wish you only good things- we ask God that he would have helped you, and you would change it for the better, let God cleanse you from negative energy and give you positive energy. May God do so, that would no longer deprive children of parents, but rather that you help children to be with their loved ones- their own biological parents. So may God help you. Amen.

3. In order so that, these lines would be read the heads of ACS. We appeal to you, we believe that such an organization as ACS is needed, but it should not in any way make any errors due to which children suffer. Review the entire activity of your employees.
a) put in the responsible positions those employees who have their own children, who are more aware of what it means for children their own parents, who love not only their children but also all the others.
b) Do not do this so, that your employees would be feared of losing their jobs due to the fact that they do not take children from their families, otherwise the fear of job loss will spur some of the staff to make decisions, especially for showing their work.
c) All staff that affect the fate of the children should undergo psychological tests in psychology, that they do not have any anger, fear of their superiors, and other vices that can lead eventually to the taking of wrong decisions.
d) Provide all employees with psychological - educational work, about loving their children, evaluation of different situations, make the correct decisions that would not to rely on staff alone that received the complaint, and do not take decisions on an emotional level, and all thoroughly examined and weighed before applying some piece solution.
e) Put the responsibility in the form of certain penalties for making the wrong decisions, so that staff members who went to any wrong doing -they would be responsible for it and that they would only do the right decisions.
f) Enter the selective control by the actions of employees; create a special department which will verify selectively, decisions and actions of some employees.
g) To explain to employees that their work is not the number of children that was taken away from their parents, but, assistance to families and children first.
If you'll do it all, your organization will keep the respect and understanding from parents, rather than, talking through internet and people where is the most criticism of ACS.
Appeal to everyone. Main aware of their mistakes and not repeat them again, cleanse of negative energy and thoughts, love children, help children. Contact with God.
During all this time. We were surrounded by 99% of people who understand us, helped us greatly and helping us now, if you read this, I thank you for your understanding and assistance. I will not enumerate all of you, it will take a long list and I think that some of you for some reason did not want to be that your name was here, so stay how you was in relation to us, be so to everyone else, and may God help you.
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Re: Why do children suffer.

Postby Kira26 » Fri Dec 02, 2011 12:08 am

In sometime, I will be uploading the videos of our family and you will see in what suitable and safe conditions are kids were. I will be uploading videos from our older days and little by little will be going till the day of our arrest. You can grade yourself in what conditions
our kids were living by watching those videos, and should they be taken away from these conditions. Whoever took our children from us, they think that children were living in the bad conditions, they also think that we are drug addicts. However, you can rate this yourself by our following videos. http://welcome.pokrov.com/en/video/viewvideo/129/-/
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Re: Why do children suffer.

Postby Kira26 » Fri Jan 06, 2012 1:20 am

This is the next video, where you can what kind of apartment was- this is an old apartment where we lived, new one is to where we moved and from where the children were taken away, it was even better and cleaner. I cannot put all of the video all together, I need time for this in order to pass to another computer and to take away all of the personal film, edit it, transform to another format, and to put it on the website. Further the more you will see the video, the more you will see that kids that were taken away without any kind of reasons, and that all of the accusations to our side were fabricated and unfair.
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Re: Why do children suffer.

Postby Kira26 » Sat Jan 14, 2012 2:26 am

The next video. On which you are unlikely to find reasons why it was necessary to withdraw the children from the family.
So far, the new video will be exhibited, the more will be seen that the children were taken away from our family, without any reason.
Some arguments could be brought here.
1. Nine months the preventive services were coming over, for example, in America, in a large family that has 3 or more small children, if the mother has difficulties and extreme exhaustion of taking care of the children in the family, then an assistant should be given to mother for a couple of hours per week , an assistant to our family and to our family the assistant was not given , it means that we did not need the help and coped well with our children ourselves.
2. For the rest of our lives no one of us, were not arrested for drugs, for the first 9 months of testing, inspection never saw us under the drug influence. When we picked up children, we were accused of drug use, there were no reasons for the charges.
3. For all the time 9 months of check, we did not have any conflicts with the inspectors, or any psychological breakdowns, everything was in friendly tones, nor when it was not recorded by the police or somewhere else, and there were no violations of public rules from our part. When the children were taken, we were accused that we are psychologically and mentally ill and children are dangerous to be with us.
4. Our apartment was always clean and tidy, it can be confirmed by dozens of our friends and acquaintances, for the first 9 months of testing was not indicated, gross violations of sanitation and cleanliness in our apartment. When our kids were picked up has , then we were accused that we have a lack of sanitation that our apartment is dangerous to stay for our children.
5. For all the time educating our children, we do not ever touch them, and nobody ever seen us abusing our kids. During the 9 months, when ACS came to us, they have not seen any bruises on the children, and they may not have seen that our children would cry. When we picked up children, we were accused of pummeling children, one child had bites from mosquitos , prosecutors have said that it were bruises. when children were taken nor any medical evidence that it had bruises.
6. In order for our children to be taken, the period of time was chosen that we only moved to our new apartment.
7. When children were taken the time was 11-30 night, why?
8. When children were taken either one of the neighbors were not allowed in our apartment, why?
There are plenty of other evidence that it was not required for our children to be taken and that it was all fabricated, much from what we know, I can not write here.
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Re: Why do children suffer.

Postby pokrov » Wed Mar 14, 2012 12:41 pm

It has been 1.5 years, as our children were expelled from us parents, 18 months or 547 days. For a child this age, every day spent outside the family apart from their parents, on average, equivalent to an adult as 10 days in jail. It turns out to children as much a punishment as for an adult 15 years in prison, and for three of kids totals 45 years in prison. At this age children are particularly in need of parental love, affection, communication, it is the most vital time for them to enter life. Everything that children receive in their first years of life, it is fixed and is reflected in the future on their lives. Yes, children are now in a normal family, for their good care, but they are constantly in a state of lack of native parents. At every meeting with us, they have the happiest moments in their lives, they run to us, they are incredibly excited and happy , their eyes sparkle with joy, they hug and kiss us, and when we have to leave, they always ask when they return home and there are eyes are full of sadness and longing, that are our, parents’ hearts are broken and full with pain...It's already going 1.5 years, many parents in such circumstances go emotionally crazy, imagine what children are feeling at those moment. I decided to write about this an order to clarify the situation a bit, why and how did it all start?
Many of you reading this subject know that I am the spiritual leader of the religious movement of Pokrov.
A year before the kids we taken away from us, I have been getting threats on the phone. One phone call was with a threat that I should have stopped my religious activities. After a while another similar phone call with a threat, and I asked what should I do? I directly was told that I might lose my children if I don’t quit, I have already wrote about this on the old forum. Almost one year after the threat our children were taking away from us and we were accused by the most terrible things towards the way we were treating and raising our children.
How could this happen?
Here are my assumptions and facts. Over the past five years, before kids were taken away, our religious movement, rapidly gained strength with each passing year, our movement was attracting more and more people. In the framework of our movement, includes the study as many religions as possible, comparing them and finding for themselves the most suitable faith in God for one self, when you study and compare you always find the truth and may depart from the religious leaders who are doing business on “religion and faith in God”. Of course we found opponents, who, I am repeating myself on religion and faith in God are doing business. In the growth of our movement, they saw a threat in relation to their religious business. Our enemies have begun to make a statement to the Administration of Children's Services (ACS) about how bad we are as parents in relation to our children, and possibly have connections at that organization and directly influence them. . But social workers with ACS, in the duration of 9 months saw no foundation or evidence how they can take our kids away from us. Another complaint was given to the ACS, when we just moved to a new apartment, that turned out as the most convenient situation to accuse us since we have just moved to a new place and of course not everything was in place at home. Or it could possibly not be a complaint but a conspiracy, since no one has still seen a written complain and it was not presented in court because it doesn’t exist. The question is there any complaint to us or is it a conspiracy toward our believes and movement.
There was a social worker sent to our new address to check on us as parents, if while showing up at our place, she showed no identity nor any pointing to the fact that she is an employee of ACS, only showed a couple of sheets of printed text. When my wife would not let her in, she went without the permission inside of the house. Now think about the criminal cases, or imagine how many families and people have been killed in their own homes when mentally ill people, maniacs and thugs got into someone's house, tortured and killed entire families. What would you personally do if a stranger entered your house without your permission , whom you see for the first time and he/she headed towards your sleeping children and you are home alone, physically much more smaller and weaker than them, and they can be a maniac who can kill and rape your whole family. Anyone trapped in this situation would be to protect their children and themselves, as did my wife, without even touching the soc. employee, she grabbed a frying pan and began to wave in front of her.
If my wife has not done that, and instead of the social services employee there was a mentally ill, or maniac person (how would you know?), my children and wife would have been dead or tortured to death. When the soc. employee ran outside of the house, imagine what state she was in, she immediately called his boss and told her everything and said that she was hit, or maybe her boss told her that she needs to say that she was hit and that would be the reason to call the police and punish my wife, I guess if she was to tell the police that she was forced to leave our house without no reason to be there in the first place, the police would not show up or arrest anyone, and vice versa would probably even make the remark that without asking for a permission, a stranger cannot just walk in inside of your house. Furthermore, there were no medical evidences of traces where she was hit but just to end the case they took different versions from unknown individuals where she was supposedly hurt, nobody really put any effort from the social side to look into it. Criminal Court issued my wife a small penalty in the form of taking certain classes. That's how it happened that my wife was arrested and brought to a criminal case, and was punished for protecting her children in her home.
Suggestions to managers of ACS, so this would not be happening to other families:
1. All social services. workers who come to check on the house, make sure they have an identity of the employee and instruct ACS soc. workers, that while visiting the house they must present those ids, but in any case, as in ours, showing a couple of sheets of paper that can print any maniac and be sitting there waiting on the call so that when the parent call on that number they would be saying that theay are ACS and that they sent to check on the house his soc. employee.
Possibly it would be advisable, if the new inspection soc. worker will come to your home, they should be accompanied by the old soc. worker who parents know like in our case.
2. Spend time with a soc. personnel and instruct to them that would in any case they are not allowed to enter someone else's house, without the permission of owners, otherwise it could someday lead to a tragic event. If soc. workers were not allowed into the house, then he should call his boss but not after they already entered the property without permission and obviously they would be attacked to leave as in our case.
After the above incident, ACS workers have decided to show their ability and strength to us and punish us. Later social workers decided to show their power and everything was done that would take the children away from us and “show who is who”. In this case, even if the apartment would have been all perfect and completely put in place, and as sanitized as in the operating room, it is in any way, would not have changed the course of events, triggered by an instinct for revenge. All the actions of workers ACS indicate that it was a vengeance, without any reason, we were accused of the worst acts: drug abuse, beatings of children, the “mental illness” and the etc. For abduction of our children, has been selected, a time 11:30 pm, to put the maximum stress on our children and us as parents, so that there would be no one else that could later testify in our favor. There were sent several police officers who broke down the door like we are some dangerous criminals and went inside of our house. In this situation, I'm not in any way blaming the police and their actions, they were at their work, and only following orders. By the action of the police you could tell that situation was not for them, they would rather and better on be on the streets to keep order and catch criminals, and they are forced to break into a house and take small children in the middle of the night and get them out of the beds. Now imagine the state of three small children who wake in the night, lifted from the bed and carried out again at night by strangers. That night for the rest of the night they sat in a police station, two weeks later were in the orphanage, later fell into a strange family, and only after more than two weeks got to see us.
Further suggestions to managers ACS:
Strictly prohibit your subordinates to carry out the abduction of children in that manner, even if it decided to take kids away from the family then everything should be fully prepared, the children have to be taken away during the day without any fear, children should be prepared with children's car seats, but not police cars for young children, should be cooked the food and milk in bottles, not as in our case, a baby was hungry and crying at the police station all night. Children must be immediately taken to the family in a home environment rather than in the children's center or police station, your employees should first think about the children.
Let's take a further course of events. We automatically were considered dangerous to society; we have been brought to family and criminal cases. We started going to the family and criminal courts. Employees of ACS, put forward the requirements of the courts to deprive us of parental rights and take all of our children. On one of the family courts, were taken testimony from a police officer who arrested us that night (I will not mention his name), he testified and it was a complete opposite to accusations of ACS and were in our favor, thank him for that. In subsequent sessions of the court, I could not attend, because due to the fact that I have been brought to a criminal case, I was considered dangerous for society and for other reasons. I spent 6 months at an emigration jail and was to be expelled from the country. During these six months, while I was in prison, emigration, ACS workers saw that the taking testimony from police and social services. Workers may not go in their favor, as it was with the police officer testimony, decided to no longer question anyone, and took another verbal statement of the prosecuting soc. employee with ACS and my wife, who at that time was in very bad psychological state. Since my wife in her condition could not push her lawyer, the court did not receive any statements from us that would be in our favor, nor any letters of recommendation from our friends and acquaintances, a doctor's children, from soc. workers with other organizations who came visit children at home, nobody was not invited to witness on our side to the court, I could not make it to the court at all! Because I was in prison. In the spring of 2011, the court pressed charges and dismissed the case. ACS employees have done it all as quickly as possible, in my absence. Here I must say thanks to the judges of the Family Court, which removed the issue of deprivation of parental rights, and we managed to raise the question of the return of children. In my criminal court, for me to be out of emigration prison, I had to close the criminal case, so I asked to closethe consideration of criminal cases in court, thus I could not prove my innocence, but on the other hand could get out of jail, according to criminal court, I received a deferred sentence with subsequent complete closure of the case (pending dismissal), my wife on the second of its criminal case of children, criminal court ordered, undergo parenting classes.
And so it happened that in any court, I did not say a single word, not one witness on my side of the case has been heard, nor an acquittal document was not attached to the case. I know if I was present at the courts, would have given testimony, and would have been given all the documents that were required from us, all the police and social services. workers would be questioned, it would be clear that all this is a trick, and all charges would have been withdrawn from us. Plus I would have been able to provide video of what was at apartment and of the children on the day after they were taken away and of the day before the children were taken, on the day of our arrest, before the police entering the room, I put the camera on the shelf, filmed facts on video shows almost all room where there were children, how the children were when they were lifted from the bed, it is clear that the clean room cleaned, the children are clean and not as workers wrote ACS, the room is dirty and filthy children. When I get my children back, I may put up a video online. For now we will not be putting any more videos because of any videos we may have an additional charge. For example, the toy lying on the floor, they can say that it represents a threat to the child that the kid can stumble and fall because of it, lying clothes you could be accused as mess, etc.
For the past nine months, I have a lawyer trying to re open the case in family court that would prove my innocence, and to withdraw the charges, but so far it does not work. As I understand it, there must be a settlement with ACS, but they did not give any response because they know that I can fully prove my innocence, and then it would be shown that the need to take kids away was completely illegal and that it was all a trick. This clearly shows that ACS workers the least worried about the condition and status of children, they are most worried about their reputation and delaying the return of children on a longer period. Now they require me to be tested by a psychologist, take parenting classes, although they see well and know that I do not need, or at least they can ask about it, inviting a witness of our attorneys on our side, or can ask social services. employees who have met us with our children. I see that workers with ACS, will be delaying to the maximum time the return my children, looking for possible new items that can delay the process, it's once again says that they are completely indifferent to the condition and state of my children, the children are under stress and impatient to return to their parents.
What I wish the most is that those people with ACS, who's done everything, would change to the maximum of there abilities, to comprehend their actions and deeds and so case like this would not be repeated and they would not take other parents’ children without a good reason to the foreign/strange families to kids.. I appeal to you if you do not think about other people's children think about themselves and their children, that all these sins of which you are doing, they fall on you and your children, and that sooner or later the time comes, you'll pay for the sins committed , the time will come that you'll be in a state where you will be ten times emotionally painful and worse than the children whom you have caused pain and grief, whether you believe in God or not, it does not matter, everyone is paying for the sins to God . Then you will remember my words and repent of what sins you have done against helpless children. I'm not mad at you, do not hold grudges and do not wish you ill, I just wish you all the best and ask God that He would walk you to the right path, not because you are earning money for children's grief. I am asking you to comprehend well all your treatment towards children, to love other people’s children as your own, do everything for other people's children, the same as you would do for your children. Think about what kind of pain and sorrow you bring to children stop to taking away children from families with no sudden reason. If you see that in any family there are minor problems, try the opposite, try to help that family and children and do not take careless actions that would force for children to be taken away any family, take away children with families in special cases when, in fact, over the health or the child's life hangs a danger and cannot be eliminated. The most important thing is love kids, and do good to them.
I know that I'll get my children because there was no fault in my relation to children, I very much love my children, the children are my life. I believe in justice. I believe in God, I always turn to God and He helps me, God helped me that I was not expelled from the country, God help me that the court withdrew the issue of deprivation of parental rights, we, God helped me regain the parental rights to my children. I always pray and appeal to God that He would defend my children so that they would have suffered less painful separation, that this separation would have no impact on their psyche, health, and later in life.
I always pray for those who take children from the families, I pray that they would fully realize their actions and have changed for the better and not repeat this in relation to other children. I always pray for myself that for me to only have positive energy and spirit.
Before I take the children back home, I must necessarily take off all the charges, which I am not guilty in if I did not take them off, it could happen again and I will not be able to return the children. My detractors see how much it has worked, they will repeat it again when I take the children if anyone gets into this business from past employees of ACS or others who will be angry with me for all my past actions against the ACS, they can take that complain to their advantage and be more well-prepared and take kids away again, would slander me next time and will be referenced to the fact that this is the second time that has already happened, I can be accused again and be told that it is not fixable. So me and my family lawyer, doing everything possible that would re open the case and to prove my innocence and the fact that the children were taken away for no reason.
I know that if it were not for my religious movement, the children would be with me, my enemies would have made no application to the ACS, on the basis of these complaints to us no matter who does not come with the ACS and did not take a child, and I would not had a criminal case on the children and was least 6 months in jail. I look around, and there are people with children who have the situation ten times worse than ours, but nobody sends ACS because they have no enemies to religion as I have and people that are against my believes understand that the most vital for a child is their parent.
I often wonder why this happened to me. Many people I help to get out of a difficult and sometimes desperate situations, I have come to the conclusion that for me it is the test so that I would stay in the most critical and difficult situation positive and myself and so that I would always be tuned to only the positive things, so that I felt the pain, suffering and grief experienced by those who turn to me for help . Only those who themselves went through great suffering and sorrow, can greatly help others to understand and so that I feel and was in a situation where a person is accused of what he did not do and he shall be punished for it, and so that I would have climbed even higher level spiritually and more established in my faith in God.
And maybe so that I have attracted the attention of others, on these issues, so that people for more than 3 months of each day were standing with a poster in the center of New York in Times Square, handing out leaflets and talking to people on this subject, and that we give personal story to be read so it would not happen like that with others.
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Re: Why do children suffer.

Postby pokrov » Mon Sep 24, 2012 2:36 pm

2 years passed since our children were taken away from us and now they still live away from us. I’d like to disclose a few proofs out of a great number of proofs that it happened based on the religious discrimination.

When our children were taken from us we were given the address of the Administration for Children’s Services (ACS) where we were supposed to come one day later since the employees of the ACS had to review our case concerning our children. But for some reason we were given the address of a different office of the ACS which is located in a different part of the city. It was the reason we did not get to the meeting concerning our children. At that time we went to another location of the ACS where nobody reviewed our case. On the other hand, the opponents of our religious movement got the right address and they made it to the right ACS office where they signed a paper with allegations against us which were absolutely groundless. They also claimed that our parental rights should be suspended. Later when I was placed in the immigration jail, our opponents received an access to the database of our religious movement where there were over 5000 files which were destroyed by them.

Also, when they took children from us, they could have taken them for a few days or for a week without suspension of our parental rights and without filing the case in courts. For this period of time we would have assembled and place the furniture and our belongings in our apartment. And also we could have brought all proofs that we are not drug addicts, and that we are not mentally sick, and we could have taken drug tests. (My wife has already undergone them. The tests were taken in jail and no drugs were found). We could have seen the psychologists to get proofs that we are normal and that everything is fine. During that time the ACS employees could have taken our children to the doctor and he would state that no beatings were observed and that our children are well developed and they have a normal weight. But the ACS employees did not do it. Their main goal was to take children from us but not to help children.

Those are just some of the facts. I cannot reveal many of them because they require evidence. Also I cannot talk about them because our children are being kept as hostages and ACS workers may raise the issue about suspension of our parental rights again based on fact that the children were not returned to their parents for long time.

The ACS workers continue to delay a process of returning our children to us, even though they could have to expedited this process. For instance, they could have admitted their mistakes, like the fact that my wife was under the influence of drugs and that they described one room in which the furniture was not assembled and our belongings were unpacked as the whole apartment and that children were in different rooms where everything was fine. Also even though they stated that there was not enough food in the house (although we had enough food), it is not the indication of the fact that our children were hungry especially that our children have a normal weight and there are many café and restaurants in our neighborhood where we go with them. I have never seen and I could never imagine that American children could be hungry. America has many programs that provide complimentary food for children. There are food stamps for children same as for adults, WIC food checks, free food distribution centers for children at schools, churches, social security centers. A child in America cannot be hungry.

The ACS workers don’t want to admit their mistakes nevertheless it would not harm anyone of them.

Let’s take a look on a few prior situations. ACS and SCO workers visited us regularly during 9 months.
If they saw that our children were hungry (which was not true) why did they not take any steps to help us in that matter?
If they saw that our carpet was dirty (although it was new and clean) why did they not arrange for a carpet cleaning service?
If they think that we were not able to provide complete care of our children (we did provide complete care to our children) why would they not get a helper to us at least for couple of hours a week?
If they believed that we were mentally sick people (that is not supported by any medical records) why did they not offer us to be examined by psychiatrists and psychologists or why would they not arrange with a psychologist a home visit?
If they suspected that we were drug users (although we never-ever used any controlled substances in our life) why did they not send us for drug screening tests?

All those facts show that ACS workers did not intend to help our children but that they had the intention to take them away from us.

Let’s review other facts. Here is a list of individuals who undersigned accusations against us and filed cases in courts to suspend our parental rights. And it took place at the ACS meeting that we failed to attend because we were given the wrong address.

Jerome Wilson (CPS)(Child Protective Specialist)
David Trani (CPSS)
Karen Geary (CCP)
Daisy Echeverria (PPRS)
Angela Hagee (CPS) (Child Protective Specialist)

I did not disclose two names because of my ethical principles.
Two people who were on that list later destroyed all files of our religious movement. One of the persons who is on that list came to our house after the confrontation of a case worker Janel Gugliotta with my wife and made a description of everything what was in our house, but he made up a lot as well. Other people shown on that list never visited our new apartment. They didn’t have any idea what was going on in it, and how our children were doing. But they signed a list of accusations against us even though there was no way that they could have seen what was the condition of the apartment.
If they would be asked in court to describe the layout of our apartment they would not be able to do so because they’ve never been there!

They wanted to present us in court as drug addicts. But they failed to do so. We have a lot of pieces of evidence, including all drug screening tests from different laboratories that were taken at different periods of time, and testimonies of witnesses that stated that they had never seen us under the influence of drugs.

ACS workers wanted to accuse us in physically abusing our children, but they did not succeed with it either because we had proofs that it had never happened.
They wanted to present us as mentally sick people, but we have all proofs that it is not true. For example I’ve been in immigration jail for 6 months and 1 to 3 times per month psychologists visited me. They assessed me, made different tests, and they had never found that I suffered from a mental illness. The law requires that I could be released from the jail only in case I would be mentally and psychologically healthy.

They wanted to accuse us in being bad parents who were unable to provide sufficient care for our children. But we have written proofs and witnesses that it is not true. We have assessments of pediatricians, social workers from other offices that visited us at home, testimonies of our neighbors, friends, acquaintances, clients.

ACS workers are very well aware of it, but they ignore it. They continue to show that they “care about” our children by sending us to parental classes and to psychologists. The most important thing for them is to make belief that they do their job, but in fact they absolutely don’t care about children.
In the court they presented our case as a child abuse case (but actually no child abuse has ever taken place on our part).

But what really happened and what is going on with our children for the last two years from the moment they have been taken from us until the present time? The a real child abuse is taking place on the part of ACS employees. What does ‘child abuse’ imply? Child abuse implies harming child’s health and endangering his life.

And now I would show you what ACS employees did to our children and this is what is called CHILD ABUSE. Our children were taken in the middle of the night out of their beds. Their sleep was interrupted. They got very scared. They spent all night in the police precinct on the benches for criminals. Our youngest child did not have any food for the whole night and he and cried badly all night. The oldest one was scared to such a great extent that he stopped talking since that time. When we saw our children in two weeks after they were been taken from us the oldest child was not able to utter a word as a result of the post-traumatic experience of stress and fear, and he just produced some sounds which expressed happiness because he saw us. Until the present time he suffers from “a serious speech disorder”. This is his diagnosis. A speech therapist works with him on a regular basis.

Our children suffered from a serious stress and fear when they were left with strangers without their parents. During these past two years our children have developed psychological problems due to separation from their parents and because they are forced to live with foster parents. Every month all of them are getting worse and worse. When each of them plays alone he has the expression of depression and sorrow on his face. They are getting very nervous. They easily burst into tears and became aggressive. Any psychologist could confirm it. Our children are often taken to the doctors in order to get some help. Each time our children see us they express their desire to go home, and tell us that they miss us and that they feel bad without us.

In the families where parents communicate with their children in two languages their children can fluently speak both languages. Our children forgot Russian now and cannot speak it.

All that ACS employees have done and continue to do to our children is million times worse than those allegations that they fabricated against us. Everything that they have done to our children can be defined as a CRIME. And those who did it are criminals that cover their evil actions by power of their position and the law. They made our children almost disabled and deliberately continue to delay reopening of our case and to return our children to us. The ACS workers very well realize that their acts may result in developmental disorders in our children and could make them mentally ill. In the future those actions may cause our children to suffer from different psychiatric disorders including schizophrenia.

ACS workers don’t care at all that our children are becoming disabled. They care about their prestige. And their intention is to make this case to be on as long as possible in order for us to lose our children. Their main concern is to make money on other people’s tragedy.

If somebody of the ACS workers are reading these lines now and if you believe in God then give it a good thought that God gives all of us challenges (punishment) for their sins. And what you have done is the greatest sin. Just think about it very seriously and start to change yourself. Do not do such terrible things anymore. Do not cause pain and suffering to other people! Fix your mistakes not by going to temples but by taking the right actions!

Think how many children suffered because of you! How many children have you made disabled! Think about how many parents who suffered from your actions are cursing you now! It is never late to start changing yourself. You took your positions to help children but not to harm them and make money out of it. Our example is a obvious evidence that you are not helping children. You do all the opposite. You cause them to have problems, to suffer from pain and child abuse.

Two years we are not able to find any justice and to protect our children. It has taken more than a year for my attempts to reopen our case, but so far I don’t see that there is a possibility to reopen it and to prove that we are innocent.

Now we have free of charge attorneys but they cannot reopen the case and cannot file a petition in the court to reopen our case. I spoke to private attorneys and all of them explained to me that it would be possible to reopen our case and to prove our innocence and to protect our children. But their services are very expensive. It could cost us as much as $50.000 and more to reopen our case. And this fee is only for one case. At the presently my wife and I have two separate cases.

We are looking for the sponsors who would be able to help us and to pay attorneys fees directly to the attorney. And it would give us opportunity to get back our children. We see only one alternative in our situation: to reopen our case, to dismiss all false allegations against us and to return our children to us. We firmly and honestly state that we are absolutely not guilty with regards to our children. We love our children more than our lives and all allegations against us were fabricated and are absolutely false. Our children were taken from us without any real reasons and we would be able to prove in any court.

Very often I try to figure out what stands behind the actions of such people as ACS workers who separated children from their parents without any reason. Do they have priorities more valuable than the health and happiness of children? Do they hate our religious movement? Or do they try to make money at any cost? Or do they want to show their power to us? Or maybe it is something else.

I believe in justice and I believe in God. I constantly pray to God to help me to solve all those problems and to make the justice finally reign.


Children Protection Fund Pokrov.
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Re: Why do children suffer.

Postby pokrov » Fri Mar 01, 2013 11:43 pm

It has been two and half years. During this time there were no fundamental changes with the return of the children. Children are still in a foster family. As I have already mentioned people from ACS (Administration for Children’s Services) do everything in order to prolong the return of the children. The more it lasts, the more I make myself sure that it all was falsified.
Each time I present more new facts that there were no reasons to take the children away and all this was falsified.
Fact 1. When children were in our family, during three years social workers on developing, training and working with children visited us. For all this time, about ten social workers were coming persistently. They all saw the good conditions the children were living at. If we had problems in supporting our children, then these social workers would first of all inform ACS. If we had problems in supporting our children and the social workers did not inform ACS and anything had happened to kids, then many of them could have lost the license for their job.
Fact 2. When ACS took our children away from us and we came to ACS for the first time, we had a conversation with one social worker (I will not tell the name) she signed charges against us. She said that there was a mistake and we had to write about it to the Commissioner ACS in Albany. If an ACS social worker saw and openly acknowledged this mistake, others could have seen and acknowledged it as well.
Let us sum up some information and put everything in a logical order. I will repeat myself in some aspects. So they started to visit us with inspections 9 months before they took our children away. Before taking the children away from the family for neglect (and in our case this is the main charge), according to the law and rules of ACS, ACS social workers must do and find out:
1. Find out if there is any abuse
During 9 months there were no facts of abuse acknowledged. In charges, in courts there was nothing about abuse.
2. Was good accommodation provided?
For all the time of inspection, children lived in good conditions, in the beginning in a 3-room apartment, and then moved to a 4-room apartment. Throughout 9 months of inspection, there were no stark violations of children maintenance as well as any notifications from ACS and SCO Family of Services.
3. For the time of the inspection, was any of us (parents) arrested sent to jail or prosecuted in police, court or any other law enforcement organization concerning children?
Nothing like that happened for the time period.
4. Did we have arrests or disturbances associated with children for the entire time period?
Anything like that had never happened.
5. Did we take drugs?
We had never takes them, there is no confirmation, evidence, arrests, verification.
6. There must have been tough reasons for taking away the children.
For all the time and when the children were taken there were no such reasons.
7. What does the court charge us for? (we absolutely disagree with these charges), children are not taken away for these charges, there should be opportunity and assistance to fix them.
8. Were children starving?
Children had never been starving, during 9 months of inspection there were no remarks about it. Kids had a good physical form and good weight.
9. Were children dressed properly?
During 9 months of inspection, there were no remarks, that children did not have enough clothes (there was quite a lot of clothes) or their clothes were dirty or unchanged.
10.Were children provided with proper health care?
For all this time children attended all scheduled visits to the doctor, and had all necessary vaccinations.
11. Were the children given a proper education?
Kids of their age were given good home schooling. Children were attended by social workers who took care of their educational progress. We constantly were engaged in their development; my wife is a musician and a composer, we had an electronic piano at home so children used to sing songs, elder children knew several songs and poems by heart, easily counted to ten, easily sang alphabet.
12. Before taking the children away, it is required to do everything possible to help the children. ACS and SCO social workers must reveal maximum effort to keep the children within the family.
No actions were taken by ACS and SCO social workers.
13. Prior to taking children away from the family, ACS and SCO social workers must provide the family with intense services and assistance in order to avoid removal of the children from the family.
There was no service, no help, or suggestions from ACS and SCO social workers.
14. Prior to taking children from the family ACS and SCO social workers must provide information, consultations, which might help to get rid of identified problems.
Nothing similar was provided to us: no information, no instructions, and no consultations.
15. Before taking the children from the family, social workers from ACS and SCO must gather enough information, it is survey of neighbors, friends of the family, children’s doctor, social workers, who visit children.
None out of ACS and CSO officers gathered such information. Even if they gathered this information, it would be positive in our favor.
Prior to taking the children away from the family, all these items should be completed. Out of all the before mentioned matters, that must have been carried by ACS and SCO social workers before taking the children, NONE WAS FULFILLED.
It means that ACS and SCO social workers did not do their job or there were no reasons for it. All facts and evidence show, that there were no reasons for fulfilling these items. Then if there were no reasons to execute those services, it means that there were reasons to take the kids. Then CHILDREN WERE TAKEN WITHOUT A REASON. The fact that children were taken away by mistake is impossible, because during 9 months of inspections and on the day when children were taken away, it was obvious that there were no reasons to take children away. IT MEANS CHILDREN WERE TAKEN ON PURPOSE WITHOUT ANY REASON OR GROUND AND CHARGERS WERE FABRICATED. THE WORST PART IS THAT FALSE DATA IS PRESENTED TO COURT, IT MEANS DECEIT OF THE COURT, BREAKING THE LAW TWICE.
Now there is a question about returning children to our innate family. For that we have to attend parents’ classes and counseling. Question, why was not I offered this during 9 months, when children were at home? I did not even know at that time that my wife was offered to take parents’ classes, because she did not take it seriously and did not tell me, because there was no need in parents’ classes.
These all are small facts that I state. If I write here all the main facts, then no one will be able to argue with them or refute. I do not write here a lot of information, because there is a risk, that there will be more pressure on me.
Several months there was an anonymous call with a threat, for me to stop my religious activity, if I do not stop it, I will never get the children back, even if I do then second time I will lose them forever. Then I said, that I am outside and could not hear anything and turned my phone off. In several days, there was a similar call. At this time I was at home and used a loud speaker so I recorded everything on tape. Here is the conversation quoted:
“Can I speak to Nikolai Pokrovski?”- I answered. “Yes, I am listening.” – Good, it is very pleasant to talk to you. I got to know some details. You seem to be a normal man, I wanted to help you, so I want to you to know that you will have trouble concerning kids, concerning your activity in this sect. You know you are not the first and not the last, it somehow became known to the administration of ACS, so there are real chances, if you do not stop your activity, then you will not get the children in a foreseeable future. I cannot tell you anything more, I just want to help you. You can do whatever you want, so just make your conclusions. Do you understand? I cannot tell you anything more, as well as say who I am. All the best.”
I went to a police station with this tape. They told me there, as there was no a threat to my life or health, they would not fix these threats and resolve such issues. I talked to my lawyer. He told me that it had nothing to do with our case.
It has been already one year and nine months as I struggle for reopening of my case, for proving my guiltlessness, for proving that the children were taken with no reason, and the most important thing for avoiding it happening again. I know that at any fair court, I will be able to defend my kids and all the charges imposed by ACS social workers will be crashed as a card house. There is a real pursuit of religious activity. If there were not a religious discrimination, children would be with me. Who planned and did it, knows the work of ACS well. That if children are taken by mistake or on purpose, then there are no chances for parents to prove their rightness. Mistake or an intended action of one or two people from ACS causes collective responsibility to protect these people and their actions.
Children suffer the most in this situation. They develop mental health issues, aggression, tearfulness; children often ask to go home and cry at leaving, when I visit them. They have a big gap in studies and development. They do not know any poem or song well. The youngest who is already 4 years old, still uses a diaper. It is all due to stresses, depression, lack of parents, eagerness to return home. Workers of ACS are well informed about kids’ problems. However there is no help to kids from ACS workers’ side, even though they can raise the question of immediate return of children to the parents, but the most important part for them is that I go through all services, and children come to the state of disability.
ACS workers could reconsider this question, acknowledge their mistakes and return the children terminating the restrictions. But they do not do it. The most important thing for them is retaining their prestige, their credits for performance, making money on children’s grief, extending the case on maximum, if possible to re-raise the question of terminating our parental rights, to show that they are right. For all this time I have not seen real help to children from ACS workers’ side, only just harm and grief to children. In addition, ACS social workers created and keep on creating conditions, which make it hard and almost impossible to return the children.
It turns out that, a mistake or intended actions of couple ACS workers affect negatively the reputation of the whole organization.
Reading these lines, many will think, that I have a big offense and anger for those who has done and keep doing it.
From my side I would like to say, that I am not angry or offended with anyone. On the contrary, I wish happiness to everyone in my case, who was mistaking or doing some things on purpose. The most important thing for me is that if these people are happy and cheerful, then they will have positive energetics, thoughts, wishes, actions and they will acknowledge their mistakes and will really help children and their parents. I know for sure that with Lord’s help, I will get my children back, throughout years I will fix children’s problems with psyche, mentality, and they will be happy and cheerful with me. It is also important for me to change ACS and other people, who have done all this, so they would acknowledge their mistakes maybe not even publically, but as if in their mind. So such cases, like with my children, would never happen with other kids. Children, this is a sacred thing, and there should not be such mistakes in their regard.
Let it be all true. God help you.
We are looking for lawyer, who can reopen our case.
There are many religions- but God is one! Choose the right way Pokrov!
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Re: Why do children suffer.

Postby pokrov » Fri Sep 06, 2013 8:32 pm

The forth year has passed since the children are not returned. Many readers ask why the children are not returned for so long time. Why is it so delayed? Who is interested and why? The children most of their lives are out of the native family, why? Is 3 years a long or a short period? During 3 years one can solve any problem, up to the international level. Why aren’t the children returned home during 3 years? Moreover, this question is raised for more than 2 years. Quite many facts were written in this subject before. Anyone having read all written material before, can answer all these questions himself.
In this compartment, I'll write another little part. My assumptions, thoughts, facts, arguments and reasons of taking the children and why they are not still returned.
I’ll go back again to the time when the kids were with us and social employees came to us with controls.
Once the social employee who checked us asked my wife - what's our emigration status. My wife said that husband had no status. The employee realized that we both did not have emigration status. For information, if the parents live in the country illegally and they are deported from the country, but their minor children were born in America, they are taken from the parents because of bad childcare, these parents are deprived of parental rights, and the children are adopted by foster parents. The ACS (Administration for Children's Services) and SCO Family of Services employees considered that both of us lived in the U.S. illegally. The proof of this is their indication in many documents that we do not have the emigration status.
The idea was that taking our children, our file can be stretched for years, they will earn money on this and at the same time we’ll keep silent. If we speak something against it, we may be deported from the country and ACS and SCO employees will be right in their actions in any case. When we began to protest against their actions, they decided to deport us, but since my wife is the American citizen (they did not know about it) and for other reasons, they failed.
If they deported us from the country, we would never see our children.
Let's look closer to the conflict that took place between the social employee and my wife. When our family moved to the new place of living, during first days we were all together, both at home and outside, in shops, during the walk with the kids. When my wife remained alone with two children the first time during all this time, the social employee came just in 5 minutes, as if they waited, and perhaps specially, when we would part, because head to head it was easy to arrange the conflict and there would not be third party, who could testify and give evidence. All the actions taken by the social employee indicate that the conflict was directed in order to direct the others against us, and to have the reason for arresting my wife and sueing criminal case against her. And further, on the basis of all these, to submit to us maximum accusations and take the children.
When the file against my wife was being considered, I was in the emigration jail for deportation, the question regarding taking the children from us forever was raised in the family court. In all these circumstances, my wife and I, in no way could argue that all this was set up specially.

All the errors committed by ACS and SCO employees at the beginning and during the whole time, without any checks and trials, all employees who took part in it, who are working with our file know all these errors. But during three years no one of them indicated these errors anywhere, including at the courts. It means that these are not errors, but intentional actions, that they want to keep in silent and not to raise a question about it, and it means an intentional crime.
Okay, they do not recognize and do not indicate past mistakes. But another point is that they have been pursuing us for more than three years, since we were taken the children.

Let's examine the question why the children are still not returned, even though the question of returning children was raised by the court more than 2 years ago. And what persecution have been made lately.

In this compartment, I will tell about the person from whom depends a lot the return of my children, and about his actions from which the return of the children delayed. This is Foster Care Supervisor, in whose subordination is SCO caseworker, which conduct the file on me and my kids. His name is Erik Ulrich, further I'll indicate him as supervisor. I cannot state that all his actions are done by his own initiative or he receives indirect or direct instructions from anyone, under whose management he works.

He has a significant influence over caseworker who works on my file. By the actions of a supervisor, it is clear that his attitude is not to return the children, but to delay at maximum the file and open the file regarding our deprival of the parental rights. He told me himself about the fact that he wanted to open a file to deprive us of parental rights. How do his actions show it? In many different cases, during my visits to the children, he seeks to show that I cannot manage with the kids, that my staying with the kids is a threat. During my visits to the children, he tries to follow me at maximum. I didn’t see that any of other parents were so strictly observed.

Let's look at some of his observations.
This letter is written by him, what problems he sees in me due to which and other problems, in his opinion, the children cannot be returned to me. Because of this, I must go to a psychologist to be taught how to deal with the children.
This letter is designed to assist you in improving the quality of your Parent/Child visits and to help you to utilize the parenting skills that you acquire during parenting skills training with Dr. ...
Toward the end of the parent/child visit held on Wednesday, 5/8/13, Foster Care Supervisor observed you brining Michael, Emily and Lenny to the main floor bathroom. It is my anderstanding that Lenny had an accident and you were attending to his need by helping clean him up.
However, Foster Care Supervisor observed that while you were focused on Lenny, Michael had left the bathroom and returned to the main visiting room. I took it upon myself to verify with Case Planner, who remained in the visiting room that Michael returned and was now under her supervision.
It was not until at least five minutes had passed that you called out for Michael, however even then you did not ascertain his whereabouts.
Around this same time you instructed Lenny to stand in the middle of the bathroom while you stepped into a stall; Emily remained engaged in conversation with me just outside the bathroom. Lenny then indicated that he wanted to return to the visiting room to be with Michael and ran toward the stairwell.
You quickly responded by chasing Lenny to ensure he did not attempt to go downstairs by himself. However, as a result you lost track of Emily who remained on the other end of the hallway.
After Lenny began to tantrum, you quickly gave in and compromised with him byurging him to sit in the halfway between the bathroom, where you wanted to return, and the stairwell.
It was then that I intervened and remarked that you needed to be solely responsible for attending to all three children's nedds, and to not be dependent on the agency workers for support. Lenny then followed you bac to the bathroom.
After finishing in the bathroom, you began your way back to the visiting room with Emily and Lenny. It was then that I noted that Michael had been unaccounted for, for atleast five minutes.
As I havestressed in the past, it the past, it is important to recognize potential safety risks to all of the children, even while attending to one child's specific needs. You must be able to divide your attention and to create an environment where the children can be managed and controlled.
If you have any questions, please contact me at ...
Erik Ulrich, MSW
Foster Care Supervisor
If to read the letter, there is the impression that I really cannot deal with the children and they don’t listen to me. Now I’ll explain these and other cases.

In this case, my elder son Michael was 6 years and 8 months. Before this case, I asked him if at home he went to the toilet and other rooms alone, he answered - yes alone, without any accompaniment. I asked him if at school from the classroom to the toilet and back he went alone, he answered me - yes alone.

During all my visits at the SCO agency to the children, I always accompanied the children to the toilet, including the elder. During one of the visits, I brought three children to the toilet. I began to change pampers and pants to the youngest. The eldest child made his things and went to the game room (the visit room), where the caseworker was waiting for. When I went out the toilet with two children, the supervisor was standing at the door, he made me an observation that my eldest child left without me. Later, I explained to the children that they must be only with me. The eldest son asked me why he couln’t walk alone. I explained him that at school and at other places he could walk as he was allowed, but at that agency he had to walk everywhere only with me, that he did further permanently.

Other example. After each visit to the children, I help them to settle into the car of the adoptive parents. When I was going to leave, the youngest son became to cry that he wanted to stay with me. I picked him up and walked away from the car, to get him calm and switch it to anything else. At the edge of the car parking, there were two more cars, these cars were empty, there was no anybody in them and I saw it. The daughter and the eldest son followed me. In a minute, I managed to calm down the youngest son and went back to the car again in order to settle him in the car. When I was coming back to the car, the youngest son was in my arms, the daughter and the eldest son came after me. The younger son began to cry again, he did not want to part with me. I know that I need 1-2 minutes to calm him down and refocus on anything else and then I will be able to settle him into the care safely. Suddenly, the supervisor came along to us, took the youngest child out of my arms and became forcibly to shove him into the car, the baby began to cry even more, abutting with his arms and legs into the car, the supervisor forcibly shoved him into the car and buckled with the safety belts to the seat, the child was buckled and blubbered. Supervisor went away with a pleasant look. After that I received a warning from him on this case that I couldn’t deal with the children, that the children walked around the car parking themselves and it was dangerous for their lives.
Other case. I am in the toilet room with my youngest son and the daughter. The door of the toilet room is open into the corridor. I change the pampers to the youngest son, the daughter is in the toilet room near the front open door and waits for me. All are in the area of my sight. I see that the supervisor comes to the open door of the toilet room in the corridor and starts speaking to my daughter, asking her how she's doing in school. My daughter starts speaking to him and comes closer to him, she walks through the open door, making only one step into the hall. I immediately tell her to go back into the toilet room. She returns. At the next meeting with the supervisor, he makes me a warning that I cannot control the child and she went out of the toilet into the hall.
Let me give you another example. My youngest son had increased nervousness and aggression. In the game room, he could hit any of the children or take away the toy. The supervisor and caseworker told me that in such cases I had to punish him, put into a separate armchair, not let him go anywhere and keep him like this 5 minutes. I did so a couple of times, though I understood that those actions were not correct, the baby sometimes started to cry, sometimes escaped. I considered what I was said to do and to punish the child was wrong and that it could be equalayzed to abuse of the child. I stopped to fulfill these requirements. At each conflict of my child with the other kids, I just started to talk to him calmly and to explain him that he didn’t have to hurt other children, that he had to be friendly with all, that he had to be calm, that he had to play with the other children, that he didn’t have to take away toys from the others. Each conversation lasted 3-5 minutes in a calm mood. During my talk, the child was getting calm and understood what he was required. At the end of the conversation, I told him to come to the child whom he offended or took away a toy, to return the toy and to apologize what my child did. After a couple of such conversations with my child, he stopped hurting the other kids and taking away their toys. Seeing my actions with the child and that I do everything in my own way, the supervisor and caseworker began to write in all reports, that I didn’t fulfill their requirements. I consider that if I fulfilled those requirements of the supervisor and caseworker, it would be the abuse towards my child and my further such actions would develop and reinforce aggression and nervousness in my child. I know that one positive effect over the child, is much more effective than any punishment. With a positive impact over the child, the positive reflexes and instincts are fixed and developed in the child.
By these actions, the supervisor and caseworker show their illiteracy and incompetence in their work. This shows as well, that many of their demands and actions in no way are at the benefit of the children.
If the supervisor noticed errors in my actions at the car parking, it was the only case for all my visits. But why doesn’t he notice other things? He goes through the car parking at least twice each working day, for several years that he works in SCO. Why doesn’t he see that the car parking is not equipped with special pavements for pedestrians and children assigned for getting on and off the cars and without access of the cars? Or why aren’t there at least the marks on the asphalt where the children should walk and the cars should not drive? The car parking is not equipped at all and there are no any safety measures for children. The car parking is a potentially dangerous place for children. For example, when you're single and settle a couple of kids into the car, you cannot keep all the children for the hands, one of the children may move away or run back and be hit by the car that drives back from the parking place. It can happen because the driver of the car may not see that the child is at the rear part of the machine. Every day dozens of children are brought and taken away from the SCO agency, these children are exposed to the risk every time in the car parking where there are dozens of cars.
Why didn’t he see that during several years, near the car parking there is a children's playground, which was only recently fenced and why is this fence so low, less than a meter in height, the child can easily climb over it and get under the car. Before it, the children who played in the playground constantly ran out to the car parking after the ball or after the other thing. They were exposed to the same risk to get under the car.
Why does the supervisor see that my 5 years old child made one step from the toilet room and stayed in the hall 5 seconds without me, at the distance of 10 steps from me, and he thinks it's dangerous for the baby? At the same time, going to the toilet room several times a day during many years of his work, why doesn’t he see that there is no any toilet bowl or toilet seat in order to settle a little child on it? It is not suitable for little kids to sit on the big toilet bowls for adults. A child can fall into the toilet bowl, being injured or injure the spine or hit his head by the tank or get frightened.
Why doesn’t supervisor see for many years that there are no outlet covers in the children game room? Sometimes there are more than 10 children in the game room. Any child can take a metal object (steple, comb, part of the toy, axis from the toy car wheels, etc.) and stick it in the electrical outlet. In this case, the child may be killed by current. Why doesn’t supervisor go down to the store and buy a pack of outlet covers for 99 cents during all these years?
Why doesn’t he see for many years that there is a TV and video recorder in the children game room, but all electrical wires and tees are open and accessible to the children? The child can come up to them and touch them freely. Or the child may come up to them with a glass or a bottle of juice or water, accidentally splash on the tees and the baby can be killed by the current.

Why doesn’t the supervisor see that at the front door to the SCO agency, the code lock and the bell button are located on the low place? Little child can easily come up and press the buttons on this electric lock and bell. This is a risk for little child and his life, because if the lock is broken down and in the raw, wet weather its electricity comes to the body and buttons of the lock, the child can touch the lock or the bell and he can be killed by the current. Generally speaking, is this lock designed for outdoor use or should it only be used on the inside doors? For security measures, this lock can be set up higher so that little children cannot reach it. But this is not done, there is only a fixed notice for children over the bell with inscription not to touch it.
There are several things that represent potential threat to the health and the lives of the children. I won’t describe them here. If the supervisor really cares about the safety and the health of the children, having read it, he will find and eliminate all this. If he doesn’t see and eliminate them, I will point to these infringements at the next writing of the material.
If the supervisor observes some small single details at me with the kids, why doesn’t he see for many years such large infringements that are dangerous to the health and the lives of the children?
The supervisor and caseworker submit distorted and false information to the Court. I will not enumerate all the false information, because it will take a lot of time and place and it will not be interesting to read. I'll take only some of it.
First example: in all documents submitted to the court during all time it is stated that I have primary (lowest) education. In fact, I have two high degrees, two university diplomas, I can show them and they can check them. But ACS and SCO employees, who work with me, never asked me about my education. Why do they write that I have primary education? In order to show to the judge that I am illiterate and little educated man.
Other example. In his ordinary report submitted to the Court the caseworker wrote that the psychologist who worked with me and the children reported that I had poor hygiene. At the same time he didn’t indicate what my "poor hygiene" meant, also there was not a report of psychologist in which he indicated it. After the court, at the next visit to psychologist, I asked him about it, if he indicated this in his report. He swore that he hadn’t mentioned it and proposed to see his report. I did not see his report, because I believed him and respected him. He is unlikely deceives me because he believes in God, he has the same number of children as me and I have the complete confidence in him.
Then I ask, why did the report submitted to the court contain the information that I had poor hygiene?
The supervisor and caseworker always lie. At one of the court hearings they told that at every my visit, they gave me a letter with the observations I had to work with my psychologist and I did not work on it. They gave to the judge one copy of about seven letters. The judge told to make copies and distribute them to all. If the supervisor and social employee say that at each my visit they give me the letters, these letters should be about 50. 50 is the approximate number of my visits to SCO during the period when these letters began to be written. 50 and 7 is a very big difference. Before that, from these 7 letters, I was given only 3 letters. One was sent to me by post, two are given in the hands, others were not given to me at all and I did not see them. I had to work with my psychologist over the observations indicated in the letters. During my ordinary visit to psychologist I told him about these letters. He told me that he didn’t know about these letters, and that nobody had given them to him. This psychologist works in the same building as the supervisors and the caseworker. All these facts indicate that all these letters were written not to work with me, but to collect the work indicators, in order to submit them to the Court. And work indicators are necessary to submit them at the court and to show what bad parent I am and it is dangerous for children to be with me and further to put the question of depriving me parental rights.
It raises a question. Why didn’t the first reports submitted to the court contain such observation to my side? Contrary there was positive evidence, but now only bad things are written.
Why is the return of my children delayed for more than 3 years?
The social services employees order me to take lot of services: parent classes, the work of psychologist with me and the children, the other psychologist. All these services were not available for me in time. For example, nobody directed me at the parent classes. Finally, I found parent classes myself and went to them, having received a certificate from these classes.
Other example, after ordinary court hearing, I began to visit psychologist who works with me and my children. At the same time, I come up to my caseworker and ask her what services I still need, where I still need to go to take all the services and prepare for the next court. Social assistant told me that I no longer needed anything. At the next visit, I asked her again about it, she told me that I no longer needed anything. I asked her to check with the supervisor, if I had to visit any services. At the next visit, I asked her again about it, she told me that she had specified with the supervisor and that I no longer needed anything.
When I came to the next court hearing, my caseworker indicated in the report submitted to the court that I had not visited the psychologist. At my next meeting with the social assistant I asked her why she hadn’t sent me to this psychologist before, when I asked her about it. I did not get any clear answer for my question.
When we were taken the children, we were blamed for poor keeping the children. After 2 years the other blames are submitted that I cannot deal with the children. I am appointed the services that are in no way an additional value for the kids. I am not against these services, but these services should be for those who really need them and to whom they help. For example, the parents classes are needed more for those parents who have aggression, nervousness, unbalance, inattention, etc. I do not have it. Only the people who have mental and psychological problems, depression must be sent to the psychologist, I do not have any of that. When I went to a psychologist and passed all the tests, they showed good results. I was asked if I had any problems. I answered that sometimes I had depression because of taking the children, but I managed it, I didn’t admit its development by meditation, prays, auto-training, work on yourself. The doctor asked me if I needed the visits to her. I told her that I needed the visits to her because I was required it by the SCO agency. After that, the doctor told me to visit her.
Other example. I have been going to the psychologist who works with me and with the children. I have been going to him for over one year. During this time the monkey can be taught to ride a motorbike. Question. Why can’t I with all good psychological, mental, and other indicators be taught to deal with the children? The psychologist I go to makes the job in good faith. Then I ask why it is so long? Because the supervisor needs to stall for time and not to return children to me. The services that I do not need are appointed. As I already said, they always submitted distorted and false information. Let me give you an example. During one of my visits to the children, I was talking to my daughter. We stood facing each other, the caseworker was standing nearby. During the conversation, I see my daughter's mouth is empty, she eats and chews nothing. Then my daughter turns to caseworker, starts talking quickly and a bit choked on her saliva and coughed slightly. Caseworker began to pat her slightly on the back. I asked my daughter if she was OK. She stopped coughing and said OK.
She smiled, her face color was normal, her movements and behavior were normal and it was evident that she was doing well. In this case, it was not necessary to knock her back at all. She didn’t choked by anything, the coughing was easy and ended quickly and she immediately replied that she was OK and smiled.
When I came to the ordinary court hearing, the children defender stood up and said that there was a case when the child choked, she gasped, her life was in danger, while I didn’t take any actions, but the caseworker saved her. She was not present at this case and did not see what was happened.
Thus, the caseworker deceived her by giving false information or she deceived the judge herself.
I know that this caseworker will read this information. I give her the information and explanations what to do in such cases. The most important thing is not to give false information to those you work with, these are your colleagues and you have to respect them. By giving false information, you mislead your colleagues who have to give false information at the court. If you cannot tell when a child is in danger and what to do at this, I'll explain you it here.

So, the dangerous signs of child’s strangulation.
1. The child cannot utter a single sound;
2. The baby's face at first turns red, then turns blue;
3. The child may lose consciousness.
What to do in such and similar cases?
1. Sit in an armchair and set the child on the knees, lower his head down. Or stand on a knee, putting the child to the other knee.
2. Keep the child under the chest with one hand, but with another hand hit four times between the shoulder blades.
3. If it does not work, repeat this several times.
4. If the hits on the back do not help, set a child on your knees, settling one of your hands on his abdomen. Squeeze this hand into a fist, leaning by the inside part where the thumb is at the middle of his abdomen, but with the other hand hold the child behind his back. Quickly push with the fist to his abdomen slightly up and as deeply as possible. The movement must be strong to push up the stuck object. Repeat pushing up to four times.
In any case, do not pat the child on the back when he stands, as you did. Because in this case, under the influence of gravity the stuck object will fall down deeper in the breathing ways. If the child really choked and you knocked the child on her back as she was standing, it could lead to a heavier situation.
You should be aware of this as 2X2 = 4. And in such cases it is necessary to consult parents. You didn’t tell me a single word as advice. You also didn’t tell my psychologist to consult me how one should act in such situations. All it means that you do not know how to act in such situations, or that is more correct, that there was no any danger for the child.
During my entire life and more than 12 years of living in America I had no any criminal file, no police arrest, no written ticket for any fault, no any due for loans or payment. In my life, I try to live by law in all life directions. I respect the laws of America and fully comply with them. I respect the legal system and fully follow all decisions of the court and the law. I accept the decisions of the ACS and the SCO, even though in my situation I do not agree with many of them. The question why did this happen? Why was I brought to the court by criminal and family file? Why did they take children and made ​​me a "criminal"? Because they don’t recognize the laws, they live by their own interests. Throughout these three years, I see violations of laws and even disobeying of the court direct requests from the side of ACS and SCO employees.
One example of disobeying the direct court request. At one court hearing the judge issued a decision for SCO employees to allow me free visits with the children. It means that visiting the children, I can take them with me and walk with them alone, take the children to the cafes, shops and parks. The judge took the responsibility, allowing these visits. The judge’s word is the law and anyone should obey it. Disobeying the law is a crime. After this court, I came to the ordinary visit to the children. I asked my caseworker if I can take my children and go with them for a walk according to the court decision. Firstly, I was going for a walk with the kids in the yard, but during next visits to take them in cafes and shops. The caseworker said that she could not solve this issue. I asked her supervisor about this issue. He answered me that he had no written decision of the Court yet and I had to wait. After 20 days, I went to the supervisor again and asked him if he had a written decision of the Court and if I could take the kids for a walk? He told me that he had the decision of the Court, but I could not take the kids for a walk, because he might appeal against the decision. After 20 days, I went to the supervisor again and asked him if he would appeal against the decision of the court or not. He answered me that he wouldn’t. I asked him if I could go for a walk with the kids? He answered me that it was still dirty in the street (it was the end of the winter), when it got dry in the street, I would be able to take the kids for a walk.
One month passed. All this time, I met with the children only in the SCO agency, in the presence of caseworker. It was already dry in the street, there was good weather. Once again, I went to the supervisor and asked him if now I could go alone with the children on the street. He told me that I could not do this and he did not give the permission to do so, because he thought that I did not look after the children properly and did not deal with them and the kids could be in danger with me on the street. I asked him if I could walk with the kids only in the yard. He said - no. I asked if I could spend time with the children in his SCO agency, in the game room without the presence of caseworker. He said - no. I asked caseworker to go with me and the children and look and evaluate the situation. He agreed with this. I with the kids and caseworker drove to the McDonalds in the service car. There I took children's meals to the kids set them down at the table and they began to eat. There were children’s toys with the children's food. Each child had a toy. My younger son took the elder son’s toy. The elder son began to take back this toy. Between them there was a little scuffle. I began to separate them. The younger jumped out of the table and ran out for a couple of tables. I know if to return him immediately to the table, it will aggravate the situation, in the nervous state he will run away and will not listen. I waited about a minute until he calmed down. After that I went up to him and calmly explained to him that he did not have to behave in such way, that he was not right, that he should ask when taking one’s toy. After that I told him to apologize before the elder and he did. I set him on the other side of the table and the children continued to eat up quietly and play with the toys.
At the next my visit to the children, the supervisor told me that according to the report of caseworker regarding my visit to McDonald's, I am not able to look after the kids and in my case I had to come up immediately to the youngest child.
According to their opinion, I am not able to look after the kids, they do not let me take the kids for a walk.
At the next court hearing, the judge warned the supervisor and caseworker that they had not executed the court decision. After this court hearing, I began to take the children and walk freely with them.
ACS and SCO employees do not understand what heavy injuries they cause to the children by their actions. They also do not want to understand what heavy injury they will cause to the children for all their life, if they deprive children of their natural parents.
I will describe 3 cases from my life.

Case 1. Before we were taken the children, a wealthy woman had approached to me after the help according to my religious - spiritual activity. I am writing wealthy, because her adopted daughter had good material status. Once she came to me with her adopted daughter, who differed much from her and was of different race. Her daughter was about 12 years old. When I was speaking to this woman, the girl was sitting aside. My wife asked this woman if she knew anything about the natural mother of the girl. This girl heard this conversation and immediately began to cry. She was crying more and more.. All of us began to calm her down. After 5 minutes, the girl was weeping almost suffocating. We could not get her calm for 30 minutes. They took a taxi and went away. At that moment the girl did not stop crying.
Case 2. When we had been taken the children, we came to the Times Square to protest against the ACS actions and were standing there every day for the first 3 months. Once, a young guy came along to us. He listened to our story. After that he began to tell his story that he was deprived of the parents in the same way. He began to weep. He had tears running one by one, his body was trembling and he could not calm down and stop crying. We embraced him and began to calm down. He could not stop crying for a long time. He told us that he lived in a wealthy family, he had everything, but he never felt happy. He reminded and talked about the moments of his life when he was little and when he was with his natural parents, he was happy. His parents passed away. He said how many nights he had spent in silence, weeping into the pillow, and the pillow was wet from his tears. He has frequent breakdowns even today and he often cries. He has constant depression and he visits a psychologist and a psychiatrist.
Case 3. When we were standing at Times Square, we met a young man. He walked in Disneyland’s costume and for a small fee took pictures with the tourists. Having learned our history, he told his one. In the childhood he was adopted by other parents. He still remembers his natural parents, and he was happy with them. He has still a big psychological trauma because he is going through himself that he is not with his natural parents. When he reached the maturity age, his foster parents put him out of the house. Now he lives in a shelter for homeless people. He said that he was ready to give everything, even the part of his body or a hand, if he could go back to his childhood and remain with his natural parents
They want to do the same thing with our children. SCO employees must work to return the children, but they contrary do all to deprive us of the children. In SCO, supervisor told me many times that he wanted to open a file and to deprive me of parental rights, because the children are nor returned at home for a long time and as he says “I cannot look after them properly."
Delaying of the children return to their natural famile, greatly affects the health of the children. If early the children had developing health problems, now all three have health problems: psychological, mental. All three children constantly visit doctors. The eldest child goes to the most backward class, he has a weak performance. Children show signs of depression and stress. Children often ask why they live in other family and when they will return to the natural family. Children are constantly waiting and desire to return home. At each meeting, they are very happy to see me and do not want to part.
The children do not speak and understand a second language (Russian). Several times I asked caseworker to hire a teacher of the Russian language for the children for a couple of hours a week. But to my request I always was refused. If the kids were with us and they were not taken they would be fluent in two languages. If the kids were with us, they would be able to use a computer now. They cannot do it now, they do not even have a computer and nobody teaches them. They would have known children's songs read poems, now they do not know any song, any little rhyme. They could have done many other things they cannot do now: ride a bicycle, swim in the ocean, skate the rollers etc.
They cannot do all of this because they have no bikes, rollers, electronic entertainment games. They have never been to the ocean beach, to the zoo, to the cinema and children's theaters for three years. They cannot do many things. The oldest son is 7 years old, but he cannot even tie the laces on his sneakers. The children are degradated completely for their age. I have a question to SCO employees, if you care about the children, why don’t you help children in all of this?
Provide the family where there are children with the computer, hire the person to teach the children handling the computer. I would buy them a computer myself, but I do not have permission to visit them at home, to deliver the computer, to install the Internet, to set up the computer and to teach children. At the moment I take the children to the library and teach them to handle the computer. Hire the person to play the piano and teach the children music and singing in that family. I cannot come to their home and teach them playing the piano and singing, because I don’t have the permission for that. Why is it hard for SCO employees to hire someone who would teach the children riding a bike? I bought the rolers to the older child and gave them to him, he does not skate (but he really wants to), because nobody trains him. I have no right to come and train him skating rollers. Why doesn’t any of SCO employees come and teach the child skating rollers? Why don’t the SCO employees organize travel to the beach at least once a month in the summer for children, as the beach is not far from the house where the children live? Why don’t SCO employees send the teacher to the children, who would do sport with them, play games, teach painting, teach rhymes and fairy tales, make applications, do sculpting and other interesting arts for kids? Why don’t SCO employees organize for children a trip to the movies, to the zoo, to the circus, to the theater, to the aquarium, to the planetarium, to the museum, to the entertainment park, to the concert, to the sports competitions? I asked the children about it, they said they had never been at those places, and they didn’t even hear about some of those places. This is the answer to these auestions. The SCO employees do not need all of this, they do not care about the children. They just need to sit in their offices, write reports, answer calls, earning easy money on it.
At the last court hearing the judge gave the task to the SCO employees. Fulfilment of this task will have the impact over the returning children. Many months passed from this court hearing. I don’t see any step fot the fulfilment of the judge’s order. I guess this task will be unlikely completed in the future. For SCO employees it is easier to find a reason for not completing the task than to fulfill this. If the indication of the court is not executed by SCO employees by the next court hearing, it will show additionally their disrespect for the court, disobeying the law, delaying the case of returning the children.

I repeat. Everything is done to delay the return of the children and further to raise the issue of depriving us parental rights.
By the law, the SCO agency is given 6 months for work on returning the children. Now we are in the 5th time of the work to return the children. It demonstartes that SCO employees do not work, but only imitate the work. Or as I think, they specially delay their work on returning the children.

Below I will describe how it works. This is my opinion, all these crimes that are made in relation to the children from ACS and SCO side, one can only see during a long time, working in these organizations and committing these crimes or becoming the victim of these crimes. I will not prove anything here. This can be proved only during the court investigation. I'll just describe my situation. Quite probably this applies to the other families as well.

During the inspections of the families by social employees many of them find out a lot of personal information about the family: family income, the place of work, relatives, friends and acquaintances of the family, emigration status of the parents. If the parents of children have no emmigration status, the parents are not rich, do not have rich relatives and friends, youl’ll be taken children in any case whatever good parents you are, you will be even excellent parents in educating children.

What's going on. Social employee goes to you, he writes the small infrigemnets as big, wrote in his reports that the children are in bad and dangerous conditions, that you refuse all of his proposals and do not deal with the children. You may not even know about many things he writes. He collects file against you. After a few months, social employee didn’t find fundamental reasons for taking the children.
What happens further? They send you a new social employee without accompanying the old employee. The task of this social employee is to open a criminal case for you. This social employee chooses the time when the parent is alone at home with the children. He comes to your house, does not show any legitimacy. He says any phrase about the children and enters your house where there are your children without any invitation. What will you do in this case?
You do not know this person, you see him the first time. You do not know what he can do to you and to your children and why he breaks into your house. You have no time to run to the phone and call the police, because, while you are calling this person can kill or maim your children. Any normal person will not let a stranger into the house. You do not let this stranger in the house, tell him to go out, but he does not listen to you and goes quickly to the house where there are the children. Most of the parents will protect their children in their house and begin to push this person out of the house. When this social employee is on the street, he immediately makes a phone to his supervisor and calls the police. The police arrives for such call immediately during a few minutes. You do not even have time to think and also to call the police. When the police arrives, social employee presents himself, tells them that he is in the service position and you provide the resistence and hit him. After that the police arrest you, if at that time nobody comes to your children, your children will be taken too. In our case, I came home. If the family is of one parent it is easier for the social employee to do it. The parent is arrested and the children are taken. If there is a second parent, they launch the criminal file for an other parent as well. Since then, parents are considered dangerous for children.

In order to take the children, you can be accused for everything: that you are alcoholic, drug addict, mentally ill, that you have mental problems and it is dangerous for children to be with you.
At the same time social employee who tricked everything became a hero at the work. He can get a lot of benefits and privileges.

What happens next after you are taken the children? Further the pure earning money on children begins. They start to work with you in order to make you a good parent and return you the children. If you agree with everything and close eyes to all crimes, they will return you children in 2-3 years. During this time you will be made a good parent, you will be sent to parent classes, to different doctors, etc. If you are against the actions of ACS and SCO, they will make a request to the emmigration service and since you do not have the emmigration, you have criminal file, you are considered dangerous for society, you will be deported from the country and you lose the children. In this situation, it seems you are in a desperate situation. You have to cater social employees, to agree with any blames, not to take any measures against any of their actions and crimes.
During the time I visit the SCO agency, I see the same number of families they work over. It was never empty, it was never overcrowded. It is always maintained the required minimum number of families. If the new children come, after a while the other children are returned. It can be seen that the minimum number of families must be always constant to ensure the SCO employees with an easy job. All the parents are afraid to say anything against social employees. Any action or word against social employee may delay the return of the children or even raise the question of the loss by the parents of their rights to the children. In this case, it appears that the parents are under intimidation. If the parents do not take any actions that can be disagreed by ACS and SCO employees, the chance to return the children faster is increased.
If the SCO employees returned the children to their families in the established terms - 6 months, the agency would have only 1-3 families to work with. But if they didn’t commit crimes which they had made against our children, I think that the SCO agency would have 1-2 families in a year. And then there wouldn’t be an easy job for some employees to write reports, to direct parents to the different services, to hold meetings, etc.
I'm looking for a lawyer to sue over the actions against employees from these organizations. I have sufficient grounds to sue. There are sufficient evidences of crimes against our family and specifically against children, this is: witnesses, testimony of witnesses, documents, audio, video. There are more solid evidences and facts that I don’t indicate here. I need to sue for this crime – in order to stop it, to stop the abuse of my children, to stop the persecution and discrimination of my family, which lasts already 4 years.
During 3 years, I heard many times direct and indirect allusions and intimidation from SCO employees that they would take my children forever, that I would visit my children for a long time, etc. These allusions were made ​to intimidate me, to make me not speak and write excees things against them.

Below I will give the most silly statements that were told to me and wich I heard from SCO employees.

1) Maybe you wil not take the children. They are in that family for a long time. They used to be there. They are good there. They live in a 3- floor house.

2) Many years have passed, you will not already take the children.

3) Since you cannot take the children for a long time, we will raise the issue to withdraw your parental rights.

4) In your position, you'll go here for long time.

There are some ACS and SCO employees who support me and sincerely wish the children came back to me. But they don’t want to state their opinion in public, because they don’t work with me and don’t want to put others against themselves. These people seem to have honor, conscience, compassion for the children and they understand and support me.

I am writing this material not against ACS and SCO organizations. I am writing this material against the individual persons and their actions. We need ACS and SCO and people who work there do a lot of useful things for the children. But there are facts and people I write about here, which by their criminal actions spoil the reputation of the entire organization.
Why am I writing all this? In order to draw the attention of the public. In order to stop a crime against the children.

After reading this let ACS and SCO employees look at themselves and their actions from outside, understand what sufferings they cause to the children. Let them be changed and really start to help the children, not incline to the light work, sitting in their office, but travel around the houses. If there is a multi child family and it has problems, on contrary this family should be helped: to hire babysitter for several hours in a week, to invite a cleaner once a month for general cleaning, to invite the employee for carpet cleaning, to bring the children clothes and toys. If all employees of these organisations do this, you will have good reputation and respect the parents will adress themselves to you and will be grateful to you. Because the parents will see that you help the children from the heart, but do not want to earn easy money on them, as in our case.
I know that after reading this material, someone will turn against me and will obstruct the return of the children. But I also know that I will find more support in the most of people who have conscience, honor and compassion to the children.

I appeal to all who is reading this material. If you are not indifferent to the situation of our children and those who can be in a similar situation in future and can lose their parents, if you love children, if you have your children and understand this situation, if you want to help our children and wish them to come back home soon and make this not happen again in the future with other children, take part in the support of this project "What do the children suffer for?" How can you help?

1. You can write your opinion for the protection of the children at this forum.

2. You can place a link for this material on your website, blog, on your page in the social network, in the comments to other subjects in other forums.

3. You can provide information and the address of that page to your relatives and friends.

Who had or has a similar situation as ours? We need your help. Send us your stories, in this forum, or if you are afraid of persecution of you and your children, from the side of some ACS and SCO employees write me personally as a private message on this forum. Your cases will help easier to prove, that such cases are not unique and that it is done with the aim to earn money by ACS and SCO employees.

I'll write a little about myself and my nearest future. For myself, I'm calm and friendly, comply with all laws, don’t do extreme sports, accuracy and attentive at home and in the life, my health is good. In the nearest years, I have no predisposition and chance to die of any disease, to get into any fatal accident, to be arrested and put into a prison, I will never commit suicide, I love life and I consider that suicide is a great sin.
Why do I write all this? Because I am not guilty at all, because I know the law is on my side and the side of the children. Even if the people comit the crime, being at the public service, no law will cover them. If I were in any other country, I probably would be afraid to declare it in public. Being in America, I can safely say about this, knowing that the law is on the side of justice.

Why does it happen with me and the others? Because the victims never raise this issue. It's like if the criminal comes to you at home, hits your child and says if you declare him to the police, his friends will come and kill you and your children. If you do not declare and scare, this criminal will come again and will commit the worse crime. So here, those who commit crimes against children make it without fear that they will be punished for it. And with each new taking of children and intimidation of the parents, their mania of permissiveness increases and secures.
I know exactly that I will get the children back, because I didn’t do anything bad to the children. The children were in excellent conditions. I was and I am a good father for children. I believe in justice, I believe in the court that is doing everything possible to return the children. I believe in the assistance of the people who have the honor, conscience and love to the children. I believe in God and I address to it every day. I believe in fairness ant it is on my and children’s side. I love my children and they love me and they need me. And the children are waiting for the return at home.

ACS and SCO employees can only delay the return of the children, just not performing their duties, violating the laws by providing false information at the court and not fulfilling the requirements of the court that they are doing during all this time.
I address once again to the ACS and SCO employees, think about the children, love them, help them from the heart. Do all you can to avoid the separation the children from their parents. Don’t forget that your mission is to help the children, to make them happy and healthy. If you do this to the children, the God will thank you and then you and your children will have everything good in the life.

I hold no grudge against you. I just wish you changed the attitude to the children. And I wish you all the best only. Help the children and the God will help you.

Quiet Discrimination.
Quiet discrimination, Part.
There are many religions- but God is one! Choose the right way Pokrov!
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Re: Why do children suffer.

Postby Mr.Pain » Wed Sep 11, 2013 9:02 pm

I have read all posts, but I cannot understand yet who is interested in taking Pokrovski children away!
The supervisor is not really good supervisor, but I am not sure that he is involved in any kind of conspiracy against the Pokrovski. I think he just tries to do his work as good as he can and sometimes it looks like insanity. All his claims to you connected with the children’s behavior during your visit are so queer. I cannot understand why he asked you not to rely on the help of ACS workers while visiting children there? I thought it is their job to assist parents during visit and help them to enjoy their communication with children. After reading the letter of the supervisor I found out that their job is to make the life of the parents as hard as they can and be spies for supervisor.
As for me I couldn’t stand such an attitude to me and my family! It is so offensive! I would write him back all my thoughts about his remarks! He doesn’t look like a guy whose duty is to take care of children and help in family’s issues; he is more the prisoner than the social worker.
I saw the photos/ The picture showing outlet and staple horrified me. Children must not be let in the spaces with such outlets or if they are let in they shouldn’t leave parents’ knees.
If talk about photos showing the wires and outlets, they are dangerous first of all and also children can broke them easily and all these items are governmental property as far as I understand. Why the supervisor doesn’t take good care about the governmental property?
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