Petition on children’s and parent’s protection.

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Petition on children’s and parent’s protection.

Postby pokrov » Fri Mar 07, 2014 12:23 am

Greetings to everyone who has come here. If you got interested in the headline of this topic or if you came here for some source of information then it means that you are interested in this topic and want to support it. Thank you for it.
Why did I start this topic? 3,5 years ago accusations were falsified against me and my family by social service employees (Child Protective Services CPS). Full story. They took our 3 kids for no reason. We were followed by social service employees the last 3,5 years. I have seen that during the last 3,5 years there was nothing done to help the kids, but only to take money from the government. I think that since it happened with my family, this will happen with other families too. Unfortunately, many parents do not go till the end to get their kids back. If they do, then they get their children back who are mentally and psychologically broken.
Social service employees take the children from the families even for those mistakes that could easily be removed without taking the kids. Sometimes they even take the kids falsifying the accusations for no reasons.
If you think that this may not concern you, then you are mistaken. If you are a good parent and your children are raised in good conditions, social services employees can still take the kids as there are not enough “children for work”. They need children to have work. In order to get that, social service employees can blame you for no reason, lie at the court, make you attend the courses you do not need, and keep the children there as long as possible. It is also about taking money from the taxes that you pay to the government. Social service employees rob the citizens of the country that honestly pay the taxes.
What does the petition state? There should be some corrections in the law that will prohibit such kind of crime.
1. No single child can be taken from the family, except the cases when staying in the family is risky for his health or life. If a child is taken away from the family, it should be the decision of the court, supported by irrefutable evidence.
2. If a child is taken away from the family. Parents should be able to have a free independent professionals (psychologists, social. Workers) who are in a short time to give its opinion.
3. If a child is taken away from the family, parents should be able to file a lawsuit against the actions of these social services. employees. How you do this to them about this must necessarily say, give information and help family and criminal lawyers for free.
4. If a parent was not present at the court (was in prison, was sick or was abroad) and the decision, with which the parent does not agree was carried out without him then this parent should have a full right and opportunity to reopen the case again, despite the term of the court’s decision. This procedure should be simple and fast. A lawyer should support and help in this situation for free.
5. If children are taken from their parents according to the false accusation, then parents should have an opportunity to file a lawsuit against those who falsified the issue despite the time when the children were taken away and when the court decision was made.
If you do nothing about this situation, then there will be more crimes of such kind that move the democratic country to a county of a slavery level. Earlier or later, it will affect you, your children or your grandchildren.
We all live on one planet – this is our home and we have to take care of our kids.
What can you start with. It is necessary to support and develop this movement, that will stop falsifying the issues by the social service workers and taking kids from the families.
1. To attract mass media so that the information will be spread among the whole population.
2. To involve lawyers, politicians, different organizations on human rights, religious activists, other parents that know the laws and can solve the issue.
3. To look for the sponsors, that could advertise this petition for free.
4. To raise the issue on any meetings that are related to this particular topic.
5. To collect and publish the materials on how the evidences were falsified and children were taken away for no reason.
6. On this forum you can:
а) To discuss what the petition should include.
б) To post any information on the forum, that can get the society involved in this particular topic.
в) To post the link on the other sites with similar information.
As we discuss the petition further, we will attract more and more people. By the end, we have to attract more than 100,000 people. When the discussion of the petition is over, everybody will be informed on that. Then, we will have to advertise this petition and to collect more than 100,000 signatures to support it.
How can you help the situation.
1. Register on this forum under your e-mail. When the petition will be ready, signatures will be collected. You will receive a letter in your email asking you to sign the petition.
2. To support the petition, you can write your opinion in the forum.
3. On your website, facebook page, blog, forum you can post the link to this material.
4. Give this information to your relatives, friends, acquaintance, colleagues.
5. To advertise this material in internet and other mass media for money.
6. To send this information to anyone who can help us in our situation.
7. Make donations in the Pokrov Fund.. All the means go for the support and advertisement of this site.
Don’t show indifference to this situation. Join this petition! Children are our future and we have to protect from the crime conducted by some social service workers!
P.S. Currently we are not collecting the signatures for the petition. We discuss and create this petition. When the petition is ready, we will collect the signatures. Later, during one month we will have to collect 100,000 signatures. Then the petition will be sent to the White House of the US.
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Re: Petition on children’s and parent’s protection.

Postby Matan » Fri Mar 28, 2014 2:20 am

I do agree that this petition is really necessary thing. I really want my children to grow up in the normal society and I want them to created a normal family in the future! I want to see and rise my grandchild. I want my children to respected adults, to be educated and high-toned. All this producers are the Third World War against people.
As we can see from the big numbers of cases (and one of the examples is Pokrovsky family situation) that under the pretext of protecting the rights of the child, their the most important right, without which all other rights are meaningless. This is the right for a mother, father and family.
We must stop government interference in private life, in the process of education. We must stop: questioning children without parents presence and without their consent, and collecting information about the private lives of parents (this is absolutely illegal), teaching children about their rights and freedoms, without telling them about the responsibilities and rights of parents on bringing up of their children.
Existing legislation must be reviewed and all the provisions allowing to take away children from families whose parents are alive without extraordinary circumstances not compatible with the presence of children in the family (immediate threat to life or health of a child, sexual assault on his integrity, alcoholism and drug addiction, insanity parents etc.) must be excluded.
I consider that it is very necessary, to urgently cease actions aimed to undermining public morality. For example, stop school sexual teaching, including the optional programs "sex education" (under the guise of school health), "tolerant" attitude to sexual perversions, same-sex relations , etc.
The all concept formation of children rights, family foundations and social policy of the state must be carried out with the involvement of the parent community, non-governmental organizations defending the traditional spiritual and moral values.
This is my list. I will be very glad if it helps. I will be really glad to sign such petition because future of our children depends on us, we must do whatever we can to protect them. Because I'm afraid that in the nearest future we will face such problems, that can't even be imaged now. I think we have time to stop all this nightmare, but time is running very fast and very soon we won't be able to influence this situation at all.
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Re: Petition on children’s and parent’s protection.

Postby janna » Sun Apr 06, 2014 2:53 am

Wow,, to me the idea of the petition just sounds absolutely great and necessary. I have read all this stuff posted by the parents of those kids and honestly the situation just gets me shocked. I really never thought that anything like that would ever be possible in our century – particularly in the United states of America – the most democratic country, as it is usually called, in America. I would never want to have my family come across any situation like that where my children had to suffer anything like that. One thing is stolen childhood, but another thing which is so important – is broken child’s psychology. Why do they deserve that? So, I totally support the petition and I believe that all the points stated in the petition should be taken into consideration by the government as they sound really helpful and adequate. It is a great idea to spread the petition through social network pages – such as facebook, twitter and odnoklassniki. Nowadays, nearly every person uses those social network pages and gets much information from it so this would be a great idea. Unfair treatment of a non guilty family is happening in front of us. It is really sad to read their story as I know that for parents there is nothing more important or more precious in this world than children and their happiness. But the question is also – how many more such families suffer from unfair treatment of the social service workers who care about nothing humane but only about their own salaries. I am sure that the more children they get enrolled in their organization, the more money they are allowed to ask from the government. SO here is already one vivid reason for such unfair treatment of the Pokrovskiy family – keeping the children enrolled in the organization so that they can show the government that they truly need money to provide for those kids their rooms, education, meals and other necessary goods. And such an attitude and indifferent treatment of the social service workers should definitely be stopped for the sake of hundreds of such families going through it. I am sure that if they do that to one family, they definitely do it to other families as well and you never know if your family is going to be the next one. I will be ready to sign the petition always and I will be happy to spread it all over the people who I know, my family, my relatives and my friends, to post it in my network page or wherever it can be posted. There should be fairness in this world and children as well as their parents should not suffer from it. We are talking about kids – sacred innocent humans, which should be taken care for, which should have everything necessary for healthy physical and moral development, whose psychology should not be broken. Let’s all not stand on the side and see the unfairness happen to innocent people. Let’s all help, spread the word and make our own contribution to the happy lives of the family members.
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Re: Petition on children’s and parent’s protection.

Postby maksUSA » Wed Apr 09, 2014 1:21 am

Without exaggeration I agree with this necessary petition, too. As for us - we are all parents. Mean to say we want our children to be happy, without suffering, without tears! Our childrens must be with good psychological state.
As a matter of fact this case with Pokrovsky' family - terrible story! To tell the truth the situation makes me be shocked.
Why does government interfere in private life and in the education process in the United states of America – the most democratic country in the world?!
I can't imagine how is it possible to inquest (question) children without parents' presence and without their consent?
To make some worse to collect all information about the private lives of parents! Terrible!
I propose to engage the experienced independent attorneys and preferably with theological education (and priests). The Involvement of the "wise" of this world - one of the necessary items in this petition.
I would never want my children had to suffer anything like that.

Take care !
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Re: Petition on children’s and parent’s protection.

Postby barryberry » Mon Apr 21, 2014 4:51 am

I hope that government will pay a good attention to what is going on today with the whole social system. Of course it seems strange why someone would need any type of information about private lives of people. Especially when it is being collected trough the children under the veil of being helpful or other reason appearing to look and sound good. When indeed what the real aim is to control people and do what ever you please to make more money for yourself! Parents have the full right to bring up their children the way is right and good for them to teach them about God, spiritual life, not material things which are prevalent today especially through TV, media, also children’s cartoons and tv channels for the kids where they show beautiful, bright coloured ads, making kids want more and more things, without even mentioning that relationships are far too more important than any thing! If today kids are taken away from good families who are no harm to their kids then it only shows how corrupt and immoral those making decisions are! We need society to be built on eternal values, which are in His Word. Unfortunately too many have forgotten about it and that is why there is a chaos everywhere now. I wish that this petition will draw the attention of as many people as possible. And of course it to be approved by the white house of the usa. I hope that there are still some reasonable and godly people left out there. It is interesting what maksUSA suggested inviting also priests or pastors. I don’t think that any pastor or any believer in general would agree with such system that allows to do such harm to the kids and families in general. Do social workers while caring for others actually consult any pastors? Looks like not, probably they think that they know everything what is good for everyone. But if people actually worked and consulted together then it would be easier to make decisions than if you do everything on your own! Today in many parts of the world similar stories happen and people suffer as a result. I hope that this petition will be fully considered by all officials and no kids will be taken away from nay family not just in the usa but elsewhere as well. Social workers should be carefully checked, what their values, their morals, attitudes, education, etc. before starting such important job! Taking away the kids is never a decision! Only if the family is junkie, drug addict, etc. and pose a danger, but not from good loving and caring home! May this petition open the eyes of people and change the things for the better, no one wants to live in such society! There is a big work lying ahead but with all determination and courage a good outcome is guaranteed! May God help us all and clean from all the injustice and immorality in our world!
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Re: Petition on children’s and parent’s protection.

Postby HappyChild » Tue Apr 29, 2014 8:50 am

As we know all Americans are very patriotic. They adore their country and their government. They are proud of being the part of such a powerful and beautiful country. These moral precepts are really positive and laudable, but there is one strange thing- the majorities of them are constantly using sedative medicines and are long-term clients of psychologists. They care about their physical and psychological health, protect animals and nature against the cruelty around the world, but do not know, what is going on inside their own Child Protective Services.
I suppose that society should know about these crimes that are made by social workers. All they have done with Pokrovsky family is a real crime.
I believe that neither normal person would never ever done things like these. Every parent knows that close communication with mother and father is the most necessary need for their child. Every person who had visited the psychologist knows that most of the inner problems come from the childhood.
If someone had broken child’s carefree infancy, he had broken also his soul and his future. For being successful and happy every person needs unshakable foundations in the childhood. One of them is feeling of security, love and connection with parents. Child can’t have a happy growing period without these components. If child loses it, all his world crashes down in a one moment. It is very hard to him to believe people in the future and become successful and happy member of society.
I am sure that majority of Americans, who are real patriots of their country and people who respect freedom and tolerance, would be shocked if they knew what is going on in their social services. They would start making strikes and massive social actions against these services with the same passion they are doing it for protecting wild nature and rights of sexual minorities.
Petition on children’s and parent’s protection is a very good idea. I fully support it and I really hope that it will be signed and sent to the White House of the US.
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Re: Petition on children’s and parent’s protection.

Postby redcat » Tue May 13, 2014 8:43 am

I completely agree with the HAPPYCHILD in the previous post. We all respect freedom and tolerance, we care for disabled and home pets, but we do not want to notice that the system of Child Protective Services pull their ranks forgetting that their mission is to protect children but not to make them suffer. If we ask them they would say that they acted in order to protect Pokrovsky children from their parents as they by some formal reasons seemed improper parents to them. As we see from the story all these reasons were rather formal and sounded silly even for the court which decided to return the kids to their native parents.
I believe that the situation with Pokrovsky family is a signal for all of us to be very careful with our kids and social workers, to shout aloud if we notice any injustice with regard to our own families and with the regard of families of our neighbors. The signal from Pikrovsky is very important for all of us. We are here to support this family, to help the with some donation and with the Petition. The Petition is to make the Government pay some attention to what is going on in the USA, what is happening to our most important institution – that is the institution of upbringing children and family protection. The parents seem so weak, helpless in front of the system of Child Protective Services, they seem have no right at all to protect themselves and kids. Instead, the employees of ACS and of other organizations like this seem to be like Gods – they have the right to decide such important issues even ignoring the Court decision!
My suggestions which can be revised and added to the Petition are
1) The employees of Child Protective Services and organizations like that should be restricted in their rights to take away children BEFORE the decision of the courts. The exception may be only real immediate danger to child’s health weather physical or mental, but not the dirty carpet or at the moment empty fridge;
2) All employees of Child Protective Services must have badges, say their name and position and ask permission to enter the house where they want to inspect children, if they notice something suspicious they can call the police;
3) There should be the organization which protects parents. They must have psychologists, lawyers and administration, and may be other people who can help parent to return their children and represent their rights. This must be the organization which is aimed at maintaining families, helping parents to overcome difficulties and correcting mistakes in upbringing.
We have very good Government, I believe we will not need any strikes and other action to resolve this problem. Just let’s don’t be silent. Let everyone know about it, we should involve as much people as possible in discussing this problem. I am sure there are many other vases when children were taken away, but their parents are silent for some reason. Probably they were convinced by social workers that they are not good parents… I hope the Pokrovsky will get their kids back very soon.
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Re: Petition on children’s and parent’s protection.

Postby pokrov » Sun Jul 21, 2019 11:29 pm

I have not written in this section of the forum for a long time. There were reasons for that, you can read about it in another forum section about my story. Who does not know my story, I will say that I returned the children 5 years ago. Now, I continue to develop the theme of creating a petition to help children and their parents. To help other families, to return their children and that in the future other children would not fall into such situations, as it was with my children.
Small changes will be made in this forum. Due to the fact that there is a lot of spam. In the near future, the forum will be deleted of all profiles that visitors do not post and comment on the forum. If you wish to participate in the creation and signing of the petition, which we are discussing here. Please register on the forum and write a few lines of your opinion. If you are already registered on the forum, please to write a few lines of your opinion. This will provide an opportunity to leave all forum users who are involved in the creation of a petition and support it. After a few months, empty user profiles will be deleted. In this way, we will see exactly how many people are ready to support the petition and vote for it when it is put on the website of the US President.
I urge everyone to take part in the project to create a petition, regardless of which country you live in. Since America is a country of democracy and publicity, and many laws that are enacted in this country are subsequently applied in other countries as a model. Also, many countries are copying the child protection system that is used in America. If in America effective reforms are carried out to correct the work of organizations for the protection of children, then it is quite likely that such corrections will be carried out in other countries that use the same child protection system as in America or which countries plan to apply and implement such a scheme of work in their country.
If you think that this will never touch you. You are deeply mistaken in this. It is better to learn from the mistakes of others than on their own. At one time, I also believed that this would not affect me and did not attach importance to what was written on the Internet and the media about corruption in organizations for the protection of children. I thought that everything was fine in my family, the children were in good conditions, and that they were not at all threatened by the children's services. At that moment, I was deeply mistaken, because of my mistakes, my children, wife and I suffered. So do not repeat our mistakes. And know that children can be taken away from any family, how perfect and good conditions your children were not provided.
Children are mainly taken away because the organizations for the protection of children need indicators of their work, it is necessary to provide the staff with the amount of work, it is necessary to work out the money received from the state, it is necessary to preserve jobs and further increase their number.
Any person can file a fake complaint against you. This maybe your neighbor on the floor below, who is sick of your children running and making noise and not letting them rest easy. This maybe your spouse, with whom you divorce and who does not want to pay alimony, or as known as child support, to their children. It can be your business or work competitor who is jealous of you and knows if children are taken away from you, then you will use all your strength to return them and you will not spend enough time on your career or business. This can be any person who is just jealous of you or wants to do something badly unpleasant to you, from which they can be happy. If child protection services come to you with verification and at this moment they have a critical shortage of children for which they earn, then your children will be candidates for preventive services or will be taken from your family.
I ask for everyone to join this petition. I can say with full confidence that child protection services create fictitious cases, take up children for nothing and keep them to the maximum, so that they can earn the maximum money for them. I saw this on my own and other stories, and I can prove this always and everywhere on any fair trial. Another thing is that child welfare services do everything that I and others do not have the opportunity to prove their case and protect themselves and their children. This is especially true for discrimination against parents who do not have American citizenship.
I will cite statistics:
On any given day, there are nearly 443,000 children in foster care in the United States. In 2017, more than 690,000 children spent time in U.S. foster care. On average, children remain in state care for nearly two years and six percent of children in foster care have languished there for five or more years.
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Re: Petition on children’s and parent’s protection.

Postby Colleen Scruggs » Sun Aug 04, 2019 7:43 pm

February 21 dcs requested 200,000,000 dollars from thw government. They where denied February 25th a dcs worker compelled into my home baswd on a lie she told to get in. She lied again in court February 27th and my children including my nursing baby was stolen from me. During that time I'm sure dcs collected funding from the government for having my 5 children. It's a money scam so they can have a job. My children where stolen by dcs and I was lied on after proving I was lied on by a dcs worker my children where returned but no apology was given. My children are damaged now. If I didn't record her visit to my house they would still have my children. They never gave an explanation to why they where taken and I had no allegations. They held my children based on dcs workers lie. I'm glad they are home but now they are always in fear of being taken again.
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Re: Petition on children’s and parent’s protection.

Postby Jessica Thompson » Mon Aug 05, 2019 1:09 pm

CPS does not have the right to snatch kids based on their personal opinion or to gain revenue from the government.
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